This is my first Garth Nix fic. It goes along with the book Abhorsen. I hope that you enjoy it. It will only be a one shot. Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to anything written by Garth Nix.


The Betrayal of Chlorr

By: Ponytail Goddess

"Chlorr was always overcautious, even when she was an A- alive."- Mogget, from the book Abhorsen.

How dare he! Damn that Mogget creature! I have hated him forever. Why has betrayed me now of all times! He used to serve me...

That's right, he served me once, Chlorr of the Mask. Now I run from him and the new Abhorsen-in-waiting fearfully. How pitiful I have become.

Stupid cat.

Of course, he was always appeared to be some sort of albino midget when he served me. I wonder why he has changed... Oh well, that is of little importance.

Yet, it is to me. For I was at one time the Abhorsen, so why would not I want to know? My curiosity is annoying, but reasonable. It has been a long time since I have seen that blasted creature.

That, however, is most likely a good thing.

He mouthed me during my entire service anyhow. He was so rude, only thinking about himself and no other. He never helped me once. All he had been was a burden. An annoying albino burden at that.

I remember when the Necromancer Culp was a danger to Old Kingdom. So vividly do I recall the pain as he placed his hands upon my face and seared it into ash. The deformity was so horrible, for I had loved my face so.

Hmph. Mogget did not even help me. He should have. He most certainly could have. But alas, he did not. He even laughed at me later for it. He made up such names for me, like ashtray and Chlorr No-Face. There were times when I just wished I could ring Astarael and send us both to death, ending both him and myself.

I have gone through such pain. The mockery hurt, it did.

But no more. I have been blessed with this mask, as so nobody can see my faceless self anymore. Now I serve Orannis. Yes, I was forced. I am treated well though. He is strong, so much stronger than I or Hedge will ever be.

Now though, I fear returning to him. What shall he do to me when he finds that I have failed him? Probably send me through the ninth gate. I wish to not go there though. I am already dead and do not wish to re-enter death again.

Fate is inevitable though. But for now, I, Chlorr of the Mask, will run with all of my dignity and pride. I am forever careful. I do not wish to be extinguished by the powers invested in the newest Abhorsen.

No, I would rather run. Perhaps if I am lucky, she will take down the great Orannis and I shall be free of his ties. But for now I shall serve him and run. For there is always another day to attack. And when that day comes, I shall embrace it.

Watch out young Abhorsen, you have not seen the last of Chlorr yet. You too, Mogget who betrays me so. If you are smart you will watch your backs. When I am stronger, you will come face to face with me again.

That, you can be sure of.


Well, what did you think? Please tell me your opinion. Thanks. I know it's quite small, but that which Mogget actually said in the book was left unsaid. This leads me to think that there should be more. Perhaps this signifies that Mr. Nix will write another book on it? I can hope, anyway. If you want to see the saying yourself, it is right at the beginning of Chapter 19, page 247 I think. I'm mad though because nothing happens to Chlorr in the end. Mogget just let her go!!!

If I write anymore Garth Nix fics, hopefully they will be better quality. TTFN!