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They appeared in a dark alley, near a place labeled 'Gringotts'.

While transporting with the help of the Phoenixes, they got Harry his key and made sure only he and Luna could access Harry's vaults

Also, they found out that 5 bells is equal to one gallon. Harry and Luna were surprised that the goblins knew of bells, but the goblin was even more shocked when he found out they had bells.

Anyway, they went to the bookstore first.

"What is on the list?" Harry asked Luna.

"Standard Book of Spells Grade One," Luna looked at the list. "A History of Magic, Magical Theory, A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration, One Thousand Herbs and Magical Fungi, Magical Drafts and Potions, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Dark Forces: A Guide to to Self Protection."

"I'll find the first four, you find the last four?" Harry asked. Luna nodded, and not only did they get those, they got Quidditch Through the Ages, and multiple advanced books on the different subjects.

"Let's get the uniform." Harry suggested. "Wand should be saved for last, and maybe we could get a pet so people don't get suspicious that we don't have one."

"Okay." Luna nodded.


Robe shopping had been terrible, they met a mean kid named Draco. They both agreed on one thing: Don't make friends with him.

After they got everything on the list, they went to Ollivander's.

"Hello?" Harry asked.

"Long time no see, Harry." Ollivander walked up.

"Hello, Ollivander. Haven't seen you since you visited Harry's town." Luna told the man.

"I'm just glad that someone that I can drop the 'creepy wand maker' facade around came in today, with the crowds of kids coming in, it's been stressful."

"Why can't you drop the facade around other people?" Harry asked.

"It is a well known fact that wand makers go crazy after making around fifty wands because of the pure magic involved. That only applies to normal witches and wizards, but for people that have been to other worlds like you and me, we can't go crazy." Ollivander explained.

Harry and Luna nodded.

"Anyway, as for wands for you two…" Ollivander said, before shaking his head. "You won't get the trace, we can't let the Ministry know about your home."

"Umm, I'm not getting a wand today, I don't start Hogwarts until next year." Luna replied.

"Don't worry, the ministry will never know." Ollivander winked, before pulling out two wands.

He placed one in front of Harry, the other in front of Luna.

"The one in front of you, Harry, is orange tree, unicorn hair." Harry opened it, held the wand. Nope.

"Luna, the wand in front of you is cherry tree, phoenix feather." Same result as with Harry.

After a while, they found their wands.

Harry's was an Apple Tree wood, that was actually given to Ollivander by Harry since the first fruit in Harry's Town was apple, and Thestral hair.

Luna's wand was Holly with dragon heart string.

"See you, Ollivander!" Harry told Ollivander after paying.

"Bye Luna, bye Harry."