Accepting Death

Chloe tried to fall asleep on her brother's old couch but it was no use. The things that had taken place in the past few weeks were just now sinking into her brain.


Chloe sat listening to her Evanescence CD in the backseat of her dads Jeep. Her mom and dad were arguing over which exit to take but Chloe tuned them out and went back to listening to her music. Suddenly a loud piercing scream could be heard from her mother over her headphones. Chloe looked up to see a truck headed straight at them. The car swerved and jerked violently. Chloe wasn't wearing her seatbelt so she was thrown through the window in the front of the car and into the street. The car turned over a few times and right in front of Chloe's eyes, went up in flames. She ran for the car screaming out to her parents. "No, no" She tried to go back for them but a man who had seen the whole accident grabbed her and held her back from the massive, hot flames. He tried to tell her that she'd be killed if she went back into the fire. Chloe didn't care though. She wanted to be with her parents so badly. She finally gave up fighting the man's grip, falling to the ground in a fit of tears and hyperventilation. She watched the smoke riding from the burning remains of the car and knew that she would never get to see her parents again.


Chloe couldn't hold it back any longer. Hot tears fell from her eyes so much that she could barely see. She sat up and continued crying. A light from one of the closed doors in the hall switched on and the door swung open. Her brother looked at her and rushed to her side. He wasn't wearing his sunglasses, which he usually wore to cover up his demon-like red on black eyes, but this didn't bother her. She was use to it.

"Petite soeur what's wrong" He asked her as he tried to wipe away some of the tears that were staining her face and calm her down. "Their gone Remy. Their gone and their never coming back." She sobbed and buried her head in his chest, now crying more than ever. Remy's eyes filled with grief and sympathy for his little sister. "Shhhhh" Remy quieted her the best he could while cradling her in his arms. His heart broke a little as he tried to get a word in over the muffled crying of his younger sibling. "I know, I know chere, but don' worry petite soeur. It gonna be okay. Remy promises. We gonna get trough dis. We Le beau's gotta stick togeta non?" He tried to reassure her, though failing miserably. The two of them sat there for a while until Chloe had cried herself to sleep.