A Xander centric series of fics. All post season six. Expect it to be set up like a series. With I think around 5 eps at first. About three to four thousand words an ep. X


Ep. 1 Moira

Xander Harris drove his new Mustang convertible down the open highway away from Sunnydale, away from his life. He had suffered many hardships the past year. All of his friends had. Willow had lost Tara and inspite of it tried to destroy the world. Buffy was pulled from heaven and in her time of confusion slept (or was raped if you think technically) with Spike. Anya his fiance had her heartbroken when ,Xander himself, left her at the alter. Things were looking up now though. Willow was on her way to recovery with the help of Giles. Buffy had gotten out of her depressed and confused mindscape to help her best friend kick the magic habit as well as the guilt of murder. Anya, well she had moved on to better things. Mostly her work. She was a vengence demon once again.

"Damn, my life sucks." Xander said barely hearing himself above the music blasting from the speakers. He saw the hitchhiker up the road and noticed how darkness was beginning to descend. Xander sighed. He couldn't leave anyone out in the middle of nowhere when there were vamps and demons around. He slowed the sports car down as he reached the man and lowered his sunglasses.

"Need a ride?" Xander asked as he looked over the young man beside his car. About 6'1" good health, short hair, and black cloths.

"Yes. Thank you." The man said in a slightly forced sounding english tongue. Xander only shrugged and opened the door.

"Names Xander. What's yours?" Xander said as the man sat in the passenger seat and closed the door. The young man smiled slightly.

"Groosalugg, but for somereason everyone calls me Groo." Xander chuckled slightly as he shook the mans hand and then put the Mustang in gear.

"Nice to meet you Groo." Xander said as he pushed in the accelerator.

"So. Where you headed?"

I know its short. Its just the teaser. The series will start next post. Anyway I was wondering if ANYONE would like to maybe write an ep. I've been thinking about this for awhile now and I've decided to try something. I want to get together a writing team and write a series. I'd be like the producer or whatever. Anyway we could have different writers for different eps. Or you could work together. Its just an Idea. I'm going to write 5 eps even if no one wants to write for the series. Anyway thanks for reading and leave a review. Also if you want to talk to me about this or any of my works my MSN messanger is Cobra_011@hotmail.com and my AIM is Cobra7422000 Yahoo is Cobra_7422000. Thanks for reading.