(I was watching Halloween in theaters when i had this idea to make a crossover, I hope you like it because this was hard. Also lets just say the main strory of My Hero Academia takesplace in 2017 okay )

Chapter 1: Torment

"I'm sorry Mrs. Midoriya but i'm afraid your son will never develop a quirk." That sentence changed Izuku's life forever, his dad left him without saying goodbye and blaming his mother for there son's defect, Bakugo and the other children started picking on him for being quirkless giving him the name Deku which means useless, even his own mother couldn't answer him when he asked her if he could still be a hero despite being quirkless leaving him in tears crying himself to sleep that night. He eventually stopped talking to people not letting out any of his emotions other than a blank expression, the glint in his eyes had revealed a world of loneliness while the look on his face revealed a world of despair as he went everyday going through the same hell over and over again, he never fought back against Bakugo or the other kids when they bullied him instead he just usually took what ever beating they were gonna give him and then just go on with his day like nothing happened. For two years this was his life, a horrible cesspool of suffering that seemed to have no end until one day.

(October 31st, 2007)

It was Halloween night and Izuku was getting ready for trick or treating the one night of the year he actually liked because he got to dress up as his favorite hero All Might even though he already did that on a regular basis but this time he would get candy for it, though he would still try to avoid Bakugo and his other classmates if he wanted to keep his candy and not ruin the one night he actually liked. "Aww man i can't get the cape to stay on right." Everytime he tried to tie it himself it would fall off so he ran out of his room and headed to his mother's room but stopped when he heard her talking to someone on the phone, he wasn't the type to eavesdrop but he wanted help so he listened in on her and waited for her to finish, "Izuku has been feeling very bad lately, he hasn't been very talkative and he's distanced himself from me and all his friends." He didn't want to here this but for some reason he just kept on listening, "I know, the women at the salon were talking about me behind my back about Izuku and not only that alot of the other women are avoiding me too because i have a quirkless son." With that statement any joy izuku had left him, he decided to just go back to his room, take off his costume and just go to sleep but then he heard his mother say something that he thought he would never hear her say, "I just sometimes wish i never had a baby." Izuku stood there processing what he had just heard in his head, 'Why would she say that or even think something like that, mothers are suppose to love there sons no matter what and not wish they didn't have them.'

Soon his head was filled with lots of voices, some insulted him for being worthless and causing his mother pain while others tried to calm him down and try to make him feel better but then out of all the voices one stood out the most, 'Grab the big knife from drawer in the kitchen.' When this voice spoke to him all the other voices ceased from his mind, he decided to follow the instruction the voice gave him as he walked into the kitchen and grabbing the big knife from the drawer, he waved it around looking at it's features before the voice spoke again, 'Put on your All Might mask then enter your mother's room without her noticing.' Izuku put on his mask and did what the voice told him entering his mother's room without spooking her, she was sitting down brushing her hair while wearing her witch costume that was really short revealing alot of her legs and chests, 'Go up behind her slowly.' He did what the voice told him to do, he slowly walked up behind her but stopped when he was right on her, he then just stood there staring at her waiting for the voice to tell him the next command but then his mother noticed him when she looked in the mirror, "Izuku honey go wait outside okay, mommy is almost done getting ready okay." He just stood there staring at her, she noticed this turning around to look at her son, "Izuku?"

'STAB HER NOW.' Izuku didn't even hesitate as he shoved the knife into his mother's stomach, 'Stab her again.' The voice demanded and Izuku followed as he stabbed her again causing her to fall to the floor begging him to stop, 'Do it again.' He stabbed her this time in her chest, 'and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.'

The room was painted red with the blood, Izuku just stood there staring at his mother's corpse with the same emotionless expression on his face waiting the voice to speak to him again but he heard nothing as he watched the pool of blood get bigger and bigger around his mother's corpse, soon he could hear police sirens outside his apartment building, "I guess the neighbors heard the screams." He looked at his mother one last time before heading out of his apartment, as he walked to the elevator he look over the railing and saw the police had just arrived and it caught the attention of nearby trick or treaters causing them to circle around the cops, "Stand back everyone please nothing to see here." 'i don't know why the police always say that to crowds when there's clearly something to see or else why are they there? Also what is the purpose of the police exactly? There not registered to use thers quirks so are they like glorified hall monitors?' Izuku asked himself these questions as he walked into the elevator and heading down to meet them, as the door opened Izuku walked out into the parking lot as everyone stared at him as he walked a few feet infront of the police before stopping and standing still like he had been frozen in ice, suddenly a man in a trench coat walked up to izuku grabbing his All Might and taking it off revealing his face, he still had the bloody knife in his hand but the cop calmly disarmed him taking it out of his hand slowly and that's when the trench coat man saw the boy's calm and quite smile that was disturbing. The Trench coat man looked back towards the other officers, "Take this kid down to the station." Two police officers grabbed Izuku and put him in the back seat of a police car while the trench coat man and the other officers went to go see the horror in Izuku's apartment.

(10 years later)

"So this kid butchered his mom on halloween night dressed as All Might, that's sick." Two gaurds were walking down a hallway passing many cells containing metal patients but not the one they were looking for, "Yeah it's fucking weird alright, but the weirdest part is that he hasn't talked for nine years even though he can, well that and all the All Might memorabilia in his room, you would think a guy who worships a hero like that would want to become one himself even if he is quirkless." The one guard looked shocked, "Wait this kid is quirkless, as in he dosen't have a quirk." They had reached the cell they were looking for as the other guard began to whisper, "Yes that's what quirkless means rookie but don't say it to his face okay, were here so act professional." They both nodded in agreement before they unlocked and opened the cell door, they were then greeted by a green haired boy staring at them as he just stood there, he had green eyes but dark bags were under them and his hair was super messy and unkept, even though he was short he was built for someone his age, "Hey Midoriya, how are we doing today?" The green hair boy didn't say anything instead he just stood there chained up so he wouldn't attack them looking down with the same blank expression as the guard continued, "Well i come to bring you your dinner, hope you like it it's fish sticks with peas and macaroni."

The guard put Izuku's food on a nearby stool before backing up a little, Izuku didn't try move though instead he just continued standing there and it was pissing off the rookie, "Hey didn't you here him, it's dinner time so eat." The rookie pulled out his baton planning to beat the boy but was stopped by the other gaurd, "There's no use in beating him, it dosen't take any effect on him anymore." The Rookie put his baton away and walked around the room admiring all the All Might posters and action figures until he noticed a picture of Izuku as a kid and a small looking angry boy, "Hey i recognize this kid, It's that boy who won the UA sports festival last year, i got see it live and it was awesome." Izuku jumped at the rookie trying to get the picture back but the chains kept him from doing so, "Whats wrong, do you want the picture back? Your gonna have to reach for it." The guard toyed with Izuku putting the picture right in his reach before swiping it away, "Listen Rookie don't do that, your gonna make him mad and the last time he got mad he killed a nurse with plastic spoon." The rookie immediately stopped what he was doing and put the picture back after hearing what the other guard said but Izuku had broken free from the chains using his pure strength and tackled the rookie gaurd and began strangling him, the other guard pulled out his baton and hit Izuku in the back of the head but it had no effect as the grern haired boy threw the rookie across the room like he was nothing and turned around to look at him, "Jesus Christ." The guard tried to run away but he was grabbed and thrown to a wall where Izuku began bashing the back of the guards skull in until it caved in, once he was done he stopped and watched as the body slid down the wall to the floor then Izuku looked over to see the rookie cop slowly trying to crawl out the door for help, he quickly walked over and slammed the door into the rookies rib cage causing him to vomit out large amounts of blood as Izuku kept slamming the door over and over again similar to how he killed his mother.

Once he was satisfied with his kill he stopped and stared at the body for a few seconds before reaching down and searching the corpse to find the keys and once he had them he left his cell and looked around at the hallway of cells, then he heard the voice 'Go to the end of the hall to the panel on the wall.' Izuku smiled seemingly glad to hear the voice again mainly because it drowned out the other voices that seem to never stop talking to him, once he got to the panel he waited for his next instruction, 'Put the key in that unlocks all the cell doors at once.' He did what he was told releasing all the inmates in the ward, a few seconds later an alarm started going off and guards came rushing in as the inmates began rioting and fighting them off with whatever they could get there hands on to fight with, Izuku just walked through the crowd all the way to the entrance where he was met by two more guards. "RETURN TO YOUR CELL NOW!" the one guard yelled but Izuku just kept walking towards them but when he tried to hit the boy with his baton Izuku grabbed and twisted his arm breaking it, he then noticed the other guard was loading a shotgun so he picked up and through the injuried guard knocking both of them unconscious, Izuku then walked outside for the first time in years noticing the outside world and how beautiful it was, 'Hot wire a car.' The voice said snapping the boy out of his trance, Izuku did what he was told breaking a window of a nearby car without anyone seeing him or hearing him. He didn't have to hotwire the car because the keys were in the visor, he didn't know how to drive but he gave it his best shot starting it up and putting it in drive before hitting the gas as he rammed through the gates of the facility heading down the road, 'Good job Izuku, now head to Musutafu and kill Kacchan.' Izuku drove down the road heading to his home city the place he grew up and suffered, but before he could do anymore killing he needed to make some stops first.