so hi everyone this is my first fic so plz dont judge me and i am sorry if u dont like it

Roman P.O.V

Today was going to be a good day, i will be able to hang out with thomas and patton at school and i can practise with valerie for the upcoming play ,everything is going to be great

Yet it didn't turn out the way I wanted , I ended up In detention because of singing in class ,can you believe that teacher !!!! how can she not love beyonce !! any ways now I am stuck in detention for a month with a bunch of weirdos and loners ...what disregard for my precious time !!

Third person P.O.V

As roman was scrolling secretly through his Instagram, a figure entered the classroom, at first he didn't notice them until they sat, and when he putted an eye on them... his world stoped .

the figure was a boy dressed in a mcr hoodie and a black ripped jeans he was wearing a panic at the disco headphones

Roman kept staring at him without acknowledging that,and only snapping out of it because of the teacher yelling:

"virgil Ash put those headphones down "

as virgil was putting his presious headphones down with a grunt,he noticed roman staring at him and he swore he could see a blush on his cheeks but why ?

Virgil wasn't a big fan of staying more hours in this hell hole and that constant staring from that boy wasn't helping either

Roman P.O.V

Wow he is...he is ...absolutely amazing ... common roman snap out of it u cant have a crush on him ,its not like he is absolutely cute and its not that u like the way he dyed his hair ...who am I kidding I already fell for him...

"take a picture it last longer" said the boy , I didn't realize that I was staring, so when he spoke I blushed like a made man"oh,s-sorry didn't mean to stare" I mentally slapped my self for stuttering

"don't worry about it " the boy said "you were probably thinking I am a weird emo or something..."

"NO, no that not what I was thinking about " I interrupted him "I was just wondering what your name"I said trying to act cool

"Oh my name is virgil, yeah its pretty weird "he said. "I think its amazing" I said and I meant it , and I could see he was blushing .

"th-thanks" he said ."so can I have your number" I said and I felt my face heat rising I probably look like a tomato

"y-yes " he said and landed me his phone number and then the bell rang so i said goodbye and called patton "patton u wont believe who I met..."

So was it bad .. probably but u can't blame me for trying

Tell me if u want more..

Take it easy guys,gals,and non-binary pals

Peace out