Hey Guys, first time writer, long time reader. This is ApollotheNinja, but just call me Apollo for short. This is my first chapter of my first fanfic, so I am still trying to find out how this works. This book will include content from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hero's of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, and Kane Chronicles and this will take place five years after Burning Maze. I wasn't a big fan of the Magnus Chase books, so I won't be adding it, sorry Magnus Chase fans. By the way, my vocabulary skills aren't the best so I hope you will excuse that. (Disclaimer, I don't own Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Hero's of Olympus, or any other Rick Riordan books. I am not Rick Riordan, I wish). Anyways, onto the first chapter of Divine Crisis.


So, just a standard day for a demigod, well, at least for me. Always on the run, in the middle of an alley, battling flying metal birds fire coming out of my hands and a sword.

It may seem like a horrible day, since I am being attacked by monsters, but I've encountered much worse, this was a walk in the park.

There was a boy watching this, pulling his mom, who was on the phone, to try to show her the birds.

"Look Mommy, pelicans," exclaimed the boy.

"That's nice honey," said the mom, pulling the boy along, not looking up from her phone. Curtesy of the Mist.

I bobbed. I weaved. I tried to get away from the knive-like feathers being thrown by the Stymphalian birds. One tried to dive bomb me, but I caught him by the wing, heating him up to such a temperature that he started to melt. Another shot a feather at me, slicing my cheek.

Now I was pissed.

I cleaved the wing off one of the remaining three birds with my sword, causing him to crumble to dust. Another feather sliced my knee. My rage started to build.

Then I launched a fire ball at the both of them with the weirdest battle cry ever.

"Die, you flying silverware!"

Hey I was mad, do you blame me?

The birds turned to dust on impact.

I turned Wildfire (yes I name my weapons, don't judge me) back into a watch and looked at it. Shoot, I'm late to my job at Dunkin Donuts. Seriously, Cole how did you get distracted this easily.

Yes, me, a powerful, pyrokinetic demigod, working as a Dunkin Donuts employee. Well, my day job at Dunkin Donuts gives me money and my full time job as a demigod just gives me monsters and a seriously screwed up life.

It wasn't always like this. My mom was Hestia, which is strange because she is a virgin goddess, but she couldn't resist my dad, Jonathan Serafino, they were inseparable.

My dad was a centurion in a camp called Camp Jupiter and was a legacy of Apollo. He was a great leader and warrior, but he lived and worked outside of Camp Jupiter, his coverup for me was that he was a cop. He named me Cole after coal, you know, the rock that can burn.

End then the worst day of my life happened.

My dad was sent on a mission to take out a dangerous and unknown assailant, so he took ten men with him and set out.

They found him and the men a few days later slaughtered like sheep.

I lived at an orphanage that was run by nuns after that and was constantly tormented.

I discovered my abilities in there when I burned one of my tormentors in self defense.

The nuns saw this and thought I was some kind of devil child. So I ran away five years ago when I was twelve and lived like this ever since.

I learned my past when I found a letter sent by my mom. The letter told me about my dad's "job", her being a goddess, and Greek mythology being real.

She left me Wildfire so I could defend myself and have kept it ever since.

I got to Dunkin Donuts a half hour late and was greeted by my boss.

Big Joe had his arms crossed.

"Where were you?" He demanded

Joe was in his fifties and had a well trimmed grayish beard, he was a heavyset man who was all about business.

"Some random birds dive bombed me, I think they were pelicans," I told him.

That was at least half true.

"Do you really expect me to believe that, I could fire you right on the spot Cole Seraphino."

Then we both broke into grins and hugged each other.

"Good to see you Cole."

"Good to see you Pops," I said, calling him by his old nickname.

"Ah, again with the nickname," he said.

"Oh come on, I know you love it," I countered. He wasn't actually my dad, all the employees call him that because he had been working here for twenty-five years.

"Get to work Cole" he said, patting him on the back before leaving.

I got behind the counter and served my first costumer if the day, a girl about his age with a black sweater, jeans, and a ponytail.

"Hey can I get a cappuccino please?"

I filled up a cup and gave it to her.


Then she sat down next to a middle aged lady dressed in black.

My heart skipped a beat, the lady had snakes for hair and sunglasses.


She spotted me and smiled coldly, doing a little finger wave. Then she reached for her sunglasses, preparing to turn me to stone.

I shut my eyes quick, and reached for my watch-sword, then heard the sound of metal slicing through air.

I opened my eyes.

The chick from earlier had a knife plugged into Medusa's chest, turning to dust just a few moments after.

Nobody noticed a thing except me.

She put the knife away, took her coffee, and walked out.

She knew that Medusa was a monster. She saw through the mist, but I somehow knew that she wasn't a demigod.

I looked to Joe.

"Bathroom?" I asked.

"Hurry," he said back.

I snuck out the back door, ditching my DD employee clothes and following the girl about a dozen yards behind.

Who is she, I thought

There is only one way to find out.

I hoped you liked this, thank you for reading this, I will upload stories when I feel like it, so I don't have a set schedule, but I will keep makeing stories. Peace.