Chapter 26: Epilogue

Excerpt of the last entry from the Diary of Maya Everton

In war, there is always a price to pay. Always something to sacrifice.

In this war, I have chosen to pay this price, so that Eric doesn't have to. So that my husband, Shaun, doesn't have to. So that my daughter, Evangeline, doesn't have to.

I hold no delusions that I'll see her again. I head on this mission, my last one, in about two hours. And if I do everything right, then I will never walk away. If everything goes according to plan, then by the end of two weeks, the Assassins will hold all the cards. And I hope they finally see how wrong they are and strive to try to truly make this world better instead of using the Apple to overtake the Templars. I hope they will extend an olive branch of peace to the Templars in kindness. I hope that they will learn from history like I have.

To Evangeline, please know that I love you with all my heart. From the moment I found out that you were in my belly, growing, I knew that I would love you. That love grew a thousand-fold when you were placed on my chest moments after your birth and looked into your eyes. I knew, like any mother knows, that I would do anything to protect you. I knew that you would do things that I only dreamed of. After a discussion, your father and I agreed that you would be kept far from this war. Far from the bloodshed that has haunted my life and has torn my family apart.

To Eric, Jack and Aunt June, if you are reading this, know that I love you with every fiber of my being. Know that I sacrificed my life to keep you safe. To keep the last remaining members of our family alive to carry on the torch and to tell our story.

Eric, I need to you to be a leader in this quest for peace. I know you would rather throw yourself into Hell then to commit to peace but remember what I said. I'm tired of the violence breeding more violence. I'm tired of seeing children orphaned on both sides because we hate each other so much that we are willing to be our own destruction.

I want you to find and raise Evangeline. Until this war is over, Shaun and I both agreed that you would be the best to raise her until the fighting has stopped. Get to know the life you will preach. And to help our bloodline survive. We have placed her at a safe house. You know the place.

Think about Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre, Eric. Think about all they could've accomplished if those who wished to pull them apart hadn't succeeded. We would've been at peace long ago if not for those who craved for violence and thirsted for blood.

I hope that a new era, with my sacrifice, will begin, an era of peace and true advancement of the human race.

My dance with death is over. I sign off for the last time, knowing that Death has finally come for me. I only pray that it will be enough.

P.S. Throughout my life, I always believed that Ecclesiastes 1:18 was true. 'He who increaseth in knowledge, increaseth in sorrow.' But I also know that, as it says in Ecclesiastes 2:13 'I saw that wisdom was better than folly, just as light is better than darkness.'

Good luck brother. May the eagle soar ever higher on wings of peace.

Nothing is true; Everything is permitted.

Signed, Maya Abigail Everton.

November 13th, 2012

The end…..?.