Summary:   What if Vegeta never knew what life was about? What if for a brief moment in time he was abandoned by his father and had to take life in his own hands. Just what if he lived with his mom and was very successful with out any help but still had to become a grown up too soon and support his mom and siblings…. What if?

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Emotions One Must Conceal

Chapter One: Prologue

In the dark avenues of Orange Star City a car zoomed down the streets.

He wished he just could run, but he didn't want to be like his father… he didn't want to be a failure. After his father left him at age thirteen, he, his mother, and his older sister were left to support themselves.

The boy was non other then Vegeta Ouji. He had pure black hair in the shape of a flame and his eyes were so dark they looked black as coal.  His mother was Yumi Ouji and she had brown hair that flowed freely down her shoulders, and had turquoise colored eyes that could be mistaken as pools from the ocean. Then there was his older sister Mayumi.  Mayumi had her fathers black hair and her mothers turquoise eyes.

Even though they were left alone, they were all very smart and clever.  Sure first life was bad, but life isn't that easy to handle. Soon the cleverness of the family came into use when they invented the hover car that revolutionized the world. Vegeta did the designing, but his mother was the boss. It was a business that made them millionaires and they still saw each other.

But even being rich has its downs. Vegeta's family moved to another city in the state to 'expand' the company's popularity. And that's how Vegeta was walking in the new city of Orange Star.

He started the new high school tomorrow. He would once again be stuck with a bunch of people that use him. Only one good thing was he would be trying out for the Basketball team. He was already sure he would make it since he was a top player.

All of a sudden the car came to a stop at a huge house. "Ok kids come on lets go inside," Yumi said. They got out of the car and walked inside their new house.

Vegeta walked upstairs to see all his boxes by a door. He opened the door to find a huge empty room. All that was there was a big king side bed and a window that lead to the balcony. Vegeta sighed and started to set up and put away his things. Tomorrow was going to be a very long day.
"Hey there," Mayumi said as she walked towards Vegeta. "Hi," was all he said. "Were going over to our neighbors house for dinner so get ready ok?" she said.

"Whatever I am just putting some stuff away," Vegeta said. Mayumi was tired of her little brother being such a pessimist. (Not that there's anything wrong with being one, I am one.)

She looked around and found a pillow, and then she smiled. She picked up the pillow and smacked Vegeta with it. Vegeta turned around with a smile forming on his face. He found another pillow and smacked her back lightly.

When they were done feathers were everywhere. With these two together, mayhem began. Sure they fought, but they had a great relationship.

"Excuse me kids if you're done let's get going," Ms. Ouji said to her kids. "Yes mum," they both said in unison. The two teens followed their mother downstairs and walked outside. They all went to their next-door neighbors house and knocked.

They stood there, until a girl with blue silky hair and cerulean eyes opened the door.
"Hello there, you must be the Ouji's," the girl smiled, "I am Bulma."


Saiyachick: Wow!  Am I on a roll or what? But I have to say my friend Lady Melanie helped a lot! Thanks Mel!!!

Mel: Yeah, yeah, now just in case you guys didn't notice, Vegeta is HUMAN in this fic, got that?  Anyways, I liked it.  Why?  Cause it's something different and new, good job Kat. 

Vegeta: ME?  A HUMAN?  Well, you better make me a strong human… even though that's not saying much…

When a Child's Heart Breaks

A Very funny fic with your fave couple, Videl and Gohan! Well, they're my fave couple so there, lol. Oh, but this isn't just the regular lovey dovey stuff, it's a hate/love relationship kinda thing. Tournament is almost here!