Emotions one must conceal

People say to cherish what we have,

But for some people they've got squat,

Now what would you say to them?

The one's who are born with bad luck,

Some live lives with parents,

With maybe one or two,

But there is someone who you might envy,

Though you don't know much about them,

You might desire their wealth,

Or maybe their lifestyle obscured,

Yet you don't know the real truth,

The one that's deep within their soul,

That person might have two parents,

That person might have the wealth,

Yet the thing that one person doesn't have,

Is the love from their parents at all?

Always being neglected from thought,

Never once turned to congratulate,

Pushed aside from everything,

Work will always come first.

That person lives alone,

Left unaccompanied to wither in pain,

Wanting to give up the life they have,

And trading it in with another,

Maybe you should see the truth,

Before jumping into conclusion,

Observe the lifestyle that you would rather live,

Then say you want it now.

The person might be fine at school,

Perky and spunky in front of all,

Yet when lonesome, when no one's around,

That person cries for long,

When that person seems happy one moment,

Then sad the next again,

You'll finally realize its all a mask,

To cover up the angst and pain.

Now imagine the world that person might live,

Or the feeling they must feel,

Don't assume it's quite all right,

Because its all emotions one must conceal…