Chapter 1: The Theft

(Late at night in the Lord of the Universe's monastery)

The Lord of the Universe, the ruler of all gods across the universe, called a beautiful crystal monastery his home. However, something was amiss during this once pleasant night. Some of the guards around the monastery were making their nightly run at midnight when one of the guards noticed another guard patrolling the lower sections of the monastery dropping to the ground. Before the guard could do anything about it, a hand grabbed hold of the guard's shoulder and he was instantly electrocuted by some kind of electric spell before passing out. Most of the guards around the monastery were being knocked out one by one. Eventually, this mysterious intruder of the monastery opened a secret passage that led to a tunnel underneath the monastery. Two of the guards rushed after this intruder down the tunnel and got a look at the intruder grabbing hold of a giant harp the looked to be made of solid gold. The two guards drew their swords as this mysterious intruder turned to look at them. It was dark, but they sort of made out some features of this intruder. The intruder had long flowing hair, seem to be wearing a long dress, and had the crest of a Triforce on their hand. The next thing the two guards knew, they were knocked into the wall with magic from the Triforce as the intruder used a spell called Farore's Wind to teleport out along with the golden harp.

(The next day at Hyrule Fields)

Link had returned to Hyrule after a long vacation to help him relax after he and the rest of the Super Mario Brothers' Team fought Tabowser. Link was riding his horse, Epona, along with his younger sister, Aryll. They were both riding Epona to Princess Zelda's castle.

Aryll- Good to have you back in Hyrule, big brother.

Link- Mario's suggestion of Isle DelFino was a great idea, but it feels great to be back in Hyrule where I belong. And I feel ready for any threats that come my way!

Aryll- Link, I know you just got back, but you and your friends went through one intensive battle against Tabuu before you went on vacation. Couldn't hurt to still relax for a bit.

Link- I've relaxed enough while hanging around Isle DelFino.

Suddenly, Epona shook a bit, shoved her front hooves in the air, and thrashed about a little. Link quickly calmed her down before she could throw Link or Aryll off her back.

Link- That was strange. What upset Epona like that?

Then Aryll looked up and saw a massive portal open up above Hyrule Castle.

Aryll- Big brother…is that normal?

Link looked up and saw the portal. Link instantly recognized the portal as the same design as the ones Tabuu creates.

Link- ****! Tabuu again so soon?! Hurry, Epona! We need to get to Zelda's castle, pronto!

(At Hyrule Castle)

There was a huge crowd of Hylians crowded at the castle's entrance as Link and Aryll struggled to get through everyone to reach the front. Eventually, they saw Impa standing by the front gate and looking very worried.

Link- Impa, what's going on?! Is Zelda alright?!

Aryll- Is Tabuu up to something again?!

Impa- Good news is Tabuu is not doing anything here. The bad news…

Then Link and Aryll saw a few guards from that work for the Lord of the Universe exit the castle with Princess Zelda in chains.

Guard- Let's move it! The Lord of the Universe wants you brought to the monastery and he wanted it done yesterday!

Link- Zelda?! What the hell is going on?!

Guard- This doesn't concern you, human! Begone or face the consciences, nave!

Link- I'll show you a nave, retards!

Link unsheathed the Master Sword and tried to swing it at them, but Impa quickly blocked with her giant knife sword.

Link- Impa, what gives?! Get out of my way!

Impa- These are soldiers of the most powerful god ever to exist! This is beyond any of us to interfere with! I would lay my life down for her grace, but even this is above me to object.

Then one of the Lord of the Universe's guards noticed Link's sword.

Guard- Oh, you wield the Master Sword. So you're not an ordinary Hylian. My apologies.

Link- Well, I guess apology accepted. Now can you let Zelda go?

Guard- We cannot. The Lord of the Universe had ordered us to arrest her, but I guess we can explain what her charges are. Last night, someone broke into the Lord of the Universe's monastery. This intruder attacked most of the guards and stole one of the most sacred treasures of the gods. The Harp of the Gods. According to what evidence we gathered from witnesses and studying the crime scene, all leads point to Princess Zelda of Hyrule.

Link- What?! That's ****ing preposterous! You have no proof Zelda did anything?!

Guard- The guards that were patrolling during the night of the theft gave us a description that matches what Zelda looks like and they said this assailant had magic of the Triforce. And if I'm not mistaken, there is no way of anyone replicating the Triforce's power. Besides, here is an arrest warrant signed by the Lord of the Universe himself.

The guard showed Link the arrest warrant and Link reluctantly sheathed his Master Sword while grunting.

Guard- I'm glad you've come to the realization that this is something you don't want to get yourself involved in.

Link- So, what's so special about this harp?

Guard- You might be wielder of the Master Sword, but that information is not something that even you are not allowed to discuss with us! Now if you'll excuse us, we have a trial to prepare for.

Zelda- Don't worry, Link. I'm sure this will turn out fine in the end.

Other guard- Not for you! That's for sure! You'll be saying goodbye to that pretty little head by the end of it!

Link- What's that supposed to mean?!

Before Link's question could be answered, the two guards and Zelda went through the portal before it closed. Link punched the side of a wall in anger and made a large crack in it. Impa and Aryll just looked at the crack Link's fist made in the wall for a moment with a shocked expression on their faces.

(Later at Link's house)

Link was pacing the floor while Aryll sat at the table watching Link go back and forth.

Aryll- Link…don't you think it's time to take a break? You've been pacing around your house for two hours now.

Link- Zelda has been falsely accused of stealing from the god and was arrested for it. I can't just sit around and do nothing while the gods think Zelda is a criminal. Wait a minute! If those gods won't listen to me, maybe they'll listen to another god!

Aryll- Big brother…what are you up to?

Link walks over to his dresser and pulls out a wrist portal device.

Link- I'll use Ty's wrist portal to warp to Skyworld. Surely, they'll listen to Palutena if I talk to her and Pit about this situation.

Aryll- You think Palutena alone will convince all the other gods including this Lord of the Universe that Zelda is innocent?

Link- I have to at least try. We didn't give up during all the times Tabuu attacked us. We always found a way to pull through each and every time. And I know we can do the same with this.

Then Link opened up a portal to Skyworld and Link and Aryll jumped into it.