Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once for all! It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEE!

Location: Ghost Zone

Time: Unknown

The Ghost Zone, home to many different types of ghosts and many different types of lands. But according to the ghosts who claimed to have witnessed it appearing. A shiny, red, floating cube appeared through a Ghost Portal that came out of nowhere.

As the ghosts present tried to solve what the cubic object was, a large aura of energy appeared from it as a figure walked out.

In front of the cube, stood/floated what looked like a paper white skin colored humanoid male wearing a dark black baseball cap and a monochromatic black and white baseball player attire.

He simply stared at the ghosts from the shadows formed by his hat, before he simply pulled out what looked to be an iron bat. "So much impurity... Prepare to face my holy judgment foul specters."

All the ghosts around him stared at him confused, one ghost that wasn't paying attention to what he was saying, decided to contest the monochrome baseball player.

The ghost in question was a short, somewhat round man with blue skin and short black hair. He wore gray overalls, a gray hat, light gray gloves, a light gray undershirt, and dark gray shoes. His name wa-

"Beware! I am the Box Ghost! I have power over all conta-" The Box Ghost shout, trying to spook the black and white batter, but that was all he got to say when the mysterious figure rushed forwards and struck the ghost faster than anyone could see. The attack then destroyed the Box Ghost, turning him into a puddle of Green and Red Ectoplasm. The ghosts all stared at what the man did. The man then lifted his bat, now stained in the Ectoplasm/Blood of the Box Ghost, and pointed it towards the others. As he did so, three white rings appeared as they glowed a bright holy looking light.

"This land is corrupted, and I will wipe all that is impure off the face of it," He said.

The other ghost panicked as they tried to get away, but he and the rings simply killed all of them swiftly.

They kept at it and continued, until no ghost in the Ghost Zone remained...

Location: Amity Park

Time: Night

Amity Park's ghost attacks have gone quiet as of recently. As Danny was preforming his nightly patrol, just to be safe he was carrying all of his equipment for the sake of safety, he heard a familiar voice cry out in both relief and pain.


Danny turned his head to see his arch enemy, Vlad Plasmius, covered in blood? His outfit had tears everywhere, his hair was also a mess.

"Plasmius? What happened to you?" The Halfa asked the other Halfa, clearly confused.

Vlad looked around quickly, "Someon-No, SomeTHING from another realm seems to have invaded ours, and his goal seems to be destroying every Ghost he can. Please Daniel, I need you to help me stop him before it's too la-", was all Plasmius got out before a speedy large white onion ring sliced him, turning him to a pile of Ectoplasm and Blood, much to the younger Halfa's horror.

He turned to see the monochrome figure, "So I guess your the one he was warning me about. Who are you, what do you want from our kind." Danny said, hiding the fact he was Half Ghost.

"I am The Batter, and I'm following my holy quest to eliminate all specters, including you," the man said emotionlessly. Three of the white rings that killed Vlad appeared before him.

Danny said, "Well Batter, I'm Danny Phantom, the guardian of Amity Park!"

"...Purification in progress..." The Batter muttered, both rushed at each other ready to strike the other. Danny, with his fist, and The Batter, with his Bat.

Both were good at fighting ghosts, but only one ghost fighter can stand on the top tonight.


Danny rushed at The Batter before trying to hit him with an Ecto blast.

The Batter swiftly dodges to the side before rushing at Danny with his suddenly covered in Smoke.

Danny used his intangibility to avoid it before using firing an ice energy projectile at The Batter, who's Add-Ons blocked it for him with he rushes at Danny with his Bat emitting a bunch of smoke around it.

The Halfa managed to barely dodge before he realized he was outnumbered, "Time to make this a bit more even."

With that he then used his power to split into four Dannys, each one targeting one of them.

One of the Dannys and Alpha clashed with Alpha firing a chain of light at the clone as the attack hits, sending the clone flying into another clone that was fighting Epsilon.

Meanwhile Danny and Batter were clashing with The Batter's bat and Danny with some sort of Bo staff made of Ecto energy.

"So you're tougher than you look..." Danny thought aloud.

The Batter said nothing as he easily overpowered the ecto weapon as it breaks. Danny then dodged a second swing by ducking.

Another Danny who was trying to avoid being speed blitzed by Omega fired an ecto projectile at The Batter to help himself out.

Meanwhile Epsilon was getting sick of these clones and used some odd attack that sent all 4 Dannys flying into one anther, becoming one Danny once more.

After that The Batter rushed at Danny with his bat covered in a dark smoke aura as he sent the phantom flying.

Danny then crashed into his Parents lab, turning him back to his human form, as he saw the recently repaired Ecto-Skeleton. He then saw his black and white opponent speeding towards him as Danny got in and turned ghost, causing the machine to bear a resemblance to his Phantom color scheme.

He then hit The Batter at full power sending the purifier flying in return for sending him packing earlier.

"Having fun yet!?" Danny shouted as he used the suit's thrusters in the feet to fly after his foe.

He then smashed the baseball playing humanoid into the ground with both hands.

The Batter was sent spiraling into the ground with a huge dust cloud appearing as Danny stared at it to make sure the murderer of many ghosts today was actually dead.

The Batter meanwhile felt a lot of pain, but this pain reminded him of somethi- No, he was reminded of someONE.

He remembered purifying the one who made the world he once lived in.

He remembered the little boy in red who made him to take of him.

He remembered the second to last person he purified before flipping the switch.

He remembered his father.

He remembered Hugo.

His thoughts flashed back to his battle with the Queen before he purified her.

"Look... he has your eyes..."

"They are filled with fear."

That caused The Batter to cry in pain out into the moon as his body transformed itself, his Add-Ons slowly vanishing as if they never existed at all.

This scream reached Danny's ear, "What is he up to?"

Danny then rushed down as he felt his heart pound frantically at the abomination that stood before him.

A large, clawed beast with a massive, sharp-toothed, crocodile-like mouth. His eyes are white, and he has large, black claws. It held was looked like Tickets and Meat as it ate the meat and the tickets flashed before disappearing.

This form was the Bad Batter.

Danny was left dumbstruck only for it to speak did he start to feel fear for his safety.

It spoke in a voice that sounded like The Batter's voice, only it sounded more distorted and chaotic. It was hard for Danny to understand him but he thinks he heard it say, "You're metallic armor, won't save you from my purification child of darkness."

The half ghost then went for a punch, only for the huge claw of his foe to grab the Ecto Skeleton's hand. It then picked up it's bat and used Magic Homerun to send Danny packing, one arm not included.

The halfa needed a plan quick or else this... thing, was going to destroy him. He then got an idea and repeated what he did earlier in the battle. He then used his duplication to try and multiply himself, albeit it came out much quicker. He managed to get 4 clones once more.

The Bad Batter came rushing in as he smashed one Danny, this time his Bat was covered in a fleshly meat looking substance.

Meanwhile the other 3 were firing Ecto beams, causing some The Batter to gain some burn marks on his outfit.

He then grabbed another 2 and crushed them together before throwing them into the 3rd one, which turned them into 1 Danny who was hit into the last one. Danny then started to sweat bullets, he was starting to feel a bit weak. He then used the self destruct mechanism in the suit as he phased out it, dropping it on his monochrome opponent.

Danny felt drained, but he was happy that the threat to the world was now dead.

...or so he thought.

He then saw The Batter, once again in his humanoid form, walk out of the smoke, barely clinging to life.

As it turned out, The Batter used Save Third Base to recover all the damage he took until now just so he could survive.

He was left to only about a quarter of HP and CP left. The Batter, still determined to see his mission through, started to limp towards Danny.

Danny honestly had to commend his monochromatic assaulter for being so persistent to do his mission, even if Danny had a mountain of problems with it being to destroy ghosts.

This left Danny with only one final option if he potentially wanted to survive...

The Ghostly Wail.

Danny then looked at the Batter and started to shout with powerful green sonic waves coming out of his mouth at The Batter who only continued to limp towards the hero of Amity Park. Feeling particles of his skin fly off.

He held his Ashley Bat in hand as he continued through the soundwaves until Danny stopped and fell onto the ground with The Batter at a shred of 10 HP Left, using up all of his energy as he looked up and saw The Batter, who picked him up by his shirt.

"You have been defeated Danny Phantom, guardian of Amity Park."

He then dropped Danny and in one swift motion, poured the last of his CP into his strongest move.

Ultimate Homerun.

This attack hit Danny's stomach and split the teen in half, completely obliterating the ghost boy's remains as well from the sheer power.

After that, everywhere around the Batter started to fade white.

"This zone is now pure," was all The Batter said before returning the nothingness with this world now pure. His mission once again successful.

Holy crap that was awesome, poor Danny though didn't stand a chance against The Batter's power.

Now before you Phantom Fans start a riot, let me explain why te French Indie RPG Maker character beats Butch Hartman's Ghostly Superhero.

First off is Speed, The Batter could react FTL (6.706e+8 mph or 670616629.38 mph) making him far faster than Danny. With the Ecto Skeleton's x100 multiplier, Danny's 112 mph feat goes up to 11200 mph, making our ghostly hero far faster than before, but not enough to overtake The Batter. Danny wouldn't even get a hit on him, let alone the chance too.

Next up in Strength, Danny could lift a 30 ton Bus, so with Ecto Skeleton's x100 multiplier, it becomes 3000 tons. But The Batter's strength will be covered in durability, speaking of which...

Finally in Durability, The Batter, who traded blows with The Queen, who created his world, and beat her and her own Add-Ons alongside his. Now if VS Battle Wiki is to be believed, destructive power = creative power. According to another fan who calculated the best Batter feat, (dexteradon12/art/The-Batter-VS-Super-Perfect-Cell-part-two-551350186) they go into how much power it would take to destroy the Nothingness. Which came out to be 4.44x1018 km^3, and that's only if you don't consider the Ashley Bat, which hits twice for each attack, meaning he's really more like four solar system busting attacks with each hit. It's also not considering any Competences, which make his attacks many more times more powerful than normal.

To put that into perspective, the sun is only 1.41x1018km3 which about three to four suns to the face. And he traded blows with the woman who made the zones. Putting Batter far more durable and stronger than Danny, and The Add-Ons are nearly as strong as The Batter. Even if we lowball that power and say it's split between The Batter and his 3 Add-Ons, that's still worth of force

That's not to say Danny was outclassed, his invisibility and intangibility abilities allowed him to stall for time and potentially force The Batter and his Add-Ons to waste CP and the Ecto skeleton did make him 100x better than before in every physical category, but because it drains him makes it an ineffective way to fight The Batter. He did have the Intelligence advantage over him as The Batter relies on his puppeteer but is still fully capable of doing things without them as they are outside help, he's just not as good.

The Halfa also took diversity in move set and weaponry. While The Batter's weaponry consists of Bats and his Competences were in 3 types. His Add-Ons also using the same type of equipment weapon and had only 2 types of Competences. Danny's Anti Ghost Weaponry, while ineffective on The Batter was definitely something that could dupe him if only for a moment. However, The Batter's skillset alongside his Add-Ons were tailored specifically for taking on Ghosts and Guardians. While Danny's weaponry was the same, but they couldn't affect The Batter nor his Add-Ons as they aren't ghosts, unlike everyone's favorite Half Ghost Hero.

Our Halfa friend here was also outnumbered 4 to 1 right at the start, but his Duplication ability could nullify that factor, however Epsilon's crowd control Competences countered that move. The Purifier also took regeneration as his Healing competences and Healing items could allow him to outlast Danny more effectively and his items can recover any lost Add-Ons or his Add-Ons could revive him if he died. Not to mention, The Batter could also restore his lost CP with items as well.

Also, The Batter purified all 3 (4 if you count Sugar) Guardians, The Queen, Hugo, and The Judge along with Zones 1, 2, & 3 (Along with potentially Zone 0 due to The Judge dying but we never see this) without stopping at all, only resting when he was forced to ride the trains and when he was buying items from Zacharie during his mission and showed no signs of fatigue at all. Unlike Danny, who clearly shown effects of drowsiness thanks to having to balance both fighting ghosts and being a hero as Danny Phantom alongside normal life and school as Danny Fenton.

Let's also not forget, Danny only managed to beat stronger foes like Freakshow when Freakshow had the Reality Gauntlet while it was at it's fullest potential was by tricking him into becoming a ghost himself by exploiting his envy for ghosts, just so Danny could just use a Fenton Thermos to trap him, but he only knew to do that because Jazz told him Freakshow's Ghost Envy problem that she learned of when she interacted with him. Speaking of which, Danny also usually tends to rely on his friends or allies for backup and support when he's in a tight fix, unlike The Batter who only really relies on his Puppeteer, but, unlike Danny, is still is fully capable of doing difficult tasks and form plans without their help. Also, The Batter is so straightforward and blunt that it gave Danny little to work with in exploiting his personality, or rather his lack thereof. The Add-Ons meanwhile, don't even have a personality for Danny to exploit in the first place.

Sorry Phantom, but there wasn't a GHOST of a chance for you to win, the lights were OFF for you right from the start.

The Batter (Winner)

++Better in every physical category.

+Danny was half ghost, something The Batter has great experience fighting with minor trouble.

+Wouldn't wear out as easily.

+Certain Competences could counter Danny.

+Anti Ghost weaponry had no effect on him and his Add-Ons.

+Ecto Skeleton wasn't enough to close the gap between them at all.

+Had multiple methods of recovering HP and CP.

+Near lack of personality worked in his favor .

+/=Tends to rely on outside help. However The Batter only relies on his Puppeteer for strategies and guidance, however he has shown he can make his own judgment calls. Unlike Danny who usually has his friends to back him up when he's in a pinch.

++/=4 on 1 right at the start, however Danny's duplication countered it, only for Epsilon's Crowd control Competences to counter that.

-Not much variance in weaponry.

-Isn't as strategic.

-Danny's intangibility and invisibility could allow him to stall for time and make him potentially waste CP and items.

Danny Phantom (Loser)

+Better variance in weaponry.

+Better strategist.

+Danny's intangibility and invisibility could allow him to stall for time and make The Batter potentially waste CP and items.

+The Batter's Recovery items and CP were both limited.

-/=Tends to rely on outside help. However The Batter only relies on his Puppeteer for strategies and guidance, however he has shown he can make his own judgment calls. Unlike Danny who usually has his friends to back him up when he's in a pinch.

-/=4 on 1 right at the start, however Danny's duplication countered it, only for Epsilon's Crowd control Competences to counter that.

-Worse in every physical category.

-Danny was half ghost, something The Batter has great experience fighting with minor trouble.

-Wore out far faster than The Batter.

-Certain Competences could counter him.

-Anti Ghost weaponry had no effect on The Batter or his Add-Ons.

-Ecto Skeleton wasn't enough to close the gap between them at all.

-Lacked any method of healing.

-Near lack of personality worked against Danny.


We see a yellow triangle with a single eye. Before it fades away, laughing manically before we hear "Hey, want to here my impression of you in about 3 seconds? AHHHHH!".

It then cuts to a Green L in a white circle start to fade away with a male voice screaming "AHHHHH!".

Well I hoped you all enjoyed the battle and are hyped up for something to end the year off with. Dreams are a beautiful things aren't they?

I kind of wanted this one to come out on Halloween, but...

A. I had writer's block trouble writing the battle for weeks.

B. I was busy during Halloween

& C. Life kept getting in my way.

Anyway I'll try and finish SSNG soon and then focus on my two main RWBY fics along with a third one in the works.