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Luna's POV

I watched as Rachel convulsed and writhed as she started to speak strange gibberish.

"Does She normally say stuff like this when she is speaking a prophecy?" I asked Percy.

"No," Percy responded, still recording the prophecy. "We are normally able to understand her."

She finally stopped and slumped to the ground, then she pushed herself back up again.

"What happened?" She asked. "What did I say?"

We all looked at each other.

"We don't know," Percy responded.

Cole's POV

The five of us were crowded around the phone, watching the recording again, only catching a few words, not being able to make rhyme or reason of it.

"Wait!" Annebeth yelled, surprising us. "I think I know what's going on!"

"What is it?" I asked.

"We're only able to catch a few words because she is saying two different prophecies at once," she exclaimed. "It is like two different people talking at once."

We all quickly thought on her comment.

"That makes sense," Luna said.

"Yeah," Percy echoed.

"I think Leo can isolate the two voices in the video so we can listen to each of the two prophecies," Percy said.

"Great, let's do it," Luna said.

Luna's POV

Eventually, after about forty-five minutes, Leo walked out of Cabin 13 with a laptop.

"I managed to separate the weird gibberish into the two different prophecies," he told us. "I uploaded it to a laptop so it is easier to watch."

He set the laptop down onto a picnic table and we all crowded to watch it.

"Here's the first one," he told us after a few keystrokes.

On the screen, we saw Rachel convulsing, then she started to speak.

"Children of lightning, death, and water,

Must prevent this power from creating a slaughter.

The trio must travel to the land of monsters,

To keep this evil from growing stronger.

This power has caused an angel to fall.

If he is not stopped, the fallen angel will kill all."

This prophecy chilled us to the bone.

"Now, the second one," Leo said after some more key strokes.

We saw Rachel writhing on the ground again, but when she spoke, she said a different prophecy.

"Mistress of Felines and Warrior of Fire,

Must help in this situation, most dire,

With a traitor, now ally, and a mystery.

The foe needed to be stopped, will be within reach.

But if this power keeps ravaging the land,

Everyone will perish at the cursed mummy's hand."

This one was almost as bad as the last one.

We all remained silent until Annebeth broke it.

"Let's try to decipher the prophecies, starting with the first one," she said.

We all nodded in agreement.

"First, let's see who this fallen angel is," I said.

Percy suddenly turned pale

"I know who it is," he said.

We all turned to him.

"Nico di Angelo, son of Hades," He said gravelly.

"Why would Nico do something like this?" Leo asked. "He's a but of an edgelord, but he's not evil."

"By the looks of it, some kind of strange source of power has corrupted him," Annebeth said. "And Percy, Thalia Grace, and Hazel Levesque have to save him."

"Why them?" I asked.

"What 'children of lightning, death, and water' were referring to was the children of the Big Three," Percy responded.

Does this guy expect me to know what that is?

I gave him a look that asked for clarification.

He groaned and turned toward me.

"The children of Zeus, Posiedon, and Hades," he said. "Is the rarest and most powerful breed of demigod. I am the only living demigod child of Posiedon, Thalia Grace is the only living demigod child of Zeus, and, besides Nico, Hazel is the only living demigod child of Hades."

"And by 'land of monsters', I am assuming they are talking about the Underworld?" Cole asked.

"Definitely," Percy said. "But hey, it won't be my first time."

We all nodded in agreement, we cracked the first prophecy.

"What about the second one?" Cole asked. "Who's the cursed mummy?"

I suddenly realized who the cursed mummy is.

"Walt," I said, causing everyone to look at me.

"During my time at the Brooklyn House, one of the main 'counselers' there was a guy named Walt," I explained.

"How does that explain anything?" Asked Leo.

"He had a hereditary curse on him from his pharaoh ancestor, Akhenaten, who wanted to replace the Egyptain gods, the same curse that killed King Tut," I explained to them. "He got it cured, but before that, his girlfriend, Sadie Kane, looked into the Duat to see his true form."

"What was it?" Annebeth asked.

"A mummy," I responded gravelly.

They all thought for a moment.

"So we know that the cursed mummy is Walt," Percy said. "And by the looks of it, he was been taken over by the same power as Nico."

"I think that the Brooklyn House will be the best place to look for answers," Luna said

"And by 'Mistress if Felines and Warrior of Fire', I'm assuming they mean you two?" Leo asked, referring to Cole and I.

"Definitely," Cole said.

"What about 'traitor, now ally'?" Asked Percy.

"Well, Alabaster was a demigod that betrayed the rest, but helped us in the end," Cole said. "Maybe He is the 'traitor, now ally'."

"What about 'and a mystery'," I asked.

"Well, guess who just showed up at our doorstep, who seems normal, except for the fact that Tiberius bothered to put a memory danpebing spell on her and put her in a maximum security magical prison," Annebeth stated.

"Violet," both Cole and I said at once.

Annebeth nodded.

"Let's contact everyone that this prophecy was talking about," Annebeth said. "Hazel is here at camp, but Thalia is a Hunter of Artemis, so she could be anywhere. I guess we will have to send an Iris message. You guys talk to Alabster and Violet."

Cole's POV

Alabster immediately agreed, wanting penance for what he has done, so did Violet, which surprised us from a fourteen year old girl who just lost her memories.

Alabaster, Violet, Luna, and I met up with Percy and Annebeth.

"Thalia agreed," Percy said.

"She was in Canada, but she is heading to Camp Half-Blood as we speak," Annebeth said.

"These two agreed as well," I said, referring to Alabaster and Violet.

"So it's decided," Annebeth said. "You four go to the House of Life to save Walt from whatever power is corrupting him and Percy, Thalia, and Hazel will go to the Underworld to find Nico."

"We should start preparing, we leave in the morning after saying our goodbyes." Percy said to everyone.

Percy turned to leave.

"Percy," said Annebeth.

She walked up and they both kissed each other, with Violet muttering "gross".

"Be careful," Annebeth said.

"Aren't I always," Percy said cockily, received an eye roll from Annebeth.

Chiron let all of us sleep in the Big House for the night.

I layed down in my bed in the darkness.

"You ready for tomorrow Luna?" I asked in the darkness to Luna.

"Please, after Tiberius, this is child's play," she said, lying in her own bed across the room.

"Okay," I said. "Goodnight."


I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep wondering what kind of dangers I will face tomorrow.

The Fallen Angel and The Cursed Mummy coming on December 25th, 2018.

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