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Magnus was walking down the streets of London, whistling and thinking about Alec. Then a sudden commotion caught his attention.

He hurriedly made his way towards it, noticing mundane policemen surrounding it. As he got closer, he heard the commentator's voice.

"...it looks like it could be a murder, or a freak accident, with no survivors found. Lucas, Hannah and their children were valued members of the community, and we are sorry to see the Whitethrush family dead..."

Magnus sucked in a breath. He had gotten close enough to see the mutilated bodies of five Shadowhunters. Whoever had done that had definitely been a warlock.

And only one warlock was so hell-bent on revenge to do a thing like that.

Malcolm Fade.

Then Magnus did a double take. Five bodies?

The Whitethrushes had been a family of six- he distinctly remembered. Tall, dark haired Lucas, bright-eyed and laughing Hannah, their eldest daughter Tanaecia, of the fair hair, Berenice, with the green eyes, Rosaline, who had her father's wavy black hair and little Gemini, who had eyes the colour of chocolate.

He studied the bodies again, feeling a deep pang of sadness as he correctly identified the bodies of Lucas and Hannah- a memory of laughter and happiness that he pushed away- , Tanaecia, her fair hair around her like a cloud- he remembered her spinning and twirling, giggling all the while- Berenice, her cunning jade eyes forever closed- the look of excitement on her face when she beat her father at chess- and little Gemini- her peaceful smile as she rocked in her mother's arms-, making sure that their eyelids were closed.

"Ave atque vale," he whispered. The words had never before seemed so fitting.

Then he set about looking for Rosaline.

Rosaline, he remembered, didn't like to be without her parents. When they'd gone out to dinner one night, she'd hidden in a cupboard until they came back. Now, with something more serious happening, he suspected she'd gone to the secret place he'd made for her in her room. It was supposed to be used for games of hide and seek, which was probably why no one else had known about it. Magnus felt guilty for not telling them- if he had, they might've been alive right now.

He pushed away the thought and continued towards her bedroom.

Once he entered, he saw that her room was in pieces. The only things left were her father's leather jacket and her mother's locket.

Magnus carefully scooped them up, and went to find Rosaline. As he'd suspected, she was in the hiding place, shuddering. He knelt gently beside her.

"Rose," he said softly, "can you come with me? I can take you somewhere safe."

The girl nodded, and he picked her up before heading home.

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