Kate Marsh was 9, currently she sat lent against a dumpster in a backstreet in the city of vale, her ragged clothes were covered in a thick layer of grime and her ragged boots were falling apart, one heel hanging off the left one whilst the right was missing its lace. In her hands Kate held a single slice of bread and in front of her lay 10 lien which she had managed to steal from a passer by. Suddenly the ally was filled with commotion, the sound of raised voices and screaming. Kate peeked round the edge of the dumpster and saw a girl about the same age as her being dragged along by 3 men in there 20s though the masks made it hard to tell, the girl had brown hair that was almost down to her shoulders and wore a hoodie, shirt and jeans. Kate wondered if she could scavenge some money and maybe the clothes off her after the men were done with the girl. suddenly a man with a thick beard came running down the ally drawing a sword as he ran, he barreled in to the first of the men kicking his target in the chest before striking a hard blow to the shoulder but the other two men turned one grabbing a bat and the other drawing a pistol. the man with a pistol took aim and addressed the bearded man 'Drop your weapon and we may let you live'

'Yeah' said his companion 'drop it'

'You lost your opportunity to bargain the minute you took my daughter' said the bearded man before launching forward in to an attack, he brought a wide sweeping blow to the ribs of the one with the bat and kicked him in to the wall. It was at this point that Kate saw the gunman take aim on the bearded mans head, she had a sudden urge to do something, to help, but she could not think what to do, suddenly she had an incredibly reckless idea 'Hay, stop it' she yelled to the gunman.

'Ha, you don't want to get involved in this kid' he said 'just get back in ya dumpster'

Before the man could continue a sword had impacted on the side of his head and he was on the ground a pool of blood gathering around his head.

'Max! Are you okay?' asked the bearded man as he helped his daughter up.

'Y...yes I'm fine' she replied.

'And you' said the man as he walked towards Kate 'thank you for helping me, that was very brave' at this point he broke in to a beeming smile.

'Err... just doing my best to help sir' Kate replied.

'But' said the man 'what are you doing out here?'

'My parents... they died in a Grimm attack when i was 6, i made it here but ran away from my horrible adopted parents, I've been living on the streets ever since'

There was a moment of conflict in the mans features as he thought before he finally made a decision 'you better come with us then' he said 'cant leave you out here'

He held Kate hand with one hand and Max's with the other and guided the two girls away out in to the main streets. Kate was amazed when they finally arrived at the home of the man, Ryan as he had introduced himself, it was a massive three story modern house in the center of vale with a garden and huge panoramic windows on the second floor.

'So' said Ryan 'what would you think of living here'