A/N: What's this? Another story when I already have five others going? Yep. Long story short, I've gotten way too stressed over those other multi-chapter stories and need a break. So, fluffy Keith to the rescue!

This was going to be posted as a one-shot, but I decided to break up the different scenarios into chapters. Each one will be small, but hopefully make you laugh.

It all started with a swivel chair.

The team had finished a long, hard mission to end a long, hard movement. Allura's scans showed that there was no Galra nearby, so the team went to the lounge to try and relax for a little bit.

Shiro slouched in the middle of the couch, eyes closed. Keith dragged a swivel chair from who-knew-where and sat backwards with his arms on the backrest. Pidge sprawled out in the middle of the floor. Hunk tripped over her and face-planted the couch, but didn't bother moving from his position. Lance, surprisingly, at least attempted to remain upright, but it wasn't long before he slumped over with his elbow resting on the arm of the couch. Even Allura, tired from the wormholes she had been making, sat on the couch with her head cocked back to rest on the back of the couch.

Coran, the only one somehow with any energy, stood beside Pidge and scanned the exhausted team. After a long dobosh in which Hunk started to snore, he decided to try something.

"We're under attack!"

Shiro leaped to his feet but, disoriented, tripped right over Pidge and crashed into Allura as she did the same. Pidge thrashed when she got kicked from opposite directions, and Coran quickly pulled her out of the way before she was squashed. Hunk twitched, and Lance threw his arms in the air with a surrendering yell. Keith didn't move.

When the team finally sorted themselves out, it didn't take them long to realize it had been a false alarm. They turned to Coran with identical glares.

"Not. Funny. Man," Lance growled, flopping back onto the couch.

"I was just going to suggest that everyone go to bed," Coran said mildly. "However, since my attempts yesterday ended with everyone insisting they were awake, I decided to show you all how much you need rest."

Pidge actually snarled at Coran. Shiro half-heartedly held her back until she gave up after a very brief struggle.

"Coran is right," Shiro said with a yawn. "We're all helpless like this. But we can't all rest at-"

"Yes, you can," Coran said. "I am actually wide awake, and I am more than capable at watching the scanners while you sleep."

Everyone blinked at Coran, unused to him using such a firm tone, but they were all in silent agreement. They started to shuffle toward the door, then realized that Keith was still in the chair. His arms were crossed with his chin resting on them, and his eyes were closed.

"Keith?" Shiro asked.

He stepped closer and gently touched his shoulder. The other paladins winced, expecting Keith to snap awake and very possibly stab Shiro.

But Keith didn't move.

Shiro grinned, then turned back to the others. "Let's go."

"Um. We can't leave him like that," Hunk said.

"Good luck getting him off of the chair," Shiro said with a chuckle.

Hunk stepped back, not wanting to die that day. Whether it was plain mischief or sleep deprivation, Lance stepped forward. He walked up to Keith and gave him a very hard shove, then leaped back.

Keith still didn't move.

"Are you kidding me?" Lance asked, circling Keith. "He can't really be asleep. Keith! Hey, Keith!"

"Don't bother," Shiro said. "He's out for the count."

Pidge dared to poke Keith. "Huh. He didn't get hurt or something, did he?"

"No. Once Keith gets to a certain level of exhaustion, this happens," Shiro said.

"We can't really leave him there, can we?" Allura asked.

"I've never been able to move him when he is like that," Shiro said "Although, maybe with more hands…"

The paladins positioned themselves around Keith and each took a limb. If asked, they would have admitted that it was kind of pointless to move Keith since he seemed comfortable enough and it had happened before.

But it wasn't going to stop them from trying.

Hunk and Pidge tugged at Keith's feet, which were planted so firmly on the floor that they might as well have been part of the ship. Even when they teamed up on one leg and pulled for all their worth. Shiro and Lance had the same result on Keith's arms.

After fifteen doboshes of trying, the paladins gave up one at a time and stared at Keith, who slept on obliviously.

Lance wearily pulled out Pidge's phone-like device and snapped a picture of Keith before turning and slumping away. Hunk and Pidge were right behind him; Allura had long since abandoned watching the efforts. Shiro shook his head and left. Coran followed soon after, but not before throwing a blanket over Keith and dimming the lights.

Keith was gone from the lounge the next morning and denied all claims of what had happened, even with Lance's photo proof.