Disclaimer for the fic, this won't be a peaceful end DB like the Baldi vs Frisk one. If you've played OFF, then you may understand where I'm getting at. Enjoy.

Phantoms, specters, spirits, ghosts. Whatever you want to call them, and today/tonight, we've got two of the most powerful and skilled in the art of fighting ghosts. Hell they even wear only Black and White.

Such as Danny Phantom, the half ghost protector of Amity Park.

And The Batter, the mysterious & stoic purifier from OFF.

In this scenario we will give both their entire arsenal of weaponry like The Batter's Bats, Items Add-Ons and Danny's Ecto-Skeleton, Fenton Ghost Gauntlets, etc.

I'm the Winged Merchant and it's my job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills, to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

Danny Phantom (Stats taken from Danny Phantom's bio by Strunton on DA)

Young Danny Fenton, he was just 14
When his parents built a very strange machine.
It was designed to view, a world unseen.

When it didn't quite work, his folks, they just quit,
But then Danny took a look inside of it,
There was a great big flash, everything just changed,
His molecules got all rearranged!

When he first woke up, he realized,
He had snow white hair, and glowin' green eyes.
He could walk through walls, disappear, and fly,
He was much more unique than the other guys.
And it was then that he knew what he had to do,
He had to stop all the ghosts that were comin' through,
He's here to fight, for me and you!

He's gonna catch 'em all, 'cause he's Danny Phantom!

...Sorry I'm not sorry.

Anyway as the theme song explained, Danny Phantom is the half ghost protector of Amity Park. He basically the Ghost version of Spider-Man. Toss out the Spider powers and give Peter Ghost Powers.


-Saves Amity Park from multiple type of threats on a regular basis
-Defeats Vlad Plasmius, a ghost who is considered more powerful than Danny, on a daily basis
-Defeated the Lady Lunch Ghost, a ghost who became bigger than a building
-Defeated Princess Dorathea, a ghost who can transform into a dragon
-Defeats Skulker, a ghost hunter, on a regular basis
-Defeats Technus, a ghost master of technology, on a regular basis
-Defeated Sidney and escaped the 1950's Ghost Zone
-Defeated Desiree
-Escaped Walker's prison
-Defeated Penelope Spectra and Bertrand
-Saved his sister Jazz from disintegration
-Can hold his own against Valerie, a ghost hunter, on a regular basis
-Defeated Ember McLain
-Fought on par with Fright Knight
-Broke free of Control Freak's mind control
-Outsmarted Control Freak when he possessed the Reality Gauntlet
-Defeated Vortex
-Fought and defeated Dan Phantom, an evil fusion of Danny Phantom and Vlad Plasmius of the future
-Defeated Pariah Dark, the most powerful ghost in the entire Ghost Zone
-Froze a full sized Overgrowth and all of Amity Park
-Saved the entire planet from a planet busting asteroid
-Once defeated a ghost whose power comes from rhyming narration by attacking with an orange
-Assisted other Nicktoons in saving a volcano island, defeating evil toys, defeating Globuolus, and defeating other Nickelodeon villains

Danny may be 14, but he has done a lot of crazy stuff, such as fight a ghost knight, a ghost genie, and even a stronger, more experienced Half Ghost named Vlad. Hell even his own evil future ghost half fused with Vlad's ghost half, who also had 10 years worth of experience.


-Kicked over a building sized meat monster
-Knocked a dragon from one side of a shopping mall to the other with one punch
-Tossed said dragon into a circle and clear into the sky out of eyesight
-Lifted a gorilla
-Punched someone with enough force to knock out pieces of an advanced exoskeleton
-Traded blows with Fright Knight
-Defeated a wave of ghosts capable of deadlifting automobiles
-Lifted a school bus with ease, which weighs 30 tons
-Tore off the steel of a space shuttle
-The Ecto-Skeleton increases Danny's strength by 100x

-Avoided Valerie's lasers in base form
-Was clocked in flying at 112 mph
-Can dodge multiple projectiles like lasers, arrows, etc.
-Flew from 4+ miles to ground level in less than a minute
-Can react to Valerie, someone who kept up with Danny while wearing the X23 Booster Rocket
-The X23 Booster Rocket can launch the user into space in less than 2 minutes, which is just shy of Mach 4 speeds
-Outflew a living space shuttle, which can reach speeds faster than Mach 23
-Dodged lightning in his fight against Vortex
-Flew from Amity Park to Wisconsin in a couple of hours
-Amity Park is said to be somewhere in Minnesota, or the central of the United States
-The Ecto-Skeleton increases Danny's speed by 100x

-Can survive in the vacuum of space
-Shrugged off being punched into the air as high as a commercial airplane
-At bare minimum, a commercial airplane cruises at the altitude of 4 miles
-Traded blows with a dragon that can deadlift and throw a football bleacher
-Shrugged off being shot by a beam that launched him into multiple rooms
-Survived an explosion that destroyed a restaurant
-Tanked a beating from a building sized nutcracker
-Shrugged off being blasted from above a skyscraper to the ground
-Survived being electrocuted then tossed into a building that collapsed on him
-Endured being struck by lightning

Danny's ghostly abilities naturally increase his speed, strength, and durability. From lifting a School Bus just like a certain somebody Goku fans hate and the same people I've triggered with another Fanfic of mine staring DBZ and DC, dodged and even survived lightning strikes, keeping up with the X23 Booster Rocket which can go to space in less than 2 minutes, to being shocked and then tossed into a building that then collapsed on him. He's pretty insane and he's comes to battles completely prepared.


Fenton Thermos
-A high tech thermos designed to capture the supernatural
-Can hold multiple ghosts at a time
-Captured Timmy Turner's Fairly Godparents

Fenton Ghost Fisher
-A fishing rod designed to catch ghosts
-Is coated with a special high-test ectoplasmal resin that ghosts can't break
-Restrained Sam while in Dragon form

Specter Deflector
-A high tech belt
-Weakens and repels any ghosts that comes in direct contact with someone wearing it
-It the ghosts wears the belt, it will weaken them

Fenton Ghost Gauntlets
-Ecto-plasmic gloves
-Particularly no ghosts can break out of their grip
-Increases Danny's striking strength against ghosts

-A battle suit that increases the user's natural abilities by 100-fold
-Jack Fenton, someone who is weaker than Danny, was able to kick Fright Knight and his horse with enough force to send them flying out of Fenton Works, across the street and past two buildings
-Allowed Danny to fight off against legions of ghost and Pariah Dark
-Equipped with foot thrusters, allowing the user to fly
-Comes with a self-destruct device
-Comes with the risk of draining Danny of his power however.

Now while he is a power Ghost hunter, he does require some weaponry to overcome his ghostly adversaries. Though they can also be used against him and they can damage him easily, even if he's in Human form, unlike full humans who aren't affected by the Ectoplasmic weaponry. We also can't forget the Ecto-Skeleton, a suit that gives the wearer 100x their normal abilities. It also has a self-destruct device, but it comes with the price of draining Danny of his power while he wears it.

Skills and Abilities:

-Incredibly clever in combat
-Is capable of utilizing strategies, Spider-Man style
-Tricked Ghost Freak into transforming himself into a ghost in order to trap him
-A very quick learner
-Managed to use a ghost shield after a couple of hours after seeing Vlad use one
-After training with Frostbite, managed to use his ice powers in just one day

Ghost Sense:
-Detects ghosts nearby
-Based off of the Spidey Sense

"Goin' Ghost!"
-Transforms into his alter ego, Danny Phantom
-Danny Phantom is stronger, faster, and tougher than Danny Fenton

-Can render himself invisible to the human eye
-Can turn other people or objects invisible through contact
-Can detect other ghosts while they are invisible as well
-Can become invisible and intangible at the same time
-However, can still be detect via ghost sense, machines designed to see invisible ghosts, or infrared technology

-Can pass through solid objects
-Can turn other people and objects intangible as well
-Can phase through lasers and ghost rays
-Can become intangible and invisible at the same time
-However, anti-ghost weapons and intangible opponents can cancel this out
-Well, Danny has still managed to go through other intangible users

-Can possess other people
-Obviously, this allows Danny to control other people's movements
-While overshadowing somebody, Danny can still use his ghost powers
-Can even possess ghosts
-Possessed one of Vlad's duplicates
-Overshadowed a rat
-Once overshadowed his video game avatar
-Overshadowed knight armor and a puppet out of straw
-Can use this ability to separate a possess person from their ghost
-Can use this ability to enter the subconscious of another person or invade their dreams
-Powerful targets can resist being overshadowed however

-Possesses the ability to fly
-According to Butch Hartman, gravity does not affect Danny's ghost body
-Was measured to fly at 112 mph
-Outflew a living space shuttle

Spectral Body Manipulation:
-Can bend, twist, and contort his ghost body far beyond the limits of normal human physiology
-Can stretch his body or create holes to avoid attacks

-Can create clones to fight by his side in combat
-Can split himself into 4 duplicates
-Each duplicate possesses the same ghost powers as Danny Phantom

Paranormal Immunity:
-Is resistant to many types of ghost powers that normally harm humans
-Examples include Ember's music (briefly) and Spectra's ghost illness

Mind Control Resistance:
-Managed to break out of Freak Show's mind control to save Sam

Underwater Breathing:
-Can breathe underwater
-On a side note, though he used a helmet to breathe in space, Vlad was in space without one, suggesting Danny can do the same

Ectoplasmic Manipulation:

-Can manipulate his ectoplasmic energy to perform devastating attacks
-Can use his ectoplasmic energy to perform a variety of moves
-Can use ectoplasmic energy to project light from his hand

Ghost Rays:
-Can fire devastating blasts of ecto-energy
-Powerful enough to destroy a mini golf course
-Along with Dani Phantom, created an explosion visible from the outside of the city

Ghost Shields:
-Can generate shields composed of solid ecto-energy
-Can nullify or even reflect attacks

Power Augmentation:
-Can use ecto-energy to increase his physical strength

Ghost Stinger:
-Generates a strong electric shock
-Capable of knocking out or weakening opponents
-Can nullify the opponents' electrical attacks and send them back at them

-Can fire blasts of ice energy that freeze opponents on contact
-Can radiate cold energy from his body
-Can create objects from ice from thin air
-Can create ice shields to protect him from pyrokinetic attacks
-Froze Undergrowth, a plant monster who had taken over all of Amity Park

Ghostly Wail:
-Danny Phantom's most powerful attack
-Releases a powerful sonic wave from his mouth
-Powerful enough to destroy buildings
-Destroyed Ember's vocal chords in the future
-Drains Danny of his power and reverts him back to human form
-However, in the final episode he was not affected and used this attack 3 times in a row

Danny's ghost powers give him a large pool of attacks from standard flight, invisibility, and intangibility to his blasts of ectoplasm, to Ice manipulation, to shields, immunity to the paranormal, flight, overshadowing, etc., etc. But Danny's greatest strength is his Strategic Intelligence..., and the Ghostly Wail attack which drains Danny back to human form, leaving him completely weakened. Speaking of which, Danny has his fair share of weaknesses.


-Danny can be reverted back into his human form if he takes too much damage
-Constantly taunts his opponents
-This could be a bad thing depending on the opponent
-While in ghost form, is weak to anti-ghost weapons
-Can still be detected while invisible
-While he has resisted mind control, still gets mind controlled pretty consistently
-Sam being in danger was part of the reason why he broke out of it as well
-Not the brightest kid outside of combat

Enough damage can put him back to his more vulnerable human form. He taunts so much Dan Hibiki would be proud, he is still detectable while invisible, and isn't exactly the smartest person outside of fighting. Overall Danny still is one of Nickelodeon's juggernauts of fame.

(Danny: "With that, I bid you a fond farewell.")

The Batter (Stats taken from The Batter's bio by ThePerpetual & dexteradon12, both on DA)

In the strange world of OFF there were worlds called "Zones" that coexisted with one another. However, the lands have become plagued with ghosts and it's up you to stop them. How? Though your puppet, The Batter.

Now while his origins are as mysterious and vague as most of the game's history. His mission to purify the Zones with his Baseball Bat, that is somehow destroying ghosts? ...Ok then...

- Solved numerous puzzles throughout the zones, which generally are considered among the hardest in all of gaming
- Has battled and defeated countless impures
- Including the three zone guardians Dedan, Japhet, and Enoch
- Purified an entire city residential area full of specters in under 4 minutes, without the use of his Purification power
- Acquired the three ring Add-Ons
- Killed Dedan, Japhet, and Enoch
- Defeated his wife, The Queen
- Who created the Room and the world's Sun
- Navigated the mind-screwing surreality of The Room, as well
- Bested the Judge
- Ultimately purified all of the zones
- Despite having only one game appearance, has been made into a surprisingly large amount of fanart and spinOFFs.

- Can push around metal slabs and rocks as large as himself with little difficulty
- Can physically overpower gigantic, floating whales many thousands of times heavier than him, with ease by the game's end
- By God, they're giant skywhales that also live in shopping malls
- Traded blows with the absolutely massive Enoch, who at his largest was several hundred feet tall
- Successfully fought and defeated The Queen
- Kept up with the zone guardians, the Queen, and Sugar
- Running speed comparable to detonation velocity
- Can navigate through and perfectly control his movement in the Nothingness, where everything travels at the speed of light
- Thus, possesses faster-than-light reaction times
- Can take a variety of hits, physical, elemental, magical, and even conceptual, from varying impures
- Including attacks based on abstracts and concepts, time-warping attacks, and more
- Tanked blows from Dedan, Japhet, Enoch, Sugar, and the Queen
- Went through the entire game without significant rest
- Is not slowed down at all by injury
- Seemingly does not feel pain
- Intelligent and cunning
- Supposedly could've solved all of the games puzzles on his own had he not relied on the player to guide his actions
- Competent batter, combatant, and tactician
- Also seemingly a skilled brawler or martial artist to some degree, as he can trade blows with specters without his bat equipped just fine
- Tired out Enoch by forcing him to chase after him, weakening the Boss so as to better combat him
- Outsmarted the Elsen in Zacharie's park in Zone 2
- Navigated the maze that is the Shopping Center
- Seriously, screw that level.
- Noted by an NPC in Zone 3 to be unnaturally quiet
- Unswervingly devoted to purifying the zones
- Kept a level head throughout the entirety of the game; everything was more afraid of him than vice versa
Abnormal Physiology
- Is confirmed to be non-human
- Some sort of spiritual entity
- In some concept art, is seemingly able to extend or enlarge parts of his body
Conceptual Attacks
- Can perceive and directly attack abstracts, intangible beings, etc.
4th Wall Awareness
- Is fully aware of The Puppeteer's (Player's) presence, often referring to them or enlisting them in assistance with solving some puzzles too far beyond the 4th wall for him to reach
- For instance, was able to comprehend that the answer to one puzzle literally lay in the game's data files
- Seemingly gains this ability in The Room, where he flies directly to the Sun to confront "Momma"

The Batter is strong in more ways than one. Being capable of FTL reaction times as he can navigate the Nothingness, where everything moves the speed of light, with ease. Is perfectly capable of damaging as well as tanking hits from The Queen, who created The Room (The Zone she resides in) and the world's Sun.


Harold Bat
- Default Bat
- Attack Power: 5
Katsuhiro Bat
- Automatically applies the Plastic element to attacks
- Attack Power: 32
Ashley Bat
- Automatically applies the Meat, Metal, and Special element to attacks
- Attack Power: 21
- Allows The Batter to attack twice with standard attacks, effectively doubling attack speed
- Increases accuracy and critical hit chance
- The ultimate bat
- Only acquired in the game if the player directs the Batter to kill Sugar
- You bastard.


- Some of the best additional equipment available includes:

Neil Tunic
- Defense Bonus: 22
- Increases evasion
Aura of Power
- Defense Bonus: 59
The Eighth Colour
- Defense Bonus: 50
- Cannot be uneqipped
The Secret Day
- Prevents poison, muted, and blindness status ailments

The Batter carries a large variety of equipment from various Bats, Tunics, Auras, Colours, Days, etc. All of which benefit him greatly, but today we're giving him his best gear.


Fortune Ticket
- Restores 1000 HP
Golden Flesh
- Restores 100 CP
- Restores a dead character to life with 25% max HP
Belial's Meat
- Cures all negative status effects
- Analyses the characteristics of all enemies

We are also giving him a few healing items including Fortune Tickets, Golden Flesh, Joker Cards, Belial's Meat, and an Eye. The Eye however is just a consumable version of his Wide Angle Competence. Speaking of which...


- The Batter's equivalent of special attacks
- Consists of healing, hitting opponents at range with otherworldly baseballs, and speed-blitzing opponents with elementally-charged melee strikes

Wide Angle
- Identifies enemy stats, elemental resistances/weaknesses, and basic information
Save First Base
- Restores some HP
Run with Courage
- Special attack of the element Metal
Furious Homerun
- Special attack of low impact
Save Second Base
- Restores a lot of HP
Run with Grace
- Special attack of the element Plastic
Special Homerun
- Special attack of mediocre impact
Save Third Base
- Restores all HP
- Costs notable amount of competence points
Run with Dementia
- Special attack of the element Smoke
Magic Homerun
- Special attack of important impact
Save Fourth Base
- Reanimates an ally
- Costs notable amount of competence points
Run with Belief
- Special attack of the element Meat
Save Secret Base
- Restores a lot of HP for the whole party
- Costs notable amount of competence points
Ultimate Homerun
- Special attack of cataclysmic impact
- Costs significant amount of competence points

The Batter's special attacks are called Competences. The Batter has his "Save Base" competences, which heal him or his Add-Ons, one even resurrects the fallen. His "Run with" Competences don't deal a lot of damage, but they do have elemental properties of Smoke, Plastic, Meat, & Metal, one for each variant of the attack. Finally his best attacks are his "Homerun" Competences, the best of which is called Ultimate Homerun.


- All are nearly as strong as The Batter himself, and are bound to his will and sentience
- In effect, The Batter has four bodies that can support each other in battle

His Add-Ons are beings that act like separate party members, but they really have no character or relevance to the plot at all. Other than the scenes where you get the first Add-On, called Alpha, before the first real encounters in the game and that whole scene in The Room after you help all 3 Guardians and the 3 Add-Ons appear onscreen because that scene is still up to interpretation. In-game they are never mentioned or referred to again.

All are equipped with one of:

Perfect Symbol
- +40 Attack
- Adds Smoke and Plastic elements to attack
- One is equipped with this, likely Alpha
Jumpy Symbol
- +32 Attack
- Equipment for the other two Add-Ons
Aura of Lunacy
- +25 Defense
Femur Epidermis
- +21 Defense, prevents critical hits
Colour of Neglect
- +32 Defense

And one of any number of "Days":

- Prevents critical hits (though this would be redundant)
- Halves CP consumption
- Prevents damage from the terrain
- +5 Attack
- Resists the Furious and Muted Ailments
- +7 Esprit
- Resists Muted
- +15 Agility
- Increases Evasion
- Grants immunity to Poison

Like The Batter, we will also be giving these Add-Ons their best equipment.


- Focuses on single-target damage and status ailments

- Consist of launching chains and grappling/pinning people

Saturated Chain
- Special attack of low impact
Awaited Embrace
- Special attack inflicting Poison, dealing continuous damage over time
Converted Chain
- Special attack of mediocre impact
Requisite Embrace
- Special attack inflicting Blindness, sharply decreasing accuracy
Long Chain
- Special attack of important impact
Open Embrace
- Special attack inflicting Muteness, disabling any special abilities
Entire Chain
- Special attack of incredible impact
- Costs notable amount of competence points
Impossible Embrace
- Special attack inflicting Palsy, disabling standard physical attacks

Alpha, the first Add-On, is a master of fighting Single Targets with powerful Competences and Status Ailments. Specifically with his "Embrace" Competences that do status ailments and his "Chain" Competences that attack like The Batter's "Homerun" Competences.


- Focuses on curing status ailments/specialized attacks

- Consists of curing ailments through different perspectives on the world and blurring other people's perspective... or something

- Again, many attacks in this game are simply weaponized abstract concepts
Inverse Perspective
- Cures Blindness and Muteness
Optimised Blur
- Attack of random impact
Overdone Perspective
-Cures Poison and Sleep
Photographic Blur
- Attack ignoring the adversary's defense
Frontal Perspective
- Cures Fury, Madness and Palsy
Gaussian Blur
- Attack decreasing the adversary's CP
Decupled Perspective
- Revives a person
- Costs notable amount of competence points
Radial Blur
- Attack decreasing the adversary's defense

Omega is a Cleric that cures status ailments on his allies and his "Blurs" can do various things and his "Perspectives" can cure a status ailment.


- Focuses on stat boosts/crowd control

- Consists of performance/play-based abilities

Classic Drama
- Increases an ally's attack lightly
Surrealistic Tragedy
- Special attack of multiple, low impacts
Baroque Drama
- Increases an ally's defense lightly
Abstract Tragedy
- Special attack of multiple, mediocre impacts
Experienced Drama
- Increases an ally's intelligence lightly
Cubist Tragedy
- Special attack of multiple, important impacts
- Costs notable amount of competence points
Unrevokable Drama
- Increases an ally's agility lightly
Fauvestic Tragedy
- Special attack of multiple, incredible impacts
- Costs notable amount of competence points

Finally we have Epsilon, who specializes in Crowd Control with his "Tragedy" Competences to strike all the enemies at once, and his "Drama" Competences can boost one stat of any party member lightly.


- Reshapes the land on a vast scale
- Reality-warping, summoning, and existence-wiping all in one
- Renders the affected area monochrome, deleting things like most written words and objects from the land, as well as anything else deemed "impure"
- Has even demonstrated the ability to distort dimensional fabric to some degree
- When The Batter purifies Zone 3, an immeasurable stretch of land surrounding the area where Enoch was slain becomes a blank void, demonstrating an ability to warp reality
- Accompanied by a swell of... holy(...?) light

The Batter's purification is to make the specters pay for their sins, by bringing harm to them. Enough harm to kill them. With Purification, The Batter has the power to wipe the color and life out of vast stretches of land, remove all "impure" material such as most written words and some constructed objects, and can erase areas or powerful beings from existence entirely. He also has a kind of soul manipulation powers, as he can erase the ghosts that plague the Zone too. This however can only be done if the Guardian of the land has been vanquished.

Bad Batter

- A "transformation" of sorts
- Technically not a physical transformation so much as a change in perspective brought about by the player abandoning him and his quest
- Nonetheless, makes him far more beastly and savage in appearance, and seemingly refills his HP to full
- Neither this nor his standard appearance are stated to be his true form, so in theory he might be able to change back and forth between the two forms

The Batter's Bad Batter form is only brought about when his Puppeteer abandons him and sides with The Judge in the final battle. It also makes all his Add-Ons vanish for some reason and fills his HP back up to max.


- A man... er, spectral thing... of few words
- Very blunt and straightforward, with little regard for the emotions, moral standing, or well-being of others, instead putting his objective first
- Tends to be staid and incurious, focusing on the most direct path to purifying the zones/an impure obstacle in his path and letting pure entities go about their business
- Seems to be unfeeling and callous to people and life as a whole, and is wholly devoted to his holy mission to save the world
- Will not hesitate to slay those others might perceive as innocent if he is sure that they are impure, confident in his own judgment
- Some dialogue hints at him believing in a "salvation" or something similar for those he purifies, meaning that he can be interpreted as a spiritual extremist
- Much of the character is open to interpretation: whether he is good, evil, somewhere in-between, to what extent he is aware of the magnitude of his actions, even how he appears to other characters visually are all not set in stone

The Batter is a very straightforward with little to no emotion at all. All he cares about is doing his mission and will stop all who he finds impure.


- The Batter and his Add-Ons have a limited, albeit rather high, pool of Competence Points with which to use Competences: he must use items to regain CP without fleeing the battle and recovering at a Plastic Cube
- Usually prefers that The Player make difficult decisions for him, which is possibly considered outside help by Death Battle's rules
- Though he is capable of making his own choices
- Cannot purify a world watched over by a "Guardian"
- Is very straightforward about his motives and intentions, which can get him into trouble
- Can be rather prideful and stubborn

However The Batter is far from perfect as he and his Add-Ons have a limited, but very high, pool of CP (Competence Points) and must us items to regain CP without fleeing to the nearest Plastic Cube, which is a Save Point. He also relies on his Puppeteer to do the difficult choices for him, which might be considered outside help. His Purification also cannot purify a zone being watched over by a Guardian.

However despite his weaknesses, he is still determined to get his mission done, and canonically he does when he flips his world's OFF switch.

(The Batter: "You demented child of evil. The last grain of sand has fallen through the hourglass of your life.")

Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once for all! It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEE!