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~3rd Person POV~

Harry Potter by no means lived a happy life.

He was forced to live under the stairs, wear his fat cousin's clothing, and do all the chores.

Today, he was wearing a overgrown hoodie that had the hood almost ripped off.

It was plain grey, with a huge pocket.

Currently we find ourselves watching him clean his cousin's spare bedroom.

The bedroom was a dumping ground for things Dudley either broke or didn't care for anymore.

While Young Harry was cleaning the room, he came across a small pouch.

In the pouch was a light blue, almost silver, 3DS, with a game card lying innocently next to it.

Along with those two things, there was a charger. Young Harry then made a choice that would change his life forever.

Young Harry remember the outlet that the light in his room was plugged into, in fact, it was under the bottom stair.

The one place only he was small enough to go.

Using the big pocket, he continued cleaning while keeping those hidden.