The Start

"Kacchan! Wait for me!" A high pitched vice chirped after their best friend who was currently pretending to be a hero with stick in hand, brandished as a sword. He tripped over his little feet, tumbling to the ground.

"I won't wait for a slow poke!" Katsuki said over his shoulder, a large grin splitting his face. Not even slowing down for the other.

"Kacchan!" He pouted, but brushed himself off nonetheless, running after his blond friend with his own "sword".

"Haaaah.." Mitsuki sighed. Crimson eyes watching the two four year olds playing in the backyard. "That brat is such a little shit. He's only gotten worse since his quirk manifested. I swear he thinks he is a god or something!" Inko chuckled at her friend, a fond smile on her face.

"Really? I don't think he is much different than you were." She teased, greens eyes sparkling with mischief. Mitsuki turned towards Inko and rested her fair face in her palm with a bored expression.

"That's exactly what I'm worried about." She turned her eyes back over to her little hellion. "He's practically a mini me." and it was true. Both boys resembled their mothers in looks and attitude. Mitsuki's eyes narrowed in thought. "Has Izuku showed any signs of a quirk yet?" Inko let out a little sigh of her own and looked over to her son who was currently staring up at katsuki with large eyes filled with admiration as he bravely climbed a tree to rescue an imaginary civilian.

"Not yet he hasn't. I'm starting to get a little worried he might be quirkless." Tears started swimming in her emerald eyes. Mitsuki lightly pinched her friends nose in agitation.

"Don't be ridiculous!" She said incredulously, "They're only four years old, there still plenty of time for a quirk to manifest!" Each word emphasized with a light tug on her now red nose. Inko blushed in embarrassment and softly giggled as she sniffled.

"Your right, I'm being silly."

"Mommy?" A soft voice inquired, "Are you ok?"

Inko looked down to see her son staring up at her with innocent green eyes, wide with worry, freckles lightly dusting his cheeks. His little hands resting on her lap, and his head tilted to the side, green curls framing his baby cheeks. Both women blushed a little at the sudden cuteness before Inko recovered and gently cupped her son's face and planted an affectionate kiss on his forehead. "Yes sweetie, mommy is just fine. Now go back and play." She said, giving her son's soft hair a ruffle before she shooed him back over to the explosive blond who was waiting impatiently for his friend, his foot tapping dramatically, as if he waited for more than ten seconds.

"I swear, your son is such a little angel. How is mine practically a little demon?" Mitsuki asked aloud with a little head tilt of her own. Inko gave another laugh as she looked back over to the children at play. Mitsuki abruptly stood up and slammed her hands down on the little coffee table and yelled over to her son who was tugging on Izuku's nose much like she was previously doing to Inko, only, much harder going by the tears in his eyes.

"Hey! Knock it off ya little shit!"

"They really are similar." Inko thought with a soft smile which she promptly hid behind her mug of tea as her friend looked over towards her.

"What?" She asked, red eyes narrowed in suspision.

"Oh nothing~" Inko said in a singsong voice. Mitsuki simply huffed and sat back down enjoying her own cup of coffee, sipping in content peace until the shrill sound of Izuku's crying broke through.