Sixteen chapters and still in the Chūnin Exams. I should've probably done this in "Red Spiral" style and bam bam bam, but then again I told myself I'd make something tangible along with wankable out of a harem story.

Standing across the rough terrain, her strong legs kept her steady while her feet dug more into the burning ground. The smooth knuckles on her fists were coarser, bleeding with intent and stinging with pain as she struck once more. Her bubbly pink hair, long and flawless, flecked with red, was dry and rough under the glaring sun. Though the pain and heat were nothing compared to the banality of failure. Her objective was clear. The enemy was in sight and in range, but before it all her strength was useless.

"God damn it!" She started swinging wildly. Her fists became a blur. A red haze emerged from the point of impact and then Sakura promptly ate the dirt beneath her, the iron grip held her head in place.

"What did I tell you about losing your shit?" He repeated the phrase she'd been hearing for the last two days. "You're better than this."

"I'm not good enough!" Her frustrations came pouring out.

"Bullshit. You think I would've done all this just to torture you?"

"Yes!" Sakura looked back, cheek laden with dirt, "You get off on it."

"That's not untrue, but I wouldn't have gone this far. Now get up." He offered her a hand and she took it. Naruto was dressed in a dark orange shirt and beige shorts, a stark contrast from the usual jōnin outfit he wore. The biggest difference being how he'd exchanged the eye-patch for a pair of dark shades, with a metal headband on top of his hair holding the golden wild mane back. He took a good look at her hands and clicked his tongue twice. Sakura sighed in relief as she watched his hands glow green and heal her. They were good as new and she was walking back towards the boulder, until a tug at the collar of her shirt brought her back.

"Hey!" Sakura pulled her shirt down as his tug had made it rise almost above her midriff and she blushed at how he didn't even notice. "Let go. I've got to train."

"Not with that mindset you don't. Come on." Her sensei dragged her for a minute more until she relented and followed him. They were high above the town sections of Konoha, beyond the Hokage Monument and were going deeper into the forest. She wasn't much of a nature enthusiast, but even she could tell the air here was different. Animals small and in droves were scattering around until a small bird chirped around her and settled on Naruto's shoulder, and he patted its head with a finger.

"Not that I mind the scenery, sensei, but I'd like to know where we're going."

"To a place where very few people are allowed to go."

"Wow, sensei. Thanks. That explains so much." She made sure to exaggerate each word as much as she could.

"If you act cheeky, you'll get punishment rounds."

"What will you do you haven't done already?" As if things could get possibly worse.

"I'll spank you." …Sakura did not know how to respond to that. "I will spank you so hard every time you walk you'll feel the phantom pain in that bubbly butt of yours."

"Oh my God! Stop talking about my ass!" Sakura's face put her hair to shame. "I'll lodge a complaint against you."

"For what?"

"Sexual harassment."

"So this is sexual harassment, but me poking your holiest of holies with a paint brush is-"

"That's not the point! Why would you spank me?"

"I don't know. You're the one not listening. Sometimes, you need to relax your mind so your body can function better."

"Easier said than done, sensei." Sakura grumbled looking at her fists. "I must've punched that thing a thousand times by now."

"Punch it a thousand times again. Then another thousand. Ten thousand more if needs be, but not on an empty stomach." They stopped before a large gate. High walls some thirty feet tall stared down at them. At the helm of the gate a giant red spiral, the same one she'd seen emblazoned on every single flak jacket of Konoha's forces. Naruto Uzumaki clapped and some lightning sparked at the head of a gate, flickering for a moment before disappearing. "Welcome to my fortress of solitude. Well, it was until a lot of people moved in."

"Wow." Sakura stared around the place. She'd seen clan compounds before, having been to Ino's house many times as a child and once to Kibara's house when she insisted all the girls visit her, but this place felt as if it was built different. There were gardens on the furthest sides of the compound walls, several rare trees and flowers sprouting from it, a pond further beyond and then the large palace of a house which looked a fortress if she were to be honest. "You live here?"

"Since I was nine. Come on. Don't stare." Stepping inside, Sakura was directed towards a room where she freshened up and made herself more presentable. Now out of the room, Sakura looked around and found herself in the living room of the Uzumaki Compound and there was a giant bookshelf filled with so, so, so many books. Finding herself drooling, she composed herself once more until she came across a most peculiar sight: Shizuka. Her sensei's fiancé. Seeing her was normal, but it was what she wore that made her ears blow out hot steam.

A black onesie that clung to her body like it was a second skin, with every inch and every curve of hers being accentuated as the outline of everything about her body was visible and did she mention how the onesie ended around waist, with only a strap going below her womanhood and barely fitting into the valley of her buttocks. Over that an apron which made her look like something out of male-blooded erotica and given her sensei's track record, this was probably his doing. Jaded eyes filled with surprise, shock, and awe met emerald ones with no reaction.

"Haruno." She was greeted as usual by her surname.


"Just Shizuka." She repeated. "Or Lady Uzumaki if you really want to pretend to be respectful."

"You're not married to him yet." Sakura pointed out, trying to get back at her.

"I'm more likely to bear his child first before we get married." She cupped her cheek as red stained it. "Oh the things we do each night."

Why am I even here? She wanted to scream it as the next person's appearance surprised her more. Ino. She knew the piggy lived here, but she didn't expect the vivacious blond to dress so…liberally. Sporting a black crop top and shorts, the now much shorter haired Yamanaka looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"The hell are you doing here, Forehead? Come here to spy on the competition?"

"As if I need to spy on you."

"Bitch, I'll break your arm."

"May I remind you whose house you are bickering in." Shizuka's voice cut through like a hot knife through butter. "Yamanaka, behave yourself. Haruno has been invited over for lunch by my Beloved. You two can act like enemies when you're outside."

"Fine." Ino sighed, she then took a look around. "Where is he anyway?"

"He's gone to retrieve the Hyuga at the waterfall."

"There's a waterfall here?" Sakura pondered how big was this place.

"You've haven't seen anything yet, Forehead." Ino's eye lit up glee. "He's got a whole torture chamber."

"…that's great?" Sakura was confused at her enthusiasm.

"Since you both seem to have a fair bit of energy given how you were ready to argue, I assume you can help me set up the table. Try not to break anything while you're at it." And with that she strolled into the kitchen with Ino and herself trailing her. Confident she was out of earshot distance, Sakura muttered to the blonde beside her.

"Is she like this all the time?"

"Yeah. She's a bitch."

"Your training will be more severe, Yamanaka." Shizuka's voice rang out. Sakura smirked at that. Not only did she did get the answer she want, but piggy got to suffer for it. Serves her right. Piggy and her big mouth. Lunch went as usually it did, though Sakura was a little taken aback at how the Hyuga of all people was dressed: a sleeveless tank-top and yoga pants which really showed just how many curves the usually conserved Hyuga hid underneath her clothes. Counting their graces, they dug in and immediately Sakura realized the food tasted just as good as it looked. Though it didn't come off as a surprise as Shizuka had previously cooked up a storm the day before the Chūnin Exams began. Still, she had to admire the sheer culinary skills the woman had. Miso salmon with ginger rice. Teriyaki tofu. To top it all off, fluffy soufflé pancakes. She didn't want to eat it all, but Shizuka demanded she did and once she got a taste, it was hard not to take more.

Sakura took a stroll around the compound; Sensei said she had an hour to let everything digest and then go back to being a stonemason. He doesn't need to call Earth Release training that. Then again, if he didn't it would be more bizarre. Speaking of bizarre, Sakura noted that her sensei was more quieter nowadays. Quiet as he could be that is.

His clones would be left scattered around following each path they took, and not just for her, for all of Team Six's members. When she asked why he was doing it, he simply replied one word: Orochimaru. That was enough to make her not question the why of it, but she did ask how many clones he had around and he told her the truth. The honest truth. One thousand clones. One thousand eyes watched everything everywhere.

"A thousand eyes and one." He corrected her by pointing to the lonesome piercing blue. Sakura had to admit how cool it sounded and that seemed to stroke his hubris. Thoughts and steps brought her to the back end of the Compound and she found herself facing a peculiar sight. A giant rectangular slab of black stone, oily and shiny, with a red spiral carved into it and chains and hooks on the corners binding it to the ground. She was about to take a closer look when a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

It was Shizuka.

"I highly suggest you keep your distance from that."

"Okay, but why?"

"That thing," Shizuka looked almost fearful, "is something Beloved has been working on for five years, and even he is wary around it."

"You didn't say what it was though." Sakura took long, long steps away from it. If it made her Sensei cautious, she didn't want any part of it.

"Honestly, I'm not sure what it is entirely either." The former Nadeshiko and her walked back towards the house. "He doesn't want to clearly state it, but apparently he's saving this for someone."

"He keeps secrets from you?"

"I wouldn't call them secrets." The woman sighed a bit. "Burdens is a more appropriate term. Beloved didn't exactly have a happy childhood, and sees things differently than ones such as you and I. To him secrets are like duties he personally gives to himself and will complete them no matter what the cost as it brings about the greater good."

"The greater good. That sounds pretty…daunting." Sakura expressed her thoughts. "Sensei is weird sometimes. Isn't he?"

"Enigmatic is the word you're looking for, but yes. Naruto Uzumaki does what Naruto Uzumaki wants. At least he's honest."

Grotesquely. Sakura wanted to add, but saved herself the strength. Now before the familiar boulder once more, Sakura began punching again and the same results came about. "This is pointless. I must've punched this thing a million times by now."

"Please. Don't be so dramatic. You've barely reached two thousand. I'm keeping count." Naruto sat atop the boulder and looked down at her. "What seems to be the problem?"

"If I knew we wouldn't be having this conversation."

"She's got earth and water. Natural opposites, but her control should be refined enough to do this." He wasn't even talking to her. Sakura was about to start punching when he snapped his fingers. "Sakura, close your eyes."


"Close your eyes."

"Fine." She closed her eyes, feeling jolts run across her body as his hands settled on her shoulders. Her heart thumped faster. His leg got inside the space between hers and a heat overtook her. "Sensei…what are you doing?"

"Increasing your heartbeat." The breath from his mouth was hot and it felt like embers smothering her ears. "Earth Style more often than people think is not just about manipulating the earth. They're about feeling every molecule, every atom, every little particle and figuring out how fast they oscillate. Rhythm is the key to fighting, and in the case of earth where all that stuff is jam packed into a rigid form, you need to find your footing."

"…wasn't there any other way get up my heart beat up without…touching me?"

"That depends. Do you want to do it underwater?"

She really didn't like how her mind zeroed in on his last sentence. "No."

"Then grit your teeth, clench your butt and move as one with what you feel." She felt him dig into her back, his left hand shifting from her shoulder to her waist as he made her adjust the stance she took. Then she shivered as his hand settled on her midriff.

"Sensei…what are you doing?"

"Concentrate your chakra. From here. The core." His finger poked her belly button over the clothing and Sakura bit her lower lip. It'd always been a sensitive spot of hers and the way his finger was waggling around made her feel things she did not want to feel. Not right now. His other hand traced across her arm, leaving tingles to dance across her skin, and gripped her wrist bringing it backward. "Focus. Keep it steady. Bring that chakra upward. To your fist. Concentrate. Harden it. Strengthen it."

It was hard. Hard to concentrate with all the things she was feeling. His body was warm, excessively so. It was like cuddling with fire and the heat she felt made think he'd been blazed. Her fist had hardened too. It felt stronger. Sturdier. Unbreakable. And her fist shot forward and struck the enemy of the day before her. The large object cried in pain as her hand split through earth and stone, smashing a giant hole the size of her hand into the boulder and then withdrawing from it as she looked at her hand.

"Woah." Barring the dust and the marks from her previous attempts, there was almost no damage at all. "I don't believe it."

"Believe it."

Sensei," she asked looking back, "why are you still leaning against me?"

"Oh." He said still pressing against her, still not moving away. "I like how your butt feels."

"You god damn pervert!" Her fist shot out with the same intent and force, but he weaved around it and his face got closer to hers. Blushing up a storm she took a few steps back, and he followed, their noses inches away as she felt herself being stopped by the boulder. His hands were on either sides of her shoulders, just hovering above as he got closer.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sakura couldn't reply as she felt his frame tower over hers. "We're not done."

"We can't…it's wrong."

"Look at me." He almost commanded and she obeyed her superior. The shades were off and the blue eye froze her in place. "You will do whatever I say. And we're done when I say we're done. Now get back to punching that boulder until nothing remains."

"….WHAT?!" Sakura screamed as he laughed and put on his sunglasses again. "You pervert! You did all that and then you say this!"

"Would you prefer I rather flirt? Maybe, touch you more." The way he said it made her feel angry and embarrassed at the same time. "Besides, I just moved your waist to get you into a more proper stance. You were the one who really wiggled into me. So between the two of us, who's really the pervert here?"

"…" Sakura said nothing as she took up the stance once more and proceeded to repeat the process. All the while she felt his eye on her. Never leaving. Completely concentrated on her and she did what she was supposed to do. Sometimes, she would stretch after punching for so long and her butt would stick out. But it wasn't like she was doing it intentionally…not at first at least.

"So, it's not Water Release?"


"Interesting." The current heiress to the clan, her younger sister, a firecracker of a brat when no peering eyes were around, was over analyzing her words. "But that would mean…you can bend water!"

"No, silly." Hinata chuckled at her conclusion. She was glad Hanabi was stronger than her mentally. To rule one needed to be fire and ice. She was neither. In many ways, she had known a long time that she would not lead the Hyuga, but her Sensei-kun taught her she didn't need to be in the clan to influence it. What he said was treasonous by Hyuga standards, the same standards which involved enslaving its own kinsmen to serving those 'nobler' than them simply because some Hyuga hundreds of years ago decided to do so. Her sister would lead and she would counsel her, but with the best intentions in mind.

"Yes you can."

"I used the Gentle Fist to do what I did."

"Father couldn't stop talking about it. I don't think he's ever been prouder of you." Hanabi regaled. "He was pretty annoyed by it too. Said it went against what us Hyuga usually do."

Just like me. But that's how it was. Being different wasn't bad, especially in the face of stone cold traditionalism. That little bit about the Hyuga could, as her Sensei-kun would eloquently put it, go fuck itself. "Well, I'm not a Hyuga anymore. Not fully at least."

"That's true. So," Hanabi had a smirk on her face, "I saw your fiancé. I'll be honest sweet sister, never pegged you going after bad boys."

"Hanabi." She chastised her. "Naruto is hardly a bad boy. He just likes doing things his way."

"And what would way that be?"

"His way."

Not long after at dusk, Hinata was back in the comfy warmth of the Uzumaki Compound again, but more importantly, she was with Naruto Uzumaki. The man she loved more than life. And someone who loved her back, albeit under consequential circumstances. He may not have stood up against the council as that bitch Shizuka liked to remind her every now and then, but he took her in his inner circle without hesitation, and if that wasn't love, the Hyuga dared not question what else it could be.

Right now such thoughts were being driven out of her, just as much of his tongue was being driven into her. Her thighs wrapped around Naruto's head while he devoured her, savoring her taste and sending a thousand volts down her body. His long, wide, delicious tongue lapped up her pussy lips from top to bottom, eventually settling in on her precious little clit. Her Byakugan started flickering on and off as Sensei-kun's capable tongue made her lose control of her senses, chakra and her sanity for a brief moment.

Maybe the clitoris has a secret tenketsu and he mastered the art of striking it. Eventually, Naruto's playful feast to her clitoris brought the former heiress to a much anticipated completion—something she'd been starving for since the sun hit her eyes in the morn. Hinata's head flew backwards, dark midnight hair flicked with sweaty beads and her back arched with a delighted squeal, her wide hips jerked against Naruto's face and her inner muscles tightened around his invading tongue, determined to keep him there for as long as she could. She rigidly stretched her palms outward, pushing her ample bosom up high as she experienced a squirting orgasm.

The first of the day, she told herself as her fiancé rose to his feet. The female Hyuga whined, missing his touch, but let out a 'Oooh' in excitement when he hooked her legs within the crook of his strong arms. For a moment he hovered right outside of her, poking her entrance with his head, teasing her before he gradually fed his throbbing erection into her poor, starving snatch and the first taste was always the best.

"M-Mmph N-Naruto! F-Fuck! Split me apart!" Hinata barely wheezed out, begging, but unable to find the voice while the welcomed intrude in the form of member stretched her to and beyond her limits. This happened each time. Sensei-kun told her it was a result of the seal she'd applied to feed on his chakra, and she was glad she did. Tears of joy borne of pleasurable pain built up in the corners of her all-seeing eyes—her curvy body quivering and her entrance clenching around member of the man she loved. His throbbing dick patiently began to move at a painfully slow pace within her filled cunt to allow Hinata to adjust to it.

The former heiress felt overstuffed, but hungry for more, not content as practically every part of her womanhood could feel pleasure at being ravaged by him. Her body became one with his, moving in harmony with him.

"Oh GOD! OH FUCK!" Hinata let him know of how much she was enjoying it. Moreso because she knew the Nadeshiko whore was hearing them rut. Hinata wanted her to know how much she was enjoying this, that she was just as much Naruto's fiancé as she was—and she knew he was loving this, loving her, hitting her sweets spots without err each fucking time. Not long after, she let out another ear-splitting scream, nails dug into his packed muscles as her warm love juices squirted majestically around his thrusting, throbbing cock.

She felt her womanhood squeeze in joy, squeal in appreciation and suck at Naruto's fleshy piston of a cock with fervor as it erupted something deep within her, drowning it with his seed, bathing her womb in an abundant heat as moist, sticky, smelly sperm flooded her insides. Naruto flipped her over and dragged her legs off the bed, lowering them so that her feet were touching the floor, her legs spread wide, and she wiggled her rear, awaiting his inevitable jab into her magnificent wet heat and looked back at him with a look a she knew he craved from her. "Please don't stop now, Sensei-kun~ Fuck me until I can't act like a greedy little slut anymore~"

"Awww. That is just precious." A sheen of sweat glossed her pale skin over as he laughed, massaging her bouncing breasts with one hand, pinching, squeezing, flicking her nipple while his other hand held onto her thick thigh firmly, to keep his the thrusts that would come steady to some extent until she knew the maddening pitch fever would rise. Naruto let go of her breasts, settling for her hips as Hinata held onto both of her heavy breasts, fondling them as she let out a shuddering gasp as Naruto's thick organ slid back and forth in her vaginal depths. "All that you asked for, Hinata. And you've got several more coming."

Her heart-shaped ass, as he put it, was roughly slapping against his pelvis eagerly. The impact caused her ass-cheeks to jiggle, to turn a deeper shade of red from his nonstop pounding while his testicles continued to smack up against her poor abused clit over and over again. Juices ran down from Hinata's soaking snatch, trickling down her inner thighs, staining the wooden floor beneath the lovers with proof of their rutting session. The head of his cock repeatedly struck her cervix—it had to be! Every single thrust of whenever he hit that place enhanced all the sweetest sensations, and his savage passion only made her believe that more.

Naruto continued to pound Hinata from behind, causing her blessed breasts to bob, sway, jiggle, defy gravity as she panted and moaned and groaned and gasped and screamed and sang desperately for more. "More! More! MORE! MORE!~" His hands reached forward to grab her breasts, his fingers flicked and played with her sensitive nipples, all the while he kept ravaging her insides, making her shivering hips buckle, and almost sending her over that narrow edge once more. Then he pulled his mighty dick out, only to violently thrust every inch of himself into Hinata who screamed to the top of her lungs as he buried himself deep into her. She screamed for how long she did not know. She came for how long she did not know. Everything went blank. She became numb. She was gone from this world.

And then she returned, feeling his palm travelling down her smooth curves, groping her thigh before coming to her mound, rubbing her pubis and adding more touches to her already riled up womanhood, burning with passion as he still kept fucking her. He caressed more and more, softly and slowly, as if he were welcoming her back to the world of the living, and Hinata let her appreciation know, moaning enjoyably as he thumbed her clitoris causing her to roll her broad hips, rocking with his thrusts, and squeezing his cock each time his member thrust back and forth.

She did not know how many hours had passed since they started. How much time had passed since her first orgasm, but they were still at it. Wet skin smacked together, heavy breathing resonated, feminine moans sang with masculine grunts. Naruto had turned her around once more, her tits, sweaty and compressed against his iron forged chest as he lifted Hinata up by her doughy ass cheeks, giving her a moment's rest and she took this moment for herself. Tightly griping his shoulders, she pulled him into a kiss driven by love and lust. As tongues brushed each other, he began to spear upwards into her, kneading her butt cheeks, ruthlessly ravaging her inside.

Hinata loved this angle, she loved every angle with him, and this one allowed her precious Sensei-kun more leverage, more control to fuck her with, hitting the places she loved as he kept his pace going, growing faster with each movement. Every deep thrust sent a sensation of pleasure that made her feel as if her soul was being fucked out of her body. The result left her as a shameful, slobbering, drooling mess, and was reduced to nothing more than a woman spewing incoherent moans and pleas of wanting him to stain every hole she had. She'd been an heiress once, but that was no honor compared to being with Naruto Uzumaki.

Settling her down onto the bed, he released his hold on her luscious rear and abruptly pulled out. Hinata looked up at him barely able to get a word out. Cock. She wanted his. Desperately, with what strength she had, she shoving her pussy up against the underside of his loving cock, letting her fiancé know to penetrate her gaping hole once again. Chuckling, Naruto dragged his length over her glistening labia, gripping the hilt of his cock and rubbed its tip teasingly along her sopping wet pussy lips, collecting her juices on his cock. "Hey, Hinata. Wanna see something cool?"

With a smug grin, her Sensei-kun slammed back in. She did not even get the chance to recover as he viciously fucked her at inhuman speeds, unleashing a wave of pleasure to shoot up her arched spine. Their love-making juices formed a cocktail, and it rapidly flowed down the crack of her ass every time Naruto's cock drew out of her to pierce her again. Hinata moaned deeply as she felt her umpteenth orgasm rush through her body and felt fire, lightning, thunder and ice shoot up her spine, feeling it travel along every nerve in her body.


Her womanhood was full of his thick fertile seed. The sensation of her womb overflowing with his potent semen instantaneously made Hinata's mind go blank, thinking of what she'd look like with a bloated belly, carrying children that belonged to him and that image sent her spiraling down into another magnificent orgasm his hot, blazing spunk seeped into her womb. Once Naruto let her go after the last of his hot, fiery goo were sent straight into her womb, she fell on to the bed and nearly fell to the floor, but he grabbed her by her silky dark blue locks, causing his now softened cock to slap her in the face.

Too exhausted to reach it for her hands, too drained to take it inside her, Hinata used what little energy she had left and suckled on his crown. Without notice, a quart of semen emerged from the slit of his cockhead to stain her face, her hair, her breasts. She caught as much as she could manage with her open mouth, still in awe that his stealthy semen burst actually made her cavity full before leaking out from her mouth. When Naruto's ejaculation finally subsided, Hinata's lips and breasts were literally soaked with his essence, smeared with his love and she closed her eyes, swallowing what was in her mouth, and letting the sweet darkness that had been threatening to take her for so long claim her for now.

When she came to, the midnight sun hung amidst a starry sky and the only sounds she heard were that of the distant small creatures of the earth going about their nocturnal lives. Getting up, Hinata felt the spot between her legs tingle and ache. She moaned a bit. In pain. In pleasure. Removing the sheets, she looked down at the residue of the dried up spunk and slowly got out of bed. Stepping into the bathroom to clean herself up a bit, she found Naruto entering the room with a plate in his hands.

"You're up." He said placing the dish down. Instant ramen. Of course. She jumped at him and he caught her, their lips claiming each other and their tongues following their action. After a while, when the need for air come only then did they stop and he fed her his second favorite meal in the world; the first was the Uzumaki Super Deluxe Special followed by the Uzumaki Quick Special. Done with her meal, the couple lay in bed, talking about the small, unimportant things they did in the day. And then she brought up how much closer Sakura had gotten to him. He groaned. "Look. I'm…a horndog."

"That's putting it lightly." Hinata smiled watching him agree with a nod. Wasn't every day that Naruto Uzumaki took insults lying down. Perhaps this was what they called post-nut clarity.

"Look, Sakura is very pretty. And I am very-"


"Not the word I'd use. I have a problem." Naruto cuddled her, trying to butter her up. He'd have to pet her head if he wanted to go into that territory. "I call it sexual obesity. The more have, the more I want. Honestly, I'm considering therapy, but chances are if the therapist is a woman and attractive, I'll do her too. How do I fix this?"

"By keeping it in your pants? Perhaps we should place a seal on that little titan of yours."

Hinata's suggestion made him roll his eyes and she chuckled. In all honesty, she didn't know how she felt about this. Hinata had long accepted she wasn't going to be the only woman in his life. That was impossible. Ino joining his little 'harem' was a surprise, but not a shocking one; the Yamanaka had always been wild at heart, and it was only fitting someone far more blonder, far more fiery claimed her as his own. Sakura on other hand warming up to Sensei-kun, she suspected ever since the security seals were placed on Team Six, was just…absurd.

The pink haired girl was by all means a fine woman who would no doubt blossom into a beautiful one, and despite not having much of a chest, her other curves more than made up for it. If she hadn't been ardent admirer of Sasuke Uchiha, worshipping the very ground he walked on, appraising every word he said, cheering every action he did, she would've not questioned it, but alas she was.

"Hey, hey. Sometimes, things just happen." He explained, rubbing his scarred, closed eyelid. "And for better or worse, sometimes you just need to go with the flow."

"You never did tell me how you got that." Hinata peeved him and he shrugged. It was something he didn't like talking about, and would avoid indirectly and sometimes directly, but with a violent 'No'. Whatever the story was, it was something he did not want to share. Not yet anyway. That and the black stone outside the house. She tried taking a peek into it, but all she was darkness. It terrified her honestly.

"Things happen. This happened. And Sakura might happen, but it's her choice."

"Will you be peeved if she refuses you?" Hinata asked, curious just how strongly he felt about the pink haired girl.

"Not really. Don't get me wrong, she's pretty." He didn't praise her more the moment she raised a brow. "But I like to think I have a lot of pretty girls in my life."

"Good." Hinata placed her head on his chest, listening to the beating rhythm in his chest. "Will you be angry if she chooses Sasuke over you?"

"Sasuke is…very pretty." Hinata looked at him and he frowned. "What? I can praise a dude for looking good. Wait till you see Kakashi without his mask, now that's a panty drencher right there. Anyway, the point is, I can understand why Sakura is attracted to him. And it's all fine really."

"And you don't have any complaints that one of your students might end up with a headcase like him?" Hinata was not a huge fan of the Uchiha, but she did care about Sakura and for all the growth she displayed, she still that one crutch slowing her down. She would not make fun of it though; who was she to criticize Sakura when Hinata kept pining for a boy who was barely in her life, disappeared and then reappeared like a storm with all her feelings intact. Stranger things have happened than that.

"I'm concerned, but I know this much about Sakura. The Sakura we have on our team, not the one who was in the Academy," Naruto said with a smile, "She won't betray what she stands for."

"And what's that?"

He hummed in thought before answering her. "Optimism. But I'm to be honest, Sasuke really isn't my biggest concern when it comes to Sakura."

Hinata Hyuga sighed realizing what he was talking about. "Ino?"


Let it be said Naruto Uzumaki did not hesitate when it came to things concerning stealth, espionage and, most importantly, treason

Finding those committing treason was kind of his part-time hobby, no doubt stemming from all the missions Danzo used to deploy him on under the supervision of Hiruzen. And having had a good amount of experience in that particular field, Naruto saw treason everywhere sometimes. It was maddening. What he was about to almost bordered on treason, but he needed to make sure things went smoothly if things went to shit.

With noble intention and a cup of instant ramen in his hand, Naruto Uzumaki jumped up and down from one place to another until he found his destination. Training Ground 24 had been abandoned since the Third Great Ninja War and when the time of the false courtesies came AKA the Chūnin Exams, Konoha would lend out many of its unused facilities to the lovely foreigners that would come to their humble abode as a sign of peaceful cooperation. Oh the sophisticated bullshit of bureaucracy.

Landing into one of the many forests that Konoha had, Naruto walked slowly, whistling a tune passing by the tall shrubbery. There was a joke in ANBU. Wherever Hashirama Senju pissed, trees grew. So when shinobi would train in these places to get better, they'd call it premature wetwork cause they would be getting their hands dirty later on. Classic black ops humor. Lifeless, dry and the punchline coming before the joke. Zeroing in on the sound of angry grunts and sword slashes, Naruto watched as Karui of Kumo drove her sword through a wooden dummy, slicing him to ribbons with her many strikes. That could've been Ino if it wasn't for me. The red haired girl was talented with a blade, but her anger got the better of her and judging by the look on her face, she was absolutely livid he walked into her little venting session.

"You!" She pointed her sword at him. "What are you doing here?"

"I was just taking a stroll on the path of life. It led me here." Naruto answered with a sincere smile and the way the nerve throbbed on her head made him laugh as he rubbed the back of his head. "I'm just kidding. I was looking for your sensei."

"Q senpai is busy training Omoi and Atsui. The hell do you want with her?"

"Last time I checked she wants me, or did you not notice how your senpai was buttering me up." The baffled look on her face was worth it. "Calm down. Don't blow a nerve. I have to talk to her about something. Hokage's orders. And you really don't want to be interfering with that, genin."

"How the hell are you even jōnin?" Karui came forward accusingly, sizing him up from all angles. "You don't look any older than me."

"Simple." Naruto held his head high proudly. "I'm the strongest."

"Yeah, right. Why aren't you Hokage then?"

"I find it beneath me." Karui's stunned silence made him shrug. "Official ranks and positions hold no meaning to me."

"You're insane."

"Yeah? You should see my girlfriend." Which one was he talking about? He'd let those observing him from beyond the great screen decide. He eyed her sword. Then he looked at her hair. And he thought about her fiery temper. "Mind if I take a look at your sword?"

She clutched it protectively, yanking it back. "No."

"Calm down. I'm not gonna steal it. I have enough weapons. Just wanted to check something."

"What would that be?"

"If it's what I think it is." He paused, looking her in the eye. "Uzumaki."

Karui's hand coiled tightly around the sword, the tip of her blade fixated on him. "How do you know?"

"I took a guess. Now from one Uzumaki to another, let me take a peek." Karui remained stiff for quite a while until she made the wiser choice and slowly stood in front of him and he took the blade from her. Balancing the blade on his finger, he observed the intricate work and honestly, he was impressed. "I can understand why you didn't want to give this up. Hell of a blade. Who made this for you?"

"Someone close to me." Naruto didn't pry and returned her the sword.

"You gave it a name yet?"


"Mind sharing it with a possibly distant cousin…five villages removed."


"Not bad. I was honestly expecting something edgier. Like…Boosted Gear."

"What? What does that even mean?"

"It's a dumb thing some dumb idiot made up without realizing its actual purpose. Now, your senpai. Tell her I'm here and its important." Karui t'ch-ed before leaving, but she definitely warmed up to him. So she was an Uzumaki. Small world. Then again, Kumo was hungry for bloodlines. He wouldn't put it past them to capture an Uzumaki for the sake of having one of their own. Konoha would do the same under certain circumstances. He sat down as a little squirrel came to him and demanding treats. "Do I look like I carry chestnuts with me?"

"Looks like I walked in on something." Q made herself known as she sat down in front of him and the squirrel shrieked before leaving. "Sorry about scaring your little friend. I'm sure you can get to your conversation with him later."

"First of all, her. Secondly, she was a greedy nut digger." He paused and chuckled. "I swear these jokes just make themselves up."

"That they do." She stretched her arms, her chest magically did the same. "So, Naru-chan, what did you call me out here for? Finally giving into temptation."

"We both know you'll break first."

"Only if you break me."

Restraint, Naruto. Restraint. "Speaking of breaking things, your old man made any deals recently?"

"What sort of deals?"

"Oh the usual cloak and dagger stuff. With rogue shinobi no less."

"Please, my father is blunt as they come." If only you knew. "And the only thing he hates more than you, are rogue ninja. He calls them cowards of the lowest order."

"I don't know about that. Madara Uchiha doesn't seem to fit that bill."

"Rogue Uchiha are different. They're bounties no one wants to touch."

"And for good reason. Which brings me to why I wanted to talk to you."

She gasped, her hand over one of her breasts. "Are you telling me you didn't want to see little old me just cause you wanted to?"

"Q." He sighed, rubbing his face. "Why do you do this?"

"It's fun." She smiled and her beauty enhanced with that simple act.

"We were a thing for about five minutes-"

"I recall it being two hours."

"Five minutes, two hours. One day. You and I were younger, stupider and mistook lust for something else."

"That we did."

"Yes, exactly. So why do you keep insisting on getting together? Your father hates me. Our villages hate each other. So, why?"

She looked at him before crawling over and looking him straight in the eye. "Because I want you Naruto Uzumaki. You're the single most insufferable person I met who didn't suck up to me, fucked me, leaving me with a broken heart, and a void no other stupid man or all the gifts my father bought ever filled. Does that answer your question?"

"…yeah." She didn't need to say it like that. God knew he had had his hands full. At least she doesn't want me dead. "Orochimaru is in the village."

"Oh. Huh. I didn't Konoha was in the habit of forgiving betrayers."

"Konoha is not. Which is why I need your help."

"You need my help? You?"


"Aren't you stronger than before?"

"Of course I am, but not when I split myself into a thousand pieces."

"You and your clone spamming habit. Seriously, you'll fry your mind one of these days."

"Not happening." He said with confidence. "I need your help in staving off problems if shit hits the fan, which knowing that snake it will."

"You do realized he didn't get in here without help?"

"You think I didn't?"

"Good. They're probably watching you even now."

"Not right now. Yanked her off my tail around ten minutes before coming here."

"Of course it's a 'her'."

"Hey, I don't choose who spies on me."

"If you did, you'd make sure it was a woman."

"Touché." He put his hand forward and she looked at it. "We have a deal?"

"Almost. I'll help you, as will my students if things go wrong. HOWEVER, I want something in return."

"Of course you do." Why did he expect anything else? Her finger poked his chest before slowly going upwards, tracing along his neck and stopping at his chin. Her russet eyes were like fire, burning with desire. She smacked her lips, a glossy sheen made them look enticing. A forbidden fruit. "So, you want to do it right now or what?"

"As much as I want, and believe me, I do, we can't. I have students to teach. Though, a little preview would be nice." And with those words her lips met his and for a moment he felt he was twelve again. Those sweet lips which met him so long ago were his again, and their mouths parted as the familiar taste of the Kumo beauty made itself familiar with him again. She straddled his lap with force, and he stayed still his hands instinctively going to her massive rump, groping it as she moaned into his mouth. "Still a fan of my butt, I see."

"Always was." And the war of the tongues continued until they separated, a small strand of saliva connecting them before disappearing. Man, I missed her.

"Ramen. How consistent." She turned around, her ass cheeks still rubbing against his crotch, slowly enticing his member under his pants into a familiar rhythm. "I bet you're annoyed right now, that you can't do anything." He chuckled before his hand grabbed her throat, tightening it as she gasped and he pulled her back, more towards him. His feet crossed over ankles and his other hand resting over her clothed pussy, For a moment he rubbed, massaged, and poked it before his fingers started to really slap against her cunt. Laced with chakra, the digits hit much harder than most normally would and hearing her moan in gasps and chokes made it all the more enjoyable.

"Don't play games you can't win." He bit her ear as he muffled her screams with a kiss again. The hand below was now grabbing her nether regions tightly as he began to slap at her covered twat while the woman writhed uncontrollably in his lap and then he stopped letting her go, as she rested against him, breathing hard and hot, her dark cheeks looking almost pink from all the blood that rushed there.

"Why'd you stop?"

"Because I can. Now get." He rose with her still putty in his hands and spanked her rear to make it jiggle. "I'll see you later."

"Oh, Naruto Uzumaki I am going to break your dick once the time comes."

He half believed her words and gave her a thumbs up. Parting his way from there, the jōnin found himself at the bar again. He'd come to the conclusion that he liked beer. He liked beer a lot. And Zuka the bartender was all too happy to make a quick buck from him.

"Naruto, my boy, my son, my heir." Jiraiya soon joined him and was down two pints.

"I'm none of those things."

"In spirit, my boy. In spirit. Like this." He held up his glass, downing the contents and laughing. "HAH! It was a pun! Get it?! Spirit!"

"I'm pretty sure it's not spirit." Naruto mumbled and drank his fourth. The light buzz was finally kicking in. Lowly he spoke, "So, how long are you going to pretend you're drunk?"

"Until I walk over to that blonde bombshell over there and collapse." The grin on his face almost made him laugh. "Any progress on finding harmful little things filled with poison?"

"Nope. I'd say the little beasts are biding their time. Hiding in rat holes." If Orochimaru was the snake, Danzo was the grass that hid him. He'd long suspected the old war hawk to be in bed with the traitor of a Sannin, and him being able to hide from nearly every corner above ground was annoying him. As much as he wanted to send a few dozen clones into the underground network, he knew just how many problems he'd run into without making noise.

"That is so annoying. I hate playing games like these." Jiraiya burped as he took one more swig. "I miss being young."

"I'll drink to that."

"But you're still young. What are you complaining about?"

"About grumpy old men complaining about not being young."

"Distasteful *hic* brat. Now excuse the Grand Master, for he is about to get some golden coochie." This time Naruto didn't hold his laugh back as he watched the older man tumble and 'fall' into the bar stool, taking the woman down with him. And smooth charming words followed. Naruto walked slowly all the way back to his home, feeling the eyes of one woman watching him. How did he know? She was too careful and that right there was her biggest mistake.

Well, that and one of his clones was watching her. And two more in tow. Like Jiraiya he hated playing this game, but unlike the Toad Sage who hated it out of annoyance, the Jinchūriki hated this because he was rather good at it, and the longer he played, the more he schemed. Sometimes his schemes went too far. Buzzed and a little horny, Naruto sensed if anyone was in his home. Ino was there, but probably taking a shower judging by her placement and the sound of faint water droplets hitting the floor.

Slouched on the couch, Naruto Uzumaki decided to take a nap. He wished he could take a break from everything one of these days and this nap would be the closest thing to a vacation. And he was going to enjoy his vacation.

"Ino." She said the word like it was something distasteful. "You disappoint me."

"You can say that again." The Yamanaka had half a mind to rip her tongue out just to rid herself of the mockery. Naruto Uzumaki did the same, but he was her boyfriend, and Shizuka was her…rival in love. It sounded so stupid, but it was what it was. And not to mention, strong. Stronger than her. Initially, the mind walker thought she couldn't be that strong given her looks. She was being sexist against her own team, but man did those thoughts kick her in the face.

"Get up." The Nadeshiko bossed her around. The tight suit she wore wasn't just because she wanted to flaunt her curves, it distracted her and even her stance, which included her moving her hips so…sensually. All of it was a ruse, to get lost in her dance, and then bam! She'd unseal weapons from every part of her suit to slash and gash her. Granted she used wooden versions, but it hurt. "Now engage." Shizuka was already in front of her and the kick came squarely at her chest. She crossed her arms, the blow made her bones rattle as she was shoved back into the air. Shizuka spun into the air, the axle of her foot coming down near her face.

Instead of weaving around it, Ino pulled out a senbon from her hair and tried to prick her, but the Nadeshiko swerved at the last second, barely grazing her shoulder as Ino finally found some distance between them.

"Use your weapons."

I'll use them alright. Strapped on her back were two wooden batons. To be more precise, they were wooden sticks shaped like a baton with an L-shaped grip coming out just above the hand, so she could hold it in reverse grip for defense. Armed, she watched as Shizuka brought forth a wooden sword and rushed at her. The strikes came faster than she anticipated. Even now she couldn't get her timing right and what made it worse was the fact that she knew Shizuka was holding back. The blows were far heavier than the ones Karui had delivered to her, faster too. Naruto wanted Ino specifically to train against Shizuka for the month given the woman was a weapons expert. In her opinion this was just another one of her Sensei-kun's sick machinations to watch his students suffer.

On top of that he wanted her to learn fighting with weapons. That wasn't her style. Shizuka grabbed her forearm and a bonk on her head soon followed. Barely getting away and rubbing the sore spot, Ino tried to think how she could come out on top. Wait. Hehe. Running into the grassy area, Ino bided her time and set her little trap. Soon enough the tightly dressed kunoichi found her and was hot on her tail. Chucking the weapon at Shizuka, she waited for the so-called weapon expert to dodge it.

She did and as soon as she did, Ino pulled out a kunai and seemingly slashed at the air. The slight sound of something being plucked came, and a handseal followed. The baton exploded and Ino jumped up the nearby tree to get a better view. She could make out the silhouette of the kunoichi in the smoke and made her familial secret hand seals. Before she could however, something wrapped around her foot. Taped paper and she was yanked down, her back hitting the ground harshly and a foot kissed her throat, as Shizuka stood over her with the pointy wooden end of her wooden sword poking the spot between her eyes.

"You fight very dirty." Shizuka smiled with her green glittering eyes. "Perhaps we should make something more accommodating for your skills."

"Get off me, or you'll find out how dirty I am." Ino said with the kunai ready to slice her Achilles' heel and the woman chuckled before slowly removing her foot and wagged her sword. Ino held it to get up and groaned. She would need to take another bath today.

"Take the rest of the day off, Ino Yamanaka. You've given me a fair bit of things to think about." She didn't question that bit of wisdom and she found herself enjoying a hot shower not long afterwards. Done with her little treat, some snacks and a little nap, she stared at her reflection. Her precious hair was reduced down to this state. Gone was the majestic high ponytail going all the way to her lower back, in its place was a golden bun the left and one bang of hair still concealing one of her turquoise eyes.

"This sucks." She half-heartedly stepped out of her room and had nothing better to do. Heading for the living room she found Naruto Uzumaki napping and a lot of thoughts crossed her mind. Most of which involved her about to regret what she was about to do, but she still went forward with her decision. Sakura had been getting a little too chummy with her boyfriend recently, and given the memory she'd seen while scouring Bubblegum Forehead's mind, she was not pleased with how things were going. Naruto Uzumaki was…wild. Untamed. Uncontrollable. He did as he pleased, not caring what others thought, but there was a sweet side to him as well. The sweet side Ino preferred to be seen by as less woman as possible and especially Sakura. It was amazing how that girl always managed to go after everything she liked.

Making her clan's famed hand seals once more, Ino went forward as her mind was severed from her body and she entered the subconscious of her boyfriend. This was wrong, but this would be something she'd answer for later.

Hoping to find herself on the day their precious, asshole of a charming sensei placed those seals on her, she found herself looking at a much, much younger version of him. Baby cheeked, blue eyed, happy and loud Naruto Uzumaki. What a contradiction. He could still be loud, but that came with its own quirks, this version of him just seemed…bratty, which given the age seemed fine. She watched as he strolled to Konoha Park, every other child moving away once he decided to go up the slide, abandon the other swings once he sat on one.

He was alone, that was until she found him trying to cheer up a pink haired girl who was bullied and…helping a much younger version of herself too. It was the day she'd became friends with Sakura and much to the shame of her memory suppressing this, she met Naruto Uzumaki too.

Ino stood up running from the park and turning an alley as winds of winter hit her with a harsh gale. Once more a familiar scene. A far younger, far meeker, far shyer Hinata Hyuga, cute as a button and vulnerable as a candle facing wind, cried as stupid little boys acted like stupid little boys would and called her a freak for the way her eyes looked. The loud brash yell of a younger Naruto followed, with him pouncing on them, getting beaten up before the boys stopped, looking at him with contempt before leaving. With swollen cheeks he mouthed them off despite the loss, and cheered up the crying Hyuga before leaving her and the tattered remains of his muffler. She could use one. Fire. Warmth. She could use one and heard the crackling of wood burning as she followed the source of it into the woods and found him again, sitting with the Hokage as they fried fish together.

This was something she always questioned. Naruto wasn't a promising shinobi at the academy, by his own admission of the fact. Sure he came from a clan, which she found out much later, but didn't clan heirs get respect and extol from the common folk? So why was he scorned? Why did he receive glares? Even now, when she and her team would walk with their sensei she would notice the stares, the irritated looks, the mutterings, and how Naruto Uzumaki would hold his head high among them and keep moving forward with a proud smile on his face. What happened to you? Why is the Hokage so closed to you? Why do people hate you?

The sound of screams, shattered glass and flesh being thwacked followed. And Ino Yamanaka ran to the source. Young Naruto Uzumaki stood with a broken wooden stick in his hand, blood stained on it and surrounding him were the corpses of three fully grown men. The place where his right should've been had a bloody mess in its place as blood kept gushing out of it. Before him stood the Hokage and two ANBU.

"Naruto. What have you done, boy?"

"What have I done?! They cut my eye out! They said they were going to make sure I go around the village with no eyes, no tongue or nose. What about that, Old man!"

"Put the stick down, Naruto." The younger version of her sensei didn't want to listen and Ino saw fear in his eyes. Then the rage.

"No. I'm keeping this with me. Let all those other stupid villagers come after me. I'll treat them the same."

"You can't go around killing people!"

"But they can kill me?! I thought you cared about me!"

"Damn it, boy! I do. If you do this they'll keep coming after you. At the streets. At the Academy."

"Screw the Academy! I don't need it. They ignore me there too. And no one helps me when I don't even understand anything!"

"Lord Hokage, if I may." The voice of the dog masked ANBU operative sounded familiar.


"He's killed civilians, my Lord. Any chance of him going back to the Academy are gone. And from what we've seen here, little Naruto is a natural born killer. No offense, kid."

"Who the hell are you?"

"He's an ANBU, Naruto. Calm down."

"I'll calm down when I feel safe. The hell is an ANBU?"

"Secret ninja, Naruto. You're safe. First we need to get that eye of yours patched."

"I don't trust you." Ino felt horrified at the tone with which he said those words. Tears were coming out of his eyes as the rage remained. "I don't trust you. Hound. And whoever the hell else that other guy is."

"My name is Tenzou."

"Screw you, Tenzou!" Despite the grave seriousness, Ino couldn't hold her chuckle back. Even as a child he had quite the potty mouth. And then in a flash Hound took away the stick from his hands and sat before the boy on one knee.

"If we wanted to harm you, Naruto, we would've done so by now. Trust me, kid. You got the drop on these idiots, but we're shinobi and you won't ever get that lucky. Now be a good boy and let's get that eye of yours treated."

"Why the hell should I go with you?"

"Because I can make sure you never fall into a trap like this again. So what do you say. Do you want to get stronger?" At those words she saw the boy clench his fists, his only eye looked at the corpses, the fire in the corner that the one called Tenzou put out and the boy stepped forward standing in front of the Third Hokage, and despite the height difference, the defiance in his eyes made him seem as if he was on equal footing with the Professor.

"What he's saying…is it true?" And for a while it seemed the Third Hokage was pondering a long time on what to answer him. Until he finally spoke.

"It won't be easy. You'll be crying to sleep at night from pain."

"As if don't already do that. Now make me stronger." He said looking at the dog masked secret operative who laughed and grabbed his hand as they walked out.

"Sure, but let's get that eye fixed first." Ino watched as they go off into the distance and she pondered on what happened. He was attacked by three fully grown men…why? And he lied to her, her team about how he lost his eye. She assumed it was during ANBU training according to that story and the tattoo on his arm, but that was a lie. Her boyfriend smiled as he lied about this incident. Why? WHY?

"I can tell you why." Ino felt the voice yank at her very soul as she looked back at the wall she was leaning against. Metallic, huge, and seemingly going into the endlessness of the sky, Ino found herself in a dark grass field, as she stared at the behemoth behind the gates. Titanic, orange furred, its red eyes alone were larger than her and the stench of death of escaped its enormous maws. It stared at her with a malicious smile. The beast looked like a fox, but with humanoid hands as it stood on its two legs and nine seismic tails hovered from its back.


"Make sure to say my name with an honorific. I'd hate to eat someone like you. Prefer more meat on my prey. Oh, what the hell? I'll eat you anyway." She needed to get out. She needed to leave. Ino ran. Ran far away from the gate yet its laughter followed her everywhere. It echoed as she watched Naruto Uzumaki break his hand and then go back to training. It drummed like thunder in the sky when she saw the blond scream as he cuddled the corpse of a comrade. It came from all sides when she him standing before the black stony slab in the Compound and him looking at her, walking past her. She called for him, grabbed him only for her hand to slip right through him and she was facing the beast in the cage once more. She screamed for help as a black ooze began to pour out of the cage and grabbed her from all sides, dragging her further and further towards the cage. She was sinking into the dark fluid beneath her. All her fears heightening. Voices of all the people she knew mocking her. Hating her. And Ino cried and screamed until she heard a woman scream angrily and a light blinded her.

Bright lights came from every corner. Ino stood seemingly in air as she looked at her hands and legs. The ooze was gone. She felt light. "Am I dead?"

"You would be, young woman, if I didn't grab you in time." It was the woman's voice. The one she heard right before she appeared her. Brilliant streaks of red hair banded together to form a royal drape flowing from her head. Her face was beautiful, her features seemed familiar, and shiny amethyst eyes looked at her with curiosity as she crossed her arms, placing a finger under her chin. It reminded her too much of Naruto. "Now do you mind explaining what you were doing scooping around in my son's mind?"

"Son's mind?" Ino looked at her face again. The face. Her son's mind. "You're…Naruto's mom?"

"That's right!" She said a little too enthusiastically. "You're lucky I found you before the stupid Fox got to you. Though you'll have to stay here some time before you can recover. Bijū chakra can be dangerous to anyone if it's not filtered properly and judging by how the Fox was grabbing on to you, you'll need to time to recover."

"That was the Kyūbi!" Ino shouted pointing…at nowhere. "What's going on? What was the Kyūbi doing in his mind? What are you doing in his mind? I thought Naruto's parents were dead."

"Sit down, young woman." Ino seeing no choice did as she was told. "We have a lot to talk about and seeing the mess you're in, you'll need a lot of explanations to get out of this pickle y'know. So keep an open mind. My name is Kushina Uzumaki. And I died seventeen years ago."

Bit shorter than usual, a little less lemony, but i felt so relieved writing this. Started and finished this in 2 days, can you believe that? Your King is a miracle worker. Or miracle wanker, if that's the appropriate term. Anyway, wank away my wank pheasants. This is Le Wanker of House Wanketius Biggus Dickus, King of the First Fappers, the Second Strokers, and Unlimited Wankety Wankers, royally fucking off.