Chapter 1


I clicked on the next article and read. I'd stop after this one. Adri was coming for dinner soon.

Pet Basics and Common Misconceptions

By Layuh Simone


Satyrs, also called Pets, are humanoid hybrids. They typically have an animal lower half and human-esque upper half. They also may have ears or horns on their heads as well. Their senses are normally twice as strong as humans. Physical strength varies between species. However, these are not the only things that distingue Pets from common animals.

Pets have secondary genders: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alphas are very territorial, especially during ruts. Ruts are when an Alpha's hormones spike and the desire to mate increases as well as their aggression. Their pheromone production also increases to attract any potential mates. They can go into rut little as once every six months or every three months depending on the species. Though it may change if there are any unmated Omegas/Betas in the area.

Heats are when Omegas are most fertile. Their hormones spike and produce more pheromones as well. Omegas will be warm to the touch, but if they become delirious or faint, then a vet should be called to monitor the Omega. They will often isolate themselves in their nests for the duration of their heat. It is important not to disturb the nest as Omegas feel most vulnerable during their heat. However, it is not uncommon for an Omega to want physical contact with their owners or other Pets. Heats can happen once every six months or every three months depending on the species.

Betas do not go through heats or ruts. Their hormones do not change as dramatically as Alphas or Omegas, but their pheromones do increase when they are willing to mate. In wild packs, they often protect Omegas and Alphas during the heats or ruts, and thusly become territorial when their pack mate(s) are going through their heats/ruts if they are not chosen.


"Alphas are dangerous. They attack for no reason."

Alpha Pets are no more dangerous than a large dog. They want to protect their territory and pack. However, problems arise when owners do not correct their Pets behavior. There is training and/or therapy for every species of Pet. There are dozens of types of birth control: pills, implants, injections. Neutering/fixing your Pet should be a last resort. It can be a traumatic experience for Pets of any age. But most behaviors can be fixed with time and patience.

"Omegas only attract strays."

As I stated in the previous paragraph, there is birth control for Pets. If it is a stray Omega, I suggest calling your local Omega shelter. Alphas will fight other Alphas and Betas for a chance to mate.

"Betas cause mischief."

Betas need toys and attention from their owner. They are often neglected because they do not have a consistent reaction when they crave attention. Omegas become clingy and Alphas will become insistent in an attempt to play or cuddle. It is up to the owners to learn how their Betas response.

"That didn't help at all." I close the window. Maybe I needed to refine my search to only Betas.

I got up and made chicken pasta salad. I boiled the water for the bowtie noodles and cooked the chicken. Then I steamed the carrots and broccoli before dumping it all into a big bowl and mixed it up. I had made the dressing awhile ago.

"Hey, Tai." Adri came in.

"Hey, I just got the salad done." I said.

"Is that it?" She asked.

"No, I was gonna make pork chops." I washed the pan.

She set the table and poured us some milk. I salted the pork chops with garlic salt and pepper. I set them on a plate, took them over to the table and then ate.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" She asked.

"Most of it was about Alphas and Omegas. Writing about Pets is weird." I shrugged.

"You're overthinking it. The little girl just wanted a story about her and her Pet going on adventures." Adri told me.

"Writing for little kids is different." I ate my pasta.

"It'll work out." She drank her milk.

We finished up dinner and then Puck came to get me. Adri kissed me goodbye and we went to the castle. Puck dropped me off near the gargoyles' part of the castle. I walked to the TV room.

"You thieving beast. Give it back!" Hudson yelled.

"Mine!" A voice barked. I looked inside.

A Pet was fighting for a cushion it had pulled off the recliner. It had white tipped paws and a big black fluffy tail. The tip had also ending in white. The top half was a man with copper skin. He had a heart shaped face and sea glass blue eyes. Pointy dog-ish ears stuck out of long black hair. There were bits of shirt everywhere.

"What's that?" I asked.

"He's a Whitemark fox. They're a color mutation of red foxes." Owen explained.

"I thought foxes were supposed be small." I frowned.

"The breeder thinks his mother escaped and found a human. Most people didn't want him because he's so big." He walked over.

"But why is he here?" I asked.

"Mister Xanatos got him for you." He pointed to the ground. "Drop it, drop it."

He placed it on the ground and wagged his tail. Hudson grumbled as he wiped the drool off. The old gargoyle placed it back on the chair. Bronx sniffed the Pet then laid next to the recliner. He got bored when he realized Owen didn't have treats and walked over to me. He tried to sniff my crotch, but I shoved him away.

"My apartment doesn't allow Pets." I said.

"Have you looked at it recently?" He asked.

I sighed. Figures he'd bribe the landlord into changing the rules. "Fine."

"I will go get his things." Owen left.

"Pet me!" He bumped my hand.

I ran my hand through his hair. The Pet flopped on his back and showed me his stomach. It was flat and had faint abs. I bent and petted him. His tail was a blur.

"You know how old he is?" I asked.

"Xanatos said he's breedin' age. Owen trained 'im, but he's a willful one." Hudson hummed.

"Great." I paused and the Pet grabbed my hand.

"You'd be in trouble if Puck trained him." He added.

"He have a name?" I resumed petting him. He sighed happily.

"Xanatos thought it'd be best if you did that." Hudson flipped through the channels.

"'kay." I mumbled.

"Kai? I Kai?" His fox ears perked up.

"Yes, you're Kai." I told him.

"I Kai! That me!" He barked, running on all fours around the room.

Owen came back with a plastic box. Kai sat on his haunches and watched as Owen rifled through the box. My father pulled out a blue collar. Kai wiggled. He probably knew what it was. There were lots of videos about Pets getting collars. They seemed to like it. Owen gave it to me. Kai smiled, ears forward. I buckled it at the second to last notch. I could still slip my hand under it.

Kai jumped on me and covered me in kisses. "Mistress! My Mistress! I luv you! Mine!"

"Ah, no more kisses! Get off of me!" I pushed him off. He whined. I dusted myself off. "You're fine, you big baby. Does he always talk like that?"

"Today has been exciting for him." Owen replied.

"My name Kai." He told him.

"This is a guide on how to care for Pet foxes. Puck will help clean your apartment so Kai doesn't find anything to chew." He gave me a book. I flipped through a couple pages. Kai sat next to me. I rubbed his head and he wagged his tail.

"Come along, Talia. Puck needs help with Alex's lesson." Owen turned.

I set the book down and followed him. I heard paws shuffle to catch up. I turned around. Kai was right behind me. He was actually really tall, 6 foot 3. But I couldn't let him distract me or Alex from the magic lesson.

"Kai, stay." I said. He only stayed for a few feet until he decided I was too far away. "No, stay."

Kai frowned.

"Stay." I repeated.

He whimpered.

"Perhaps it would help if you gave him something with your scent." Owen said.

"Fine." I took off my shirt and gave it to him. "Don't eat it."

"Yes, Mistress." Kai went to the large dog bed and curled up with it.

Owen raised his eyebrow.

"I didn't wanna take off my bra just in case." I said.

We went to the classroom. Alex was sitting on a bubble. I was scooped up on a bubble and floated over to him. He crawled into my lap and I cuddled him.

"Did you see him?! I helped pick him." He asked.

"The Pet fox? Yeah. I named him Kai." I petted his hair.

"Kai is good boy." Alex smiled.

"Alright, less talky, more learny." Puck said. "Ok, Alex, you're gonna practice deflecting things. Tai, you're gonna sit right… there."

I was placed to the side, now in the bubble. It turned out I was supposed to be referee. Puck would throw little lights at him and he'd stop them or something. If Alex got hit, it'd leave a splat mark. If one of them got a 'lethal' hit, the round was over. What really happened was that it all bleed together and my bubble got splattered with so much magic, it popped.

"Ow." I rubbed my butt.

"You ok, kiddo?" Puck asked.

"Ye-" I started.

"Talia, come get your Pet." David opened the door.

"MISTRESS!" Kai yelled. He jumped on me.

"I told you to stay." I said.

He whined, rolling on his back.

"He missed you." David told me.

"David, why are there claw marks on the carpet… Oh, I see she got her present." Fox peered in.

"Talia, he's trying to bond with you. Pets need to mark their owners more in the beginning. Puck let Alexander's lesson go on too long." Owen said.

Kai inched toward me since I wasn't paying attention to him and laid on me. I wiggled, trying to get free, but he just cooed and kissed me. I sighed and just let him do what he wanted. When he was sure I wasn't trying to get away, he rubbed his face all over me. His chest was sweaty from running. He must have been looking for awhile. He had a metallic and electric scent with a maple sweetness to it. Like the tree. After a few minutes, he eased up.

"You done now?" I asked.

"Mistress mine." He nuzzled me.

"Hi, Kai." Alex patted his head.

Kai's tail wagged as Alex petted him. He pulled out a squeaky toy, a hamburger, and squeezed it a few times. Kai's ears perked up.

"You want it?" Alex asked.

"I want it, I want it!" He yipped.

"Go fetch!" He threw out into the hall.

Kai scrambled to find to the hamburger. I dusted myself off and got up. Kai returned and gave me the toy. Fox smiled and looked at David. I picked it up and threw it. He chased after it and brought it back again, but now both sides had drool on them. Alex tried to pick it up after a few seconds.

"Mistress throw!" He growled.

"Kai, be nice." Owen warned.

He nudged it toward me. "Mistress throw?"

"One more then we go home." I went to the door and chucked down the hall.

He squeaked the hamburger in his mouth as he sprinted back. Puck's magic gathered all his things and we went home. Adri had left. She did the dishes so that was nice. I'd tell her about Kai tomorrow. Puck and I cleaned up while Kai sniffed around. Somebody had bought him a really nice nest. It was light blue and soft to the touch. I showed him where I put it, in the corner or the living room, because it was a one bedroom apartment. Then Puck tucked me into bed.