Chapter 9


When I woke up, Dad had medicine for me. I took it. It tasted bitter and leafy. He gave me some water. I looked around. Adri and Kai were gone.

"They're eating breakfast. Kai will want to scent you when he comes back." Owen said.

"Where'd you get the medicine?" I asked.

"Grandmother came to see what was wrong. Your magic is growing, but it's not supposed hurt." He explained.

"Great." I crossed my arms.

"I'll get you some breakfast." Owen left.

I sat in the bed. I hadn't really felt hungry since lunch yesterday. I lightly pressed on my tummy. It didn't hurt. I guess I could eat. Dr. Sato came in.

"Ah, you're awake. The test results came in. We didn't find any signs of illness, but your hormone levels are a bit high." He said.

"You took my spit." I said.

"Mr. Xanatos has cutting edge equipment." Dr. Sato explained. "Have you been feeling stressed lately?"

"No, not really." I shrugged.

"Well, I'd like to do a more through test. And we may also ne-" He rattled off.

"Dr. Sato, wait outside. We will discuss Talia's treatment later." Owen came back.

The doctor looked surprised to see him, but went out to the hall. Owen had a plate of scrambled eggs and toast. I ate. Adri and Kai returned too. Kai wanted to mark me right away, but we convinced him to wait. I finished breakfast. Kai marked me heavily. I petted him. I took a shower and had lunch with the family. Then I was tired. Not as bad as before, but I hadn't gotten much sleep last night. I laid down in my bed. Kai rubbed his face on me.

Owen popped his head in. "I'm taking Kai to go play. We'll be back in the evening."

"Ok." I said.

Talia's POV End

Kai's POV

Owen took us back home. He grabbed some things and packed them up. I opened the door to Mistress's room. The scent was fading. I jumped on the bed and rubbed my scent on it.

"Kai, come." Owen called.

"Mark." I marked the pillow next.

"Now, Kai." He said.

I followed him. We got in the car. The bag was in the back. Why we were in the car? My ears swiveled as I tried to figure out what we were doing. He started driving. Away from home.

"Wanna go home." I whined.

"Talia needs to rest. She can't play with you." Owen said.

"Am good boy." I pouted.

"Kai, you can't chew on the furniture. You'll play at the pool then we can go home." Owen said.

"But what if play at home?" I asked.

"No." He looked at me sharply. "I arranged this playdate for you-"

"NO DATE!" I barked.

"Playdate. Playtime with Libby." Owen explained.

"Ok." I nodded.

We got to the pool. It said Aquatic & Recreation Center. There were lots of Pets here. I looked at Owen. He didn't seem to know either. I saw a table full of name tags and buttons. I barked at Owen.

"Kai, behave!" He scolded.

A lady came up to us. She was wearing a yellow bikini and had brown skin. Her hair was long and black. She had brown eyes. I smelled Libby behind her. I looked. Libby's tail wagged. I waved to her. She was wearing a pink swimsuit.

"I'm glad I saw you. I really meant for this to be a playdate, but some of the other volunteers heard and they thought it would a fun placeā€¦ It got out of hand." She told Owen. Then she saw me. "Hi, I'm Maria."

"We understand." Owen nudged me. I nodded.

"I'm Kai." I said.

"You can go get changed in the men's locker room. We'll meet you at the pool." Libby and her owner went down the hall.

We went in the locker room. There were a few benches. Locker lined the walls. It was stinky and smelled like wet fur. I took my shirt off and put in the locker. Owen took longer to change. He wore blue swim trunks. I had gray ones.

Then we went to the pool. It was huge. Pets and humans were playing in the pool. They splashed and swam. There were some kits swimming too. Libby saw us first. She was in a floaty.

"Kai!" She barked.

"We're going to the shallow end. I must remind Kai how to swim." Owen said.

"Ok." Maria spun Libby around.

"Whee!" She cheered.

Owen got in the water. I dipped my paw in. It was cold. I whimpered. Owen cooed at me. I slowly got in. It felt nice. He taught me how to swim. It took a bit, but I got it. We met Libby and Maria in the middle. Libby wanted to play chase. I swam after her. Some of the humans went really fast in the water. I think it was because they didn't have a tail. We got bored of chase then we played ball instead. Owen and Maria played with us. It was fun. I was given a floaty too. We floated in the pool for a bit.

"Kai, it's time to get out now. We must shower before we go home." Owen said.

"Home!" I yipped.

"We should get going too. Libby, come." Maria called.

Libby paddled after her owner. We got out and went to the locker rooms. I took my trunks off. Owen put them in a bag. I showered. The water washed the pool smell away. I dried off, putting my shirt back on. It still had Mistress's scent. We went back out. Libby and Maria were waiting for us.

"How is Mistress?" Libby asked.

My ears drooped. "Mistress sick."

"Oh no." She frowned.

"That's Talia, right?" Maria asked.

"Yes, Talia is at home. Kai was getting restless." Owen said.

"Nu huh." I shook my head. Owen and Maria looked at each other.

"You want a snack, Kai?" Owen took out a sandwich.

"Gimme!" I grabbed at it. It was tuna.

"I have a treat for you too." Maria gave her baggy of meaty strips.

"You and Libby can go outside. I'll be another minute." Owen said.

We went outside. The pool was near the park. I found a bench and we sat. Libby opened her treats. I ate one half of my sandwich. Libby gave me a treat. Something rustled in the bushes. Our ears perked up. A scent tickled my nose. I went to go see what it was. I got up. It went toward the forest. I chased it. Libby was too slow to keep up.

Once we were hidden from sight, I saw what I was following. A female fox. An Omega. Her fur was yellow and her paws were white. She had blond, shoulder length hair. Pretty turquoise eyes led my gaze to the mole on her left cheek.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Caity. You smell like humans." She said.

"I live with Mistress. She is a good girl." I explained.

"You're a fox like me." Caity said.

"Mistress gives me food and tummy rubs. Mommy said living outside is hard." I told her.

Caity nodded. "Sometimes. Mistress lets you go outside?"

"Yeah." I smiled.

There was a pause.

"Food." She sniffed the air. Her tummy growled.

"You want some sandwich?" I held out the baggy.

Caity darted in and took my sandwich. I yelped. She ate it all. Her tail wiggled a little bit. Then her eyebrow furrowed. She took a step toward me. I stood still. She sniffed my shirt.

"Who's that?" She asked.

"Mistress scented this shirt. Lilacs, earth and apple spice. Owen smells like paper and soap." I explained.

"Mistress smells nice. You smell good too." Caity let out a pleased scent. The two most prominent ones were lemon blossom and steel. There was hint of something else, but I didn't know what it was.

"Kai!" Owen called.

Caity ran away.

Owen found me and we said goodbye to Libby. Then we went back home. Mistress was in bed. Adri was there too. I marked them, giving them kisses too. Mistress giggled and cuddled me. Adri nuzzled me. I whined happily. Something came into the room in a green light.

"Hi, Grandmother." Mistress said.

"What did you find out?" Puck asked. He had come in after Grandmother.

"Lady Earth's magic is making Talia more fertile. It will settle down once the magic is done." She said.

"How long is that going to take?" Mistress asked.

"A few weeks to three months at most. Your father was difficult one when his magic grew." Grandmother said.

"Rude." Puck muttered.

"However, that's not all the magic is doing. Princess, you may some new instincts due to your heritage. We will deal with them as they arise." She explained.

"Like what?" Adri asked.

"She will want to be around nature and follow her trickster impluses more. I must go back to Avalon." She left.

"Well, that was exciting." Mistress said and looked at me. "How was playtime?"

"I met an Omega!" My tail wagged.