Black Forest HQ

Before the fall of Baghdad

Brock Pike was pissed. Of course, he had been angry about 85% of the time since he'd arrived at FOB Headhunter, so that was really nothing new. He really hated the fact that he and his team did not receive the respect they deserved from the Army pukes stationed here… especially that damned Hannibal Smith and his precious "team" of misfits.

Pike paced back and forth as he brooded about his latest grievance against Morrison's pet "A-Team." That loony Murdock had been running around for the last week showing off the ridiculous medal his teammates had given him for surviving having a damned stupid spider pulled out of his ear of all things! What a moron!

Pike had no idea how in the hell that idiot had gotten rei-instated into the Army, but he did have some dirt on how he got himself into the service in the first place. He knew it mostly had to do with his crazy-ass uncle, who had been a big shot in the Air Force. The man had been in the Thunderbirds, and then had somehow ended up involved with the CIA, the Army and Vietnam. It was all very hush hush, and black ops stuff. But Pike had his connections… and he was all about ways and means…. And ends.

The problem was that even his CIA connections were reluctant to mess with the uncle… or even talk about him. They had advised Pike to steer well clear of Captain Murdock, and so he had tried to do that at first, but the man was just too annoying. This last stunt with the medal had just about been the last straw. Murdock had been grounded for a couple of days after Smith and his trained monkeys had raced into camp one day a few weeks ago with a barely conscious Murdock laid out in the back of their jeep.

They had rushed him into the medics and he had been up and around just fine in a few days. Pike never did find out exactly what had happened, and he really didn't much care. What did bother him was that about two weeks later his prized 1893 Morgan silver dollar came up missing.* It was one that his father had given him when he had left for Iraq.

His father had kept it under lock and key in his safe at his home on Martha's Vineyard, so Brock had been shocked to even see it. He knew that it had been presented to his father by President Nixon himself for unspecified "services rendered" and his father had never elaborated. He had simply handed the coin to him and told him that if he ever found himself in a jam, he could sell it for a few thousand dollars. If Brock had doubts, he kept them to himself, took the coin, and locked it away in his footlocker. When it disappeared, he had no doubts Templeton Peck was the culprit.

However, the biggest problem he had would be proving it. Because one look at that damned medal had shown him that Baracus and Peck had rendered the coin completely unrecognizable. He doubted the nutcase pilot even knew it had originally been a coin. And so, Brock Pike realized he was simply going to have to bide his time and figure out some way to get his revenge on the "A-Team." He had no doubt it would happen. He was a big believer in the old adage, "Good things come to those who wait." And Brock Pike could be a very patient man. Ten months later, he was contacted by a man named "Lynch…"

~The End~

A/N: Depending on mintage and condition, these coins can be worth anything from $24. To $90,000. at current market prices. I figure the one Brock had was worth someplace in the middle of the scale. Also, my uncle had a really good term for guys like Brock Pike—people who are mean, angry, arrogant, and basically not worth the powder to blow them up: He called them "bitter citizens." Now, Face swiping that coin was not cool, but there is no love lost between the two teams, and Black Forest has pulled plenty of crap on the boys, too.