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Rating: Weak-ass Pg-13 for femslash

Summary: Lana has a bad, terrible, awful day. But there's nothing like TLC to make up for that.

Pairing: Chloe/Lana (teeny, tiny, can-be-ignored Clex)

It had been a bad day. When she got up her hair was a mess and Chloe had already left. A note was scribbled about "great story…must go...have lead." She was pissed that Chloe hadn't woken her up, but she knew when Chloe got a story, she forgot everything about her.

She got into her office late, because the Metropolis subway was blocked by a person tied to a rail. She wonder if the many crooks and villains ever got tired of that one. She got in late and she had three post-its stuck to her computer. One said 'Luthor called-wants campaign notes by 2'. The other said 'Sally lost the ads for Gene, type them up and mail them to the Daily Planet'. Finally, the third note said ' four clients on line 4, on hold-if you're not in by 9 you're fired'

This day already sucked.

She was yelled at 5 times before she even sat down. She only managed to check her email (45 emails, 26 junk), before she was torn away by her boss, her telephone and the stupid intern who couldn't work the copying machine.

Then at lunch, she spilled her coffee down her pink blouse and dropped her sandwich. She could feel her headache start in her temple, and sinuses were defintely clogging up. Just what she needed, a cold.

This day really, fucking sucked.

She got yelled at for an hour by Lex Luthor, who didn't like the work she had done to promote his campaign. She toyed with the idea of calling Clark and complaining about Lex. She guessed he was probably working with Chloe on her "big" thing.

She tried calling Chloe at 3 when she got a moment to herself, but she got her voice mail.

This day was maybe the worst fucking day since she moved to Metropolis.

It did not help when she suddenly felt well-known cramps in the pelvic area. Great. Her period had come.

She finally got home, much later than she had planned.

"Hey doll!" Chloe's bubbly tones came from inside the apartment. For what felt like the first time, Lana smiled.

"Hey." She stepped into the kitchen and put her briefcase down on the table.

"You look awful Lana, did you have a bad day?" Chloe looked at her concerned. Lana suddenly couldn't find words and just collapsed down on a chair. She sneezed three times in a row.

"Sweetheart, I had a great break through, so the boss gave me Saturday off. Get into bed, and I'll take care of you, and then we'll both sleep in tomorrow, ok?"

Lana smiled, and went to their bedroom. She undressed and crawled into her flannel. She grabbed some tissues from the bathroom and crawled into bed.

Ten minutes later, Chloe came in carrying a tray of coffee and chicken noodle soup. Chloe's always been the original one of them, but when it comes to cures, she believes in the classics. And coffee. In Chloe's mind, coffee is the ultimate cure.

" There sweetie, sit up. Come, come, I knew you'd get a cold, you always do when you're stressed" Chloe's hands were busy as she spoke, one of them fussing with Lana's hair, the other pulling up the covers.

"I'm not sick, Chloe, you're over reacting." Lana complained, but she snuggled down, none-the-less.

"Right. Even I was-you know you love it, doll." Chloe's hand came to rest on Lana's, pulled up to her mouth and kissed it.

"You know what they say about colds, Chloe." Lana said, a cheeky glint in her eyes.

"No, what to they say, Lana?"

"Vigorous exercise is the best cure." Lana licked her lips, but the effect was ruined by her sneezing.

Chloe laughed and then spooned up some soup, putting it to Lana's lips.

"Eat up, baby, and we'll see what we can do about the exercise."

Next morning ,when Lana woke up at 12, she knew this would be a wonderful day.