This was originally published on AFF (still there) and written in response to a challenge issued by Guest T_B (AFF Username: TB). Basically it involves Naruto being taken out of ANBU (joining at a young age) to become a sensei for a genin team (Hinata, Ino, and Sakura) and plot with porn ensues from there. This is AU, and the Konoha 12 batch is older at graduation i.e. sixteen. What? It's porn with plot. What did you expect?

For him time stood still as the three shinobi lunged at him.

They were slow, pathetically slow.

How did the Tsuchikage think about making them jōnin? This was insulting to say the least.

With all the time in the world, he reached for his tantō. His grip tightened around the handle, a soft 'click' came as he unsheathed it and ran at them. He'd kill them for Konoha, for his Kage, for the next generation.

Swish. Swish. Swish.

His jagged, untamed blade sliced through the air and their throats. Like a waterfall, blood traveled down their chests, staining their clothes and flak jackets. Normally, the change would be hard to notice since Iwa's shinobi wear a maroon colored outfit, but he had seen enough blood and enough of their lot to know when that particular shade emerged. Slowly, their clothes became darker, their bodies shook crazily; one of them was trying to close the wound with his bare hands.

"Captain," he turned around to see Bird – just as blood soaked as him – panting a bit. "Everyone's been taken care of."

"And their leader?"

"He spilled everything; Snake got every bit of information out of him."

"Of course she did." The captain shook his head. He sighed under the white, shapeless, blank mask. His was unique, and even had an additional part in the rear which covered his hair, down to his neck. "I can assume he's mincemeat now?"

"Yes, Captain. Snake didn't find any further use."

"Go get Rabbit. We move out in three."

"Sir." Bird nodded before jumping away. The Captain, Ghost as he was called, looked up at the sky. It was dusk, he really planned to finish this before it was late noon. There was an extra special coming up on TV regarding how to properly cook basil chicken.

The things I do for peace.

Ghost looked at the three, now very dead, men and opened up a scroll. At least he could cash in their bounties. A little extra money never hurt anyone, and honestly…he was bored. The Captain began to seal up the bodies thinking about his duties.

Same old ANBU, same old murders in the name of protection and the same old stupid shinobi who thought they could kill him because he seemed younger.

Had they never hear of Cold-Blood Kakashi? Or Itachi the Kinslayer? Heck, the Fourth Mizukage came into power when he was what? Fifteen? Sixteen? Age, very rarely, affected the outcome unless the opponents were equally matched and were, frankly, old. Ghost was sure that Sarutobi-sensei would be able to 'rek' the Tsuchikage if he was a mere ten years younger. Ōnoki had a cheat code, but wasn't unbeatable; Danzo-sensei made sure to research his little Jinton well.

"Oh Captain~" the voice was melodious, husky and seductive. There clad in tight – very tight – ANBU armor a female, lay on the grass, reeking of iron, as she looked at him. He was sure she was licking her lips under the snake mask. Visually raping him too. "What's taking you so long? I can't wait to get back and take a shower with you."

One of these days, he would fuck Snake. He would fuck her so hard she would wear a chastity belt from that point onwards.

"I'm done," he said picking up the scroll, ignoring the clearly attractive female on the ground. There was a time and place for everything, and this was not one of them. "Let's go."

He ran with impressive speed and saw the other members of his squad, Bird and Rabbit, ready to head out with Snake just behind him. He didn't bother saying anything. They all followed suit, though he was sure that Snake would bother him later.

"I think I misheard you."

Ghost stood, ramrod straight trying not to let the words get the better of him. For a minute he thought he heard the esteemed Sandaime Hokage, the Professor, the man who lived through three great wars tell him that he was to be retired from ANBU. Surely the previous, attempted, jutsu where that Iwa dude tried to crush him with two boulders around his head caused him to hear stuff wrong. Yes that was it.

"You are to be retired from ANBU."

Apparently he wasn't deaf.

"Permission to speak freely, Hokage-sama?" Ghost, S-Ranked ANBU, a man heralded as one of the strongest in the village respectfully asked his leader.

"Of course," the wise and elderly man replied. It was just the two of them in the room.

"What the fuck have you been smoking, dattebayo?"

In return, the Sandaime laughed. At his anger, his rage, his lividness. Ghost's anger was no match for Sandaime's casualness. The ANBU had very little to threaten the man with, unless he took desertion into account. Suddenly, shinobi going rogue from their respective villages made sense now. Senile old men and their senile ideas, they drove a man crazy to the point he would forsake love, patriotism and honor to be free of the madness. Then again, shinobi had no honor. He himself was a dirty, deceitful death dealer.

"Oh, Ghost, how I missed thee."

The Sandaime was speaking in the ancient burn language too. Sometimes, Ghost honestly thought he was underpaid for this job.

"Hokage-sama, I don't see the point of you removing me from the ANBU."

"There is a good point," the Hokage said. Sarutobi's features hardened a bit, reminding Ghost who he served. Now, this was better. "You'll be becoming a jōnin sensei."

"And you ruined it." Ghost sighed, shaking his head.

Suspension of disbelief could only go so far. He was S-Ranked for Log's sake! Granted he was new in that pretty circle of killers, unlike a certain white snake, but still! Him, Ghost, one of the three strongest shinobi loyal to the Leaf…was to become a jōnin sensei?

Teach genin?

He was hardly teaching material. ANBU trainees were different. Recruits knew they were going to live the shittiest lives and let the wet-works become their main life. There was no need to mold them into understanding what a shinobi or kunoichi was. Not to mention the fact that the next batch of students the Sandaime was talking about included people of his own age. Ghost was ninety-five percent sure it was the one he belonged to. Where he was treated unfairly, the stupid batch where the Sandaime finally saw logic and decided to train him –properly. Like a shinobi, like a true human weapon should be. Minus the mind-control garbage Danzo had a raging boner for.

After all, who in hell could control him?

"You're phasing out aren't you?"

"Say what now?" Ghost intelligently replied. "I'm sorry I was just thinking about how important I am to the village, and how they can be put to better use without me teaching children."

"They're of your age."

"True, but I'm an edgy teen with issues –lots of issues. And a large body count behind me."

"You're right about that and your recent psych evaluations seemed to indicate that," Sarutobi picked up a random file, one Ghost hadn't paid any particular heed to. "Ah yes, 'Unmotivated, moderately depressed, and potential flight risk'. Yes, very interesting the mind is."

Now the Hokage was just trying to fuck with his mind. Him? Leaving the village? Where would he go?

"Who made that report?"


The overly-affectionate psycho-analysis mother. Ghost thought about the Head of T&I with a slight scowl. Sixteen years, and the thought had crossed his mind but he never ran. There was no point, especially after the whole truth about his life was revealed to him. "…There must be a reason why you're doing this."

"Indeed, Sasuke Uchiha is graduating. I can't help but see him going rogue at one point."

Itachi's little bro. He remembered the younger Uchiha, good shinobi in the making but he kept a distance from everyone.

Then again, most Uchiha were just like that. Of course, considering what the kid went through that one bloody night, it was no surprise. Ghost himself didn't know how he'd respond to something like that. His parents were impaled to death by a giant fox barely an hour after he was born. Itachi, one of his few friends and one of the original members of Squad Delta, did ask him to keep an eye on Sasuke. Ghost did so if only to honor their friendship and Sasuke's mother – Log bless her soul – a person who was kind and treated him like a proper child.

He missed them. Mikoto was dead, along with Shisui, and Itachi was gone –labeled as a genocidal traitor.

The things we do for peace.

"Okay, so I'm going to be his sensei. I can-"

"You're not his sensei." The Sandaime cut him off, and Ghost had the urge to break that ancient pipe from which smoke emerged. "Kakashi is going to be his sensei."

"Not that Kakashi-senpai wouldn't be a perfect fit," he began, "but where do I fit in?"

"Teams are going to be rigged this year." Sarutobi smoked a bit more. "Not to say I'm sabotaging them, but there's one team I want you to personally look after."

"If it's not Sasuke Uchiha, who could be more important?"

"These three," the Sandaime pointed three files before him. He beckoned for Ghost to come forward and the ANBU picked them up. All of them female, all of them pretty, all of them easy to kill.

Hinata Hyuga. Heiress apparent, major self-esteem issues, extremely timid.

Ino Yamanaka. Another heiress, far too busy making herself look fabulous, overall lower potential considering her lineage.

Sakura Haruno. Daughter of a Civilian councilor, very, very low physical skills and…Kunoichi of the Year?

Ghost sighed, he sighed again. Then he groaned. "You know, Cat would be pretty pissed if she read this. Don't get me started on Snake."

"I know," Sarutobi said. "Times change, Ghost. We are closer to peace than we've been in the last fifty years."

But for how long? Ghost wasn't a strict skeptic, but he did like keeping an eye, his original eye, on his back –considering he lost one of them in his first mission. He was lucky he got a good, sharp implant. But he didn't like the way he got the extra eye despite the perks. "And you want to give them to me…because?"

"I truly believe you'll be able to make them into proper kunoichi." The Hokage brownnosed him. "They need to see the harsher side of life, I've lost too many kunoichi and shinobi in the last few years –most of them were genin."

"It's the curriculum." Ghost, dryly pointed out. "While I understand that you need to learn about topics related outside a shinobi's life, we could just reduce the time used on them. Not to mention the graduation age is too…comfy. Soon enough, genin become comfortable with their lives and think that outside the walls is a happy-go-lucky place."

"You're not wrong, but doing that would cause suspicion to rise in the other villages," the Hokage said, laying his pipe on the desk having finished his tobacco. "After all, they too are following the same pattern."

Ghost rolled his mismatched eyes underneath the mask. Sometimes he wondered if the cycle would ever end. Great, now I'm sounding like a wizened sage. "Anyways," Ghost said. "When is graduation and team sortings?"

"Graduation finished early this morning," the Hokage replied. "You'll meet your team in a week's time. Also, a certain chūnin seems to think he can steal the Scroll of Sealing and run scot free. Do take care of that mess."

"I want a raise."


"You want me to teach kids, fine." Ghost began, a bit annoyed. Him…teaching girls of his age. Kill me, Lord of Logs. "But I want higher pay, it doesn't have to be the same as I got when I was in ANBU, but I want a good amount. Also, they're my students. What I say, goes. Let their parents know that."

"Two of them are heiress and one's a-"

"I know who they are, and you know who I am." Ghost clarified. "I'm sure their parents know about me, can't say the same for Haruno's parents though. Do we have an accord?"

"Fine, before you leave…hand over the mask and armor." Sarutobi ordered, Ghost slowly walked forward unclasping the straps of the armor, greaves and gloves. He reached for his mask, and his blond, wild hair frazzled.

Three whisker marks on each cheek, his skin was tanned, jaw angular. A scar ran over his right eye, he kept it closed as his other blue eye showed boredom. As soon as he reached for his tantō, Sarutobi spoke up.

"You can keep that, it was yours to begin with." The Hokage smiled, too widely. "Welcome back, Naruto Namikaze."

"Uzumaki," Naruto corrected his leader. "I've had that name since I was a child, and I'm not changing it –heroic dad or otherwise."

"Your mother would've been proud." Sarutobi laughed balefully. "She probably might've held it as a personal victory over Minato. You're more like them than you know."

"So you keep telling me." Naruto said, walking towards the door as he stretched a bit. "What about my squad?"

"Bear will be taking over." The blond nodded at his words. "Also, Snake will be joining T&I in a month."

"She got approved?" he asked, a bit surprised. Ghost, no…Naruto honestly didn't think they wanted more crazy in that particular place. Inoichi, Ibiki, and now Anko joined them. Talk about overkill.

"Yes, now go and take care of the mess."

"Fine, fine," Naruto waved. "Send someone to clean up the blood."

"Take care, Naruto and ease up a bit."

"I can see why Danzo-sensei thinks you're too 'childish' for the job."

"Oh he's just being a bitter old fuck."

"And you're an insane old fuck," Naruto opened the door. "See you tomorrow, Jiji-sensei. Take care."

One week passed much, much faster than he thought.

He was slothing in his bed, glaring at the ceiling and cursing time for passing so quickly. The week was boring, well the days were anyway.

Normally the blond would be outside the village walls, contently sleeping on a dusty tree branch as he reeked of sweat and blood and shit. Killing a few ninja because they were one, his targets, two, they were idiots, and three, some of them decided to get lucky by killing some Konoha ANBU. Surprisingly, a lot of people hated Konoha, it was strange because most of the time they didn't want to wage a war unlike a certain village hidden in a lot of stones. Or those buffed up dudes with lightning speed and a brain with one-ninth the size of their frame always looking for new Kekkei Genkai. Hell, they weren't even racist against clans.

Oh wait…fuck. Suddenly my mind smells like hypocrisy. Can't believe Danzo-sensei hates the Uchiha because his Sugar Daddy Tobirama did too.

"Is something wrong?"

"Team placements are today, of course you already know that." Naruto said, his voice clear and not affected by sleepiness. "I have to go pick them up."

"I see," Naruto heard the ruffling under the covers and realized she joined him in bed. "Well, might as well cheer you up a bit."

He looked at her wild, brown hair. Her olive skin was unblemished. Her breasts were big and perky, full and plump. Her slitted eyes stared into his lone blue one, her cheeks had red marks as her lips got closer and closer to his.

*Lemon starts*

Hungrily, he kissed her and she returned it with gusto. There was no point in wasting that morning boner of his. His tongue furiously wrestled with hers and both of them breathed heavily. Naruto pulled her frame closer, making her get on top of him. Her mounds rested against his chest, he could feel her nipples slowly hardening. The blond growled a bit as his grip around her hips tightened and his hardened member rubbed against her very hot, very wet crevice.

Breaking the kiss for some air, he sat up as the brunette's chest heaved up and down. Her milky breasts glistened with sweat only made him more aroused, and he took her left nipple in his mouth –licking it, biting it, suckling it. Hearing her moan, his tongue circled around her areola, he bit it, tugged on it like a hungry child.

"I thought…you had to go," she moaned out. He used his hand to cup her other breast, squeezing the delightful mound which fit in his hand. Pinching her nipple every now and then. He could feel her sharp nails digging into his back, it would heal. After a minute or two, he removed his mouth and squeezed both her breasts, harder as her face became more flushed.

"I do," Naruto said, capturing her lips for a kiss again. "But I believe you're more important."

"Brat mmph," he assaulted her mouth his own again. Naruto's tongue dominated hers and he flipped her on her back, looking down into her eyes with unbridled lust.

"What did I say about calling me that Tsume-san?"

"This is my yard," she replied, cheekily. But Naruto knew her all too well and it was clear in her eyes too.

"So you're trying to be coy are we?" the blond leaned in close, his fingers barely caressing her nether lips. She shivered from his touch and Naruto prided himself for how he could make her react like that.

Tsume was a bitch sometimes. And he could tell, she wanted some morning sex too given their late night activity. Slowly he slid in a finger in her wet entrance, gently his digit slid in and out of her warm folds. A patch of trimmed pubic hair was near her vagina. He added another finger feeling the soft walls slowly begin to clench more, desperate to keep his fingers inside her. Her moans grew louder, the breathing shallower, her eyes glazed over.

It was so beautiful to him. "Tell me, Tsume-san," Naruto whispered hotly before biting on her earlobe. "Do you think I should just leave you in this state?"

"No~" she barely said.


"No, Naruto-kun," she said and he smiled. He removed his fingers to taste her juices. Sweet as ever. His penis, fully erect and twelve inches in length, twitched in excitement and anticipation. Naruto rubbed it against her pussy, lathering his lower head and kept poking her to –mostly to frustrate her.

"Please," she moaned out and he slid his cock inside her.

By the Log, she was tight. Warm, velvety flesh coated around his dick. It clenched and tightened, the heat increased with each small thrust he made making the Inuzuka ease into a rhythm. After a few more minutes, he slid out before ramming right back into her, his cock bulb hitting against her womb. She was tight. His member pulsed and throbbed insider her wetness, his kissed her luscious lips.

Then he increased his speed, he started fucking her inner walls faster. Naruto tightened his grip around Tsume-san's wide child bearing hips, each thrust made her fleshy mounds jiggle deliciously. Furiously, he fucked her faster making her moan into his mouth. He could feel Tsume's pussy clamping around his more and more, until finally sweet, sexy nectar gushed out of her nether lips, coating his pelvis and powerful thighs. He saw Tsume's eyes roll back a bit, her entire frame quivered at the orgasm.

However, he was still not done.

He picked up the pace more, his thrusting now more akin to a blur as the sound of flesh smacking echoed and they broke the kiss for breath. Tsume was moaning and screaming and thrusting about as the pleasure was becoming too much for her. The Inuzuka matriarch was sure that her inner walls were being stretched to new limits, as her fuck buddy, her fellow clan head, her alpha pounded into her as if it was his last day on earth.

She would never tell him to stop, she loved his cock too much.

Tsume felt the air leaving her lungs, she gasped and panted. Naruto was showing no motions of slowing down and she could feel another orgasm coming soon. As soon as her walls tightened once more, she heard Naruto grunt loudly before he thrust deep into her as thick ropes of filled her. The blond felt his cock swell as he released everything inside her womb; Tsume's tongue lolled out as she felt him continuously pump his seed into her. She loved how he kept sending wave after wave of it, her stomach would often times bloat up when they went crazy at it.

*Lemon ends*

If it wasn't for the pills, the Inuzuka would've given birth to three more children by now. Considering their affair started when he was thirteen, it was very likely.

Looking at Naruto, she spoke, "Fuck you."

Naruto snickered a bit, his grin wide and bright. Tsume was one of the few who were on the end of that smile. Naruto leaned down, kissing her forehead, her cheeks, nose and then kissing her deeply on her lips. It was so passionate, so raw and powerful…Tsume remembered why she let this man fuck her brains out.

"Oh I love you too, Tsume-chan," he said ending the kiss. The blond removed a strand of hair, tucking it behind her ear. Both of them glistened with sweat, Naruto pulled out his cock knowing it would get hard again. The afterglow of sex only made her look more beautiful. Some of his semen sloshed out of her crevice and stained the beds, and he felt Tsume shiver a bit at the loss of his dick.

"When do you have to go to the Academy?" Tsume asked laying her head on his chest. He caressed her soft hair, the smell of strawberry now weaker due to the musk in the room.

"I'm supposed to be there in an hour," Naruto said, thinking about his team. They weren't anything that special, he wasn't being rude or shooting down their skills; the blond was fair to all. He honestly didn't see what made the Hokage assign him a team of kunoichi, attractive kunoichi, daughters of clan heads and a councilor no less.

"That motherfucker," Naruto sighed and saw Tsume looking up at him. "I should've known better."

"What happened?"

"Hokage, the old man…he's a sly snake." Naruto sat up, Tsume-san now on his lap. "Remember what I told you? The uh Clan Restoration?"

"Yes," Tsume-san said, and Naruto could feel the poison in that word. She then sighed before resting his head in his neck's crook. "I still don't like it. Why did the first Hokage even make such a stupid and misogynistic law?"

"I don't know what was wrong with that fucker," the blond replied. "God knows what he was smoking when he made up that law."

"It's stupid." Tsume-san expressed her opinion. "You do realize eventually the women might feel slighted due to the nature of it all."

"Of course they do," Naruto said, a bit disgusted at how women were treated in that law. "Father was planning to somehow abolish that law but fate decided to wedgie us all that day."

"I'm sorry."

"Oi, oi," Naruto interjected. "You have nothing to be sorry about, besides at least I know who they are and what they were like. I'm glad I moved everything to the compound."

"If your mother was alive and knew what we were doing," Tsume thought about a certain redhead's rage and shuddered. Deciding to move away from that she continued, "So the Compound was given to you after you agreed to the restoration plan?"

"I said I'd consider it." Naruto clarified. "Though getting the talk was traumatic. The old man nearly ruined sex for me."

Danzo and Sarutobi had given him 'the talk' when he was a wee lad of eleven, fresh with blood on his hands. Log that was awkward. Still better than the lengthy detail Kakashi gave him, the blond felt dirty after hearing the Copy Ninja's explanation. People were dead wrong to think that ANBU were emotionless tools, they were fucked up in their own twisted ways.

"Well, I'm glad he didn't." Tsume-san said. That dominant, sexy personality worked too. Speaking of sexy…

"You know," Naruto huskily said, biting her neck a bit. "I don't feel like going right now."

"Is that so?" Tsume said, her hand resting on his semi-erect cock, stroking it with her smooth hands. "Are you turning into Kakashi?"

"Well, he was my teacher," Naruto remembered the masked man, more akin to an older brother than a sensei. "He's the reason why I progressed so quickly. I still think he's trying to groom me for Hokage."

"It wouldn't be that bad," Tsume pointed out, increasing the pace. The veiny cock pulsed with warmth, and then she felt Naruto fingering her pussy, teasing her clit. "You'd make...a…good Kage."

"I'm not ready and besides, I'll cross that bridge when I'll get there," Naruto said.

"And that sort of attitude is the reason why I chose to let you in my bed, blondy."

"Allow me to thank you for that little insult," Naruto said pulling her face towards and kissing her. It would be some time before he left. Tsume would not be walking straight that day…at all.

Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka couldn't believe what they heard. They were on a team…together?!

The pinkette glared at the blonde and vice versa. Both of them grit their teeth and a fight would've broken out had Iruka not silenced them. Then, they waited for the third member of their team to be revealed. Each of them prayed, with fingers crossed that it would be their beloved Sasuke-kun. Hearts shattered, tears fell and depression ensued after the final teammate was revealed to be shy, bulky clothe wearing Hinata. Now they didn't dislike her, far from it nearly everyone in the batch had a soft spot for the Hyuga heiress.

But the confidence issues, reluctance to fight a lengthy match and overall, occasional stuttering didn't help. Hyuga were not timid and shy and weak. The rumors about her being removed as heiress suddenly started making more sense now. The real blow came however when they learned that their precious Sasuke-kun was on a team with Sai (another pretty shinobi in their batch, one Ino had a certain attraction towards) and the runt of the litter, Kiba Inuzuka.

While Sakura and Ino were glad they didn't end up on a team with Kiba, they were down about not being with Sasuke. The Uchiha was more than just a pretty face; he was cute, sophisticated and had gone through so much tragedy. Yet he persevered, it evoked such a strong admiration from the girls of their class they couldn't help but crush on him –Sakura and Ino more than the others. Losing the chance to be with him on the same team, suddenly flattened their chances more. The absence of their beloved was so grueling they didn't even bother to notice their sensei's name.

Hinata on the other hand was a…confused and excited. Naruto Uzumaki. She could never forget that name. The young blond she met more than ten years ago, just a simple boy who defended her from the bullies and aspired her to do better was still here? She honestly thought he dropped out of the Academy after halfway through the first year. The heiress apparent could still remember everything about him. Bright blond hair, oceanic blue eyes, and those cute whisker marks on his puffy cheeks.

Bold, energetic, loud to a fault and unwavering. How could she not admire him? Slowly, the heiress realized that she had a bit of a crush on the boy. When he disappeared, she had become a bit depressed. The one person she looked up to disappeared, some of the children and teachers, much to her shock, were happy too. Sure, he wasn't that good, but to be so happy. Hinata silently hoped that their sensei would indeed be the same boy. That raised some questions too. How did Naruto go from being the dropout to a sensei?

Did he graduate early? Did he take a special exam? Questions upon questions barraged her mind and the arguments between Ino and Sakura would stem up. Though that was bound to happen considering they'd been in the same room for three hours now. Did he forget?

"I've had it up to here!" Sakura howled in righteous fury. Her fists shook with the intent to murder their sensei –whoever the heck he was. Cha! When he shows up we'll crush him! Sakura agreed with her inner personality, and from what she assumed, Piggy and her other teammate were fidgety too.

"Forehead, believe me when I tell you that every fiber of my being hates to agree with you," Ino, the gorgeous blond of their batch said with a vicious look on her face. "But if you want to kill him, I want in." The Yamanaka heiress herself was pissed! Not only did she not end up in a team with Sasuke-kun or Sai (second Sasuke as she liked to call him), but it had to be with Forehead of all people. Fate hated her.

"U-Um," the most withdrawn teammate spoke up, earning their glances. "Maybe our sensei is late because of a mission, jōnin don't have m-much of an easy life."

"Let's say he has a mission," Ino started, "despite that, jōnin sensei are notified of it at least a week before placements. My daddy told me so."

"Even Sasuke-kun's lazy sensei showed up, and he was two hours late!" Sakura hated that other sensei too. He looked so calm after making Sasuke-kun wait that long. "God, I think they might be related."

"I hope not, that man with the mask was creepy." Ino added her two cents. She didn't note that had her biased opinion towards Sasuke not been involved, she would've probably called the jōnin hot. "When our sensei gets here, I'm gonna-"

"Do what?"

The voice cut them off and all three kunoichi looked at the door to find it closed and no one behind it.

"Back here."

They looked at the end of the classroom and saw a teen around their age sitting there. He wore the standard jōnin outfit; flak jacket, full-sleeved black shirt, hitai-ate around his neck and blue pants instead of the usual black. Of course one of the most gripping things about him would be the eyepatch over his right eye, a scar running across the skin beneath. He then stood up, his blond hair fluttered a bit and his lone, left blue eye peered at them. He even had whisker-like marks on his cheeks.

Hinata's heart beat faster. It's him! It's him! It's him! It's him! It's him! Cheeks reddening, she calmed herself down and looked at him –very closely. O-Oh. Yes, Hinata was experiencing her first sexual attraction to the opposite species and she really didn't know how to handle it. However, she was in joy. The boy who inspired her, aspired her was back and he was a jōnin! She couldn't stop her smile from forming.

Ino noted their sensei. One, he was hot. There was absolutely no denying that. He was tall as Shino (maybe a bit taller) and had a far more muscular frame, though still lean in her eyes. Snapping away from that thought, the Yamanaka regained her anger. This guy made her wait for three hours, nobody makes Ino Yamanaka wait for three hours.

Sakura however was livid. Nevermind the fact that this guy was cute, not as cute as Sasuke, this…this guy had made them wait and was hiding in the classroom? How dare he!

"So…you're my team," they heard him speak. His voice was a bit heavy and calm. He stepped down the stairs and looked at them. "I'm disappointed."

"WHAT?!" Ino and Sakura shrieked while Hinata flinched a bit.

"I've been sitting in the back for twenty-one minutes, thirty-four seconds and even read this book," the young jōnin produced a small, black book. "And yet none of you noticed me. I'm thinking about whether I should fail you all right now."

Shock settled on their frames as no one could reply.

"But failing you without a test would rile up the old man." The jōnin said and opened the door. "Meet me on the rooftop in five minutes. It's orientation time."

"Wait, who are you?"

"I'm your jōnin sensei…well not yet," he replied to the blonde's question.

"Why the heck were you so late? Why did they make you a jōnin at such a young age?" Sakura fired off.

"Well I had something important to do and it demanded all of my attention. Two, I'd like to think I'm good enough to be a jōnin." He said, lazily. "Any more questions or are you all done?"

"I-Is it really you, Naruto-kun?" Hinata finally voiced her question. She felt so horrible looking at that eyepatch. What happened to him? Why wasn't he loud and cheerful as before?

"Hmm, do I know you?"

"U-Um," the Hyuga was a bit shocked. She…she honestly thought he would remember her. "I'm Hinata…we met during winter w-when we were younger. There were a f-few-"

"Oh, that was you." He scratched his chin and shrugged. "You had shorter hair back then."

"Y-Yes," she replied, ignoring the stares of Sakura and Ino. Her hair only reached her shoulders now. She did plan to cut it off.

"Hmm, you look better with long hair." Hinata cancelled all her plans to cut her hair. She would never cut it off again. Never! "Anyways-"

"How do you know him, Hinata?" Ino asked, crossing her arms under her chest.

"He u-used to be a student in our batch." The heiress pointed out. "But he stopped attending."

"Yeah, I did," Naruto, name now known to the other two, said. "The Academy got boring. Anyways, meet me at the rooftop."

With that Naruto disappeared before their very eyes.

"Genjutsu?" Sakura was the first to respond.

"No." Ino replied. "He would've faded, not disappear."

"N-Naruto-kun must be fast." Hinata said and saw Ino slyly smirking at her.

"Kun, eh?" The blonde came forward. "He's no Sasuke-kun, but good for you, Hinata. Good for you."

"E-Eh?" Hinata's face became red. Was she that transparent?

"Let's go already!" Sakura said, walking out with a huff and plans to inflict pain. Jōnin her ass.

"Geez, Forehead, impatient as ever." Ino walked out and Hinata calmly breathed a bit. She was alone and finally spoke.

"I'm so glad you're back, Naruto-kun." She said to herself, reassuring that this was not a dream. As she left and closed the door, a copy of the blond haired jōnin emerged from another desk and snickered.

"Oh boss, you are in for a trip." The clone said before turning into smoke. A loud smack could be heard all across Konoha.

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