"What on earth?" Hermione whispered to herself as she plucked a Daily Prophet off of the table buried under a pile of books as she ate her toast at breakfast early one morning. The spring sun rising lazily over the ocean and radiating right into her kitchen. The smell of the ocean dancing in the breeze filled her lungs and the sound of the lazy Hawaiian waves crashed onto the pristine shore. Her quaint home set a hundred meters from the shore of the beach, tucked up all alone in a small alcove of trees.

Eyes darting to the date she realised it was three weeks old and was unsure why she hadn't read it yet. It must have gotten lost one morning whilst she was on one of her early morning cleans. Pushing the small white plate that housed her toast out of the way she laid the paper down and smoothed it out with her hands.

Harry Potter found dead; reason still unknown. Screwing her nose up at the title her heart fell into her stomach. When on earth. How on earth? That couldn't be right, could it?

She skimmed through the article. Aurors were no closer to knowing how he died but foul play had been suspected. The only they knew for certain was that he had been found slumped against a wall of the dungeons of Hogwarts not long after he had arrived for a special quidditch lesson for a select few students who showed promise in the game. But there was hardly any evidence apart from a black leather glove with no DNA signature and the brutal claw marks of a small cat.

She read further down and looked to the calendar on the wall. His funeral was a week ago and she didn't even know. Thrusting the paper away from her she felt a slight emptiness within. Sure, he had been a total jerk to her but a small feeling of something washed over her. It wasn't sadness, no, she wasn't sad. Pity perhaps, for his wife and child. Yes, they were the real victims here and poor Ginny was probably beside herself with anguish and grief right now.

She had known Harry for so long it felt odd knowing he was dead. Of course, she knew everyone died eventually but to know he died so early in his life left a hollow feeling inside her. She was pulled from her revere when a small black cat came trotting down the hallway, jumping onto the table Amortentia placed her two front paws on Hermione's large stomach and butting her head against her cheek.

It won't be long now and we will get to meet the new human. The cat sat on the table, her tail lazily flicking in delight as Hermione rubbed her chin.

"Indeed. Another week or two, Tia," Hermione whispered rubbing her own swollen stomach gently.

When Hermione married Severus and became an extension of him, Amortentia was able to communicate with Hermione in the same way she could communicate with Severus. However, the more Hermione talked to the cat she more she realised perhaps there was more to the picture of the innocent housecat that Tia presented herself as. She was ridiculously cunning yet endearing and Hermione almost considered the feline a friend rather than a pet.

"What this about?" Hermione gestured to the Daily Prophet on the table and the small cat padded over to it and looked at the headline. "I know you can read, Tia, so don't play games with me."

The cat stretched lazily on the table before turning to look after her shoulder at Hermione. I've not got a clue what you are talking about.

"Three weeks ago you and Severus went back to Hogwarts together to collect the rest of his belongings before coming back here. It just seems suspicious with the timing that Harry was found dead and the article says his body was marred with deep claw marks." Eyebrows raised in question at the cat who was still maintaining her innocence in the whole ordeal.

Hermione had been married to Severus for just on a year now, but it was only recently she finally got to move somewhere tropical like she had wanted to do and distance herself from the toxic world she was once a part of. It wasn't long after that she fell pregnant to him and eventually a month or so ago Severus resigned, and they moved to Hawaii. He needed a change of scenery as much as she did.

It wasn't long after they were married, she began to realise that Tia wasn't a regular cat at all. She was wise beyond what her species should be and incredibly smart and the cunningness she possessed could surpass any of the Slytherins she had ever met in her life.

I've not got a clue what you are talking about. We were in and out and we certainly didn't see him. There are other cats in the castle. Minerva also has the ability to transform.

"I highly doubt Minerva is going to claw Harry Potter to death, Ti- wait, I never said he had claw marks from a cat. There are a menagerie of other animals running around the castle and grounds it could have been." She held the cat steadfast under her gaze who froze on the spot. Head slowly turning to look at Hermione.

I just assumed it was a cat. I mean the place is crawling with them, so the odds seem highly likely it was a cat.

Eyes narrows in suspicion just as Severus came ambling down the hall to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Severus," Hermione bit out raking her hand across the table and grasping the paper in her fingertips. "Did you read about this?!" She thrust the paper at him.

"Oh. That. I recall stumbling across that the other week, and I forgot to tell you." He almost fell over his own words in haste to get them out.

"You forgot tell me, or you didn't want to tell me?" Her reply was hollow with a tangle of anger.

"A bit of both maybe." He shrugged awkwardly eyes darting to the cat as if she was going to be his scapegoat.

"Is there something you need to tell me? It just seems weird that it was around the same time you were there AND he had been brutally attacked by a cat."

There she went. He knew she already knew something because of any sentence that started with 'It just seems weird' had already been highly analysed in her head.

"Coincidence," he offered as he grabbed the paper off her and sat down, throwing it on the counter as he did so.

"A very large one, actually. And there is something off about that cat too. She's way too intelligent to be a normal house cat. I almost feel like there is something you are hiding from me."

"I know it seems like that. And if I were you, I would assume the same thing too, but I can tell you I had nothing to do with the death of Harry Potter nor did Amortentia. There are plenty of other cats within the castle that could have decided to hold a personal grudge against Potter. Also, most cats will eat a dead person if given half the chance. You can't blame Amortentia for something just because she was in the vicinity right at the time and given the perfect chance."

"That still doesn't explain why she is smarter than the average cat, Severus."

God sake she was like a dog with a bone and she wasn't going to give it up.

"Amortentia isn't a normal cat. She's part Kneazle I have found out on recently which lends to her intelligence, independence, ability to detect suspicious people and her aggressiveness that we have seen when she unleashed on Potter. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question as to who killed Potter and I am sorry I forgot to mention it."

Hermione narrowed her eyes with suspicion before rising from the table. "I'm going for a swim and to clear my head. Remind me to send Ginny a card later; she must think I am ghastly for not sending my condolences." Slowly she stood, using the table to help prop herself up from the extra weight and burden her stomach added to her.

"Condolences? I'd be sending her a congratulations card honestly."

"You are a terrible Person Severus, but I love you." She leant down and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek before walking out of the door.

Tia sauntered across the table to where Severus was and sat before him. Tilting her head sideways as Severus fished around in the pocket of his pants pulling out a single black leather glove and placed it at the cat's feet.

"You know what to do. And remember, it's our secret we take to the grave, cat."

Tia bowed her head in agreeance before leaning down and picking the glove up in her mouth, she ran as fast as she could out of the house and down to the beach hiding the glove deep within the pristine sands hidden from anyone who may come snooping around.

Did he feel any remorse? No. As far as he saw it he was doing a service to the public before Potter had prayed on the next person, or worse, came seeking out Hermione again. No. Nobody was taking her away from him. It was finally his turn to have his happily ever after.

-The End.

A/N: I almost made Tia a Maledictus. I had written it into the chapter but when it came to working out exactly who she was, I drew a blank so changed the whole story.

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