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Somewhere in the forests of eastern America, 1889

3rd person

The sounds of trees billowing, and the sounds of a river flowing pierced the silence of the night.

A little girl who whose age appeared to be of that of an 8 year old ran through the darkness of the woods, her gown once sparkling white, was now ripped from the branches and stained with blood and dirt.

Her footsteps and rapid breathing sung throughout the moonlit meadow she found herself in.

Stopping to listen to her surroundings, she heard the stomping of her pursuer getting closer.

Panicked she rushed out into the meadow, but she found herself falling.

Looking at her legs she noticed that her gown had got tangled up around her feet, clawing at the cloth, she failed to notice the approaching threat.

"There you are you little demon!" a man had shouted

Looking up in fear, she saw the man, who was towering over her with a wild look in his eyes.

"You thought you could run away from me did you! Thought you could get away from killing your mother huh!"

the bloodied man roared

"N-no! I didn't do anything" the little girl had shrieked whilst crawling away

The man walked up to her with long strides, where he reached down and picked her up by her throat.

Lifting her up, he paused at the sight of her once clean white hair, now thick with mud and sticks that stuck to her long locks.

Holding her at arms length was an easy feat as she weighed nothing.

"Didn't do anything huh, then why did I see you holding your dead mother why!?"

he saw her trying to move her mouth, releasing his grip slightly.

"F-father please, I-I didn't.. do it" she started to fall limp.

Noticing this, the man dropped his daughter onto the ground, almost immediately she started gasping for breath.

Placing his foot on her chest he looked into his daughter-no this monsters eyes, he saw tears pouring from the corners of her eyes.

Ignoring the feelings of shame and guilt burn in his heart, he looked at the monster that took his daughter away from him.

"Explain yourself demon" he said in an barely audible voice.

Looking up at her father from under his boot, she saw tears of hatred prickling from his eyes.

"A-a man came knocking at our d-door, he told mum to come outside to chat with him"

feeling the boot lessen on her chest, she continued

"m-mum said no, but the man said something to change her mind"

remembering the time when the man wearing a long coat and hat was painful, as she was recollecting the events before her mother was murdered.

"She looked like she was forced to, and her hands were shaking when she unlocked the bolt stopping the door"

the tears she had tripled

"a-and what I saw when I went outside..." the events that she saw flashed in her mind again

"Father, I saw him with blood all over his coat, stabbing her!"

she saw her mother getting stabbed with a gold saber multiple times.

After she said this, her father had stumbled back in pain, he looked down to see an arrow embedded into his gut.

Falling unto his back he looked up in shock to see a man in a coat, stalking towards them. Discarding a bow.

"Houhou, so this is where the pretty little doll went" he spoke with delight "my it's been a while since I had to chase my prey"

he said whilst kneeling at the girl

"my darling, you would've been better off staying in doors as your mother had exchanged her life for yours. But now that you're out here I can kill you~"

caressing her cheek with his gloved hand

"shame, you would've grown pretty as well, then I could've had my fun. Like I did with your mo-"

he was cut off as a loud shout was let out onto the night.

There was her father, baring down on the both of them with his hatchet raised.

Just as the hatchet was about to land on the killer, fortunately he managed to strike.

Unfortunately the killer had somehow managed to evade the strike, she was not.

A scream of pain resonated throughout the meadow they were located in.

The little girl whose eyes were once filled with life was now dulled and frozen in pain, her skin once rich olive was now stained red.

There she lay, with a hatchet buried deep into her shoulder. Her father stared at her vacating eyes with shock, he felt nothing but cold shower down his soul.

Then he felt nothing.

The killer wiped the blood from his blade after he decapitated the man.

He sheathed his blade and looked at the gruesome scene with indifference, the father of the little girls head was lopped off and the little girl was showered with blood.

He took off his hat and held it on his chest. Feeling the wind blow through his blond locks, he smiled maliciously.

"Ah, it's been a while since I've killed mortals."

Pulling the hatchet from the little girls shoulder, he took time to gaze at her once hazel eyes.

"It's a shame you had to die, you could've sired strong children. Strong children indeed."

He trailed off at the last part, as he felt an ancient presence come from the woods around him.

Feeling sweat trickle down from his temple, he quickly teleported away.

An ancient dryad had seen what had transpired in the hours of the girls mother being murdered.

She saw the girl cradling her mother, and she saw her fathers rage towards the little girl.

She tried to help the little girl by hiding her, but she managed to slip from her grasp.

Then they went into a clearing, and since they were far from the trees, she couldn't do much.

She felt the presence of an immortal walking towards them.

So she hid, hid until she heard the girls father shout, then she looked at the last second, only to see the man slam the hatchet down into the girl.

The pain of seeing the little girl dying was unbearable, so she looked away and started to pool her magic into herself, so she could try to save the little girl.

She managed to spread some roots to the area where the girl had... died, so she walked slowly, as if the roots were like a tight rope.

Shaking her head of any thoughts, she felt her powers weaken, a side effect of walking away from her trees, undeterred she walked until she saw the little girls body.

She picked up the little girl, and walked to the tree line. Where she teleported the both of them away from the clearing


POV Little Girl

I awoke with a start and I felt myself suffocating, taking a huge gasp eyes I felt the air fill my lungs once again.

After that I took note of the area where I awoke, it was dark and smelt of earth.

Then I remembered everything that happened, Mum dying, fathers rage, the stranger and when the hatchet had "!" feeling my shoulder, I felt around the area where the hatchet had been jammed, only to feel my skin, repaired and uninjured.

Confused, sad, angry I felt the situation slam down on me, mum's dead and father's dead.

I tried to stop the tears from flowing, but I failed.

Deciding that crying is the best thing to do, I succumbed to the sadness of the situation and wept, cradling my knees as I howled in sorrow.

"Don't cry little one" a tender voice came from the seemingly nowhere.

Blinking through my tears, she looked at the feminine figure at the end of the cave.

The figure walked toward me carefully, crawled to a corner and hid my face from the person, as mum had once said that the monsters can't hurt me if I hide.

Hearing the footsteps approach I heard myself give a squeak of fear, then I heard nothing else except the ominous hooting coming from a crack in the ceiling.

"I won't hurt you" the voice spoke again with the same tenderness

Looking through my fingers I saw a beautiful young face of a woman, feeling the knot in my stomach ease a tad, I saw her approach me again, this time I didn't inch away.

Feeling a hand pat my head, I felt at ease, sniffling I asked

"W-who are you?"

my voice was strained and rough, clearing my throat I tried again

"Who're you?"

I noticed the woman give a smile as she sat in front of me

"My names Tinel young one, and the place we're in is my home. Don't look surprised, I saw you looking around."

Shaking my head from the shock of everything I took time to look around us, and sure enough I noticed that I slept on a bed made of foliage.

"Where are we?" despite her saying we're in her home

Sigh "we're in my home, underground."

'Underground? There are people who live underground.' She noticed my confusion and decided to let me in on a secret

"I'm a dryad, and an old one at that." Dryad? What's a dryad, mum only told me stories from her birthplace of Romania

Noticing my confusion I heard her mutter something about 'gods'

"Have you heard of the greek gods?"

'Greek gods, I've heard them being part of the stories my m-mother used to tell me about', I disliked the god of the sky, and my favorite god is Thanatos, as he's the most fair out of everyone.

"I know a few, as my mum used to- to tell me of them" the thought of my mum makes me tear up... 'I miss her already' refusing to let tears leak I cleared my mind to the conversation we were in

"Good, they're real little one"

…huh?.. the gods are real? This person must be one of those crazy people mum told me about.

As if reading my mind the dryad shapeshifted her hand into a branch

Shock was all I was registering. My parents are dead, my father tried to kill me, a man killed everyone I loved, gods are real, this is a dryad.

I felt my reality slip, and I fell into the darkness once more.

POV Tinel

When the little one fell I was not surprised, poor thing.

Her parents are murdered by that immortal, and her father kills her.

Bastards the both of them, this is why I hate the everything that has a conscious, they tear at each others throats and destroy all that opposes them.

But this young girls family were a quiet bunch, I remember noticing them building that cabin from scratch.

The little girl was a bundle of joy to the wild, she treated all life with care and respect, her mother was the same.

Building a garden for the flowers that her daughter had found, her father however was a ruthless man.

He never treated the area with respect, instead monopolizing the wealth of the land for his own goals.

Going to that mortal settlement of York, to drink booze and sleep with the women there.

How I know this? It's easy to travel to places as long as there is trees, and my sisters had agreed to keep a watchful eye on him, as much as I hate him, he's the father.

Knocking myself from my thoughts, I brought myself to the present.

Looking down at the young girl I ran my hand through her long white hair, then I made a promise to watch over this young girl for life.

POV Little girl

'Mum what's wrong? Why are you crying, where's father?' I saw her trying to say something, until a familiar golden saber protruded from her gut.

"Hello there little girl, long time no see huh?" I froze in fear, watching as my mother fell and dissipated into ash.

"Y'know it's rude to ignore your guest!" the golden haired man said before he burst out laughing.

"So how are you still alive huh, I saw father dearest slam a hatchet deep into your shoulder. Yet here you are, now I wonder what would happen if I were to stab you. Will you heal yourself?" had a crazed look in his eye

"Lets try!" Slowly I saw his saber jab at me, but before it hit me I heard a voice.

"Wake up young one!" then I woke up.

Tears were streaming down my face as I awoke, I looked at Tinel who was looking at me with concern.

"Tinel that monster is in my dreams, he won't let me go!" feeling Tinel take me into her embrace I crumbled. Hearing her saying it's all right made me feel at ease, so I just clung onto her as my life line.

"Don't worry young one, That monster will have to go through me to get to you. So relax and eat."

Noticing the assortment of berries and nuts, I felt my stomach flip weirdly. Shaking my head I picked a strawberry, as it is my favorite.

Biting down on the colourful strawberry I expected the familiar sweetness, only to taste the most horrid taste imaginable. Nearly throwing up I spit the bitten strawberry out.

"Eugh, why does it taste terrible?!" I exclaimed whilst scrubbing my tongue

Not noticing her hurt look before she schooled her emotions

"I got these from a berry bush, one that I grew myself, so I'm sure nothing is wrong with it" she said in emotionless tone but body language spoke different

Feeling bad for my outburst, I quickly grabbed a blueberry and ate it. Chewing slowly I tasted the same thing as the strawberry. Refusing to show emotion I continued to eat, until I felt satisfied.

"M-mmm these are tasty, thanks Tinel!" I said in a strong voice, hopefully strong voice.

Thankfully she looked proud of herself, 'Lets not do that again. Who am I kidding, mum said to be grateful.'

"Young one, do you have a name?"

Chastising myself for not telling her my name, just as I was about to tell her my name, I froze.

'What's my name! How could I forget my name?!' panicking closing my eyes I desperately I clawed at my memories.

Then a familiar voice called to me "Your name's Charlotte"

I felt tear prick my eyes. "Mum!" I called aloud, looking around me I saw nobody except Tinel, who looked confused at my behaviour.

Shaking my head, I willed the feeling away. Looking at Tinel, I said in a shaky voice

"M-my names Charlotte" After I said this I felt myself drift off


POV Charlotte

I awoke again, to the feeling of wind blowing against me.

Thankfully I had slept a dreamless sleep, the image of the blond haired man invaded my mind.

Shaking my head, best not question it.

"Tinel?" I called out into the well lit cave, almost instantly I heard a pop, and standing where the pop came from was Tinel, who was soaking wet.

I was going to question why she was wet before she hugged me with the force of a falling tree.

"Thank Pan you're ok!" she exclaimed in relief.

I felt happy that she cared about me, it reminds me of the time when I used to scare mum by- by coming home hurt... instantly my mood fell.

Feeling my sadness, Tinels flowers drooped along with my head.

I felt her pull me into her embrace yet again, sniffling I smelt the faint smell of wet mud and spring flowers.

Relaxing into her embrace, I felt at ease in her arms.

"When you fell asleep I was worried! Listen closely Char, you mustn't doze off whilst in the middle of a conversation" feeling myself lighten up I breathed in her scent again

"Please don't leave me" I said in a quaky voice "I'm scared of that man, and-" feeling her squeeze me made me stop.

"-and as I said before, HE will have to go through the wild to get to you.

You are my daughter now Char, I will not have HIM come and hurt you.

I swear on the river styx that I will protect you with my life." A distant thundering was heard.

Tears of happiness were cascading down my face as I hugged her tightly.

"T-Thank you Tinel" repeating this to her as she patted my back.

"Anything for you my little blossom"

We sat with each other for what seemed like ages, when in reality it was but a few minutes.

Getting up Tinel told me if I wanted to go outside to go for a walk, thinking that I need a bath I decided to go.

"Tinel" "Hmm?" "Could you get me some clothes?" I asked in a small voice

"..." noticing her silence, I saw her biting her clenched index finger whilst saying "Too cute" Feeling a blush coming on I said quickly "forget it" but ending up grinning mischievously 'going to use this in the future'

"Yeah hold on" I heard her say excitedly, she disappeared in a flash, only to return with a dress fashioned with variations of leaves and flowers acting as frills.

Exclaiming immediately "I am not wearing that," but this changed after seeing her dejected look.

"F-fine" she then proceeded to give me some time to change.

Walking out of the bush panel that she summoned, dressed in the dress that looked like something a princess would wear, minus the metal chassis required of course.

And for some reason she fashioned an umbrella to go with it, seriously.

Shaking my head I walked out

"so how do I look" I said whilst gauging her reaction, her eyes had lit up, and her posture was like a mother seeing her daughter in a wedding dress, embarrassing.

"You look beautiful!" fighting the blush I told her to get on with it

"Alright little blossom, we're just going on a walk around. So always stay by my side and never venture by yourself. Got it? Good."

Forests of Upstate New York

Tinel had instructed me to hold onto her as tightly as possible, so she could teleport us outside the cave we called home.

The feeling of teleporting is not pleasant, as it feels like your entire world is going upside down, right side up at fast speeds.

Shaking my head of disorientation, bad idea, I looked around us and what I saw surprised me.

The moon was shining down on the forest canopy, and there was a lake stretching all along the coast, it was a magnificent sight to say the least.

Tinel shook my shoulder, jarring my from my sightseeing

"Want to go and bathe?"

At the sound of bathe I was suddenly aware of the condition my hair was in, as well as my skin.

Nodding my head to the speed of light, she laughed at my reaction.

"alright, follow me closely, I'm going to show you a secret hot spring."

Upon seeing my confused expression she looked at me with surprise.

"You've never heard of a hot spring?!" I nod "No daughter of mine will never not experience a hot spring"

she exclaimed with much passion. "Follow me"


As we went further into the forest, I felt my unease rise.

But Tinel felt this, is she some kind of psyche or something, so she held my hand.

We got closer to the place she mentioned, I heard whispers from all around us.

Unnerved I held Tinels hand like a life line.

I kept looking around us until the whispers suddenly vanished, I looked in front of us and Tinel had stopped walking, and standing there was a half man, half... goat?

Then the goat man walked towards us, feeling my nerves act up, I hid behind Tinel in fear.

"Tinel why is that goat man coming towards us?" I asked in a small frightful voice

I heard her curse under her breath, she looked at me and assured me

"this isn't a goat man, it's a satyr, make sure you say satyr instead of goat man.

They're a little touchy about goat man." Nodding I looked to see that the go-satyr was in front of me.

Screaming I launched my fist without thinking, what surprised me is the fact that the goat-satyr went flying, until he crashed into a bush.

Looking at how far he went, I was stunned. 'How did I do that?' I thought to myself

"Charlotte!" startled I looked at Tinel who was looking at me with surprise "what did you do?" she exclaimed loudly.

Not dealing with people yelling at me loudly, I looked down with tears in my eyes muttering sorry.

I heard her mutter a curse under her breath again "Little Blossom It's not your fault, it's just. I'm surprised you can hit like that, so I'm sorry for yelling like I did.

I'm sorry" I felt her hug me.

Her scent made me believe that everything is going to be alright.

A loud exclamation brought both of us back to the present

"Ahh pan that hurts!"

we both looked up to see the satyr nursing his nose

"I'm sorry little girl, didn't mean to startle you, It's just I never saw a human like you before"

"I'm sorry for hitting you mr. satyr" I say whilst doing what my mum always used to do when I do something to someone, I curtsy.

"No it's my fault for scaring you like that, so Tinel who's the little girl?"

Tinel who had been watching us in amusement decided to step in now.

"Her names Charlotte and she's my daughter."

The satyr looked dumbfounded for a second before blasting loudly "You had intercourse with a human!"

Tinel looked like a rose when he had finished his statement

"N-no! I did not, I just adopted her as my own!" hearing her stutter was one of those things where someone can die happy once hearing.

"what's intercourse" I wondered aloud

The usually calm and collected Tinel was reduced to a stuttering mess

"L-lets just get to the spring" she said tiredly.

"Ok" I say cheerfully "Bye mister satyr" waving.


We found ourselves on plateau where there were plenty of other dryads, all of them were chatting together before they landed their eyes on me. All chatting stopped, even the birds stopped.

I avert my eyes from everyone, instead tugging at the hem of the dress.

"Ahem, girls, I would like you all to meet my ADOPTED daughter Charlotte, so please stop acting all disrespectful and continue with your chatting"

everyone then resumed with their chatting with more than necessary vigor. 'Is Tinel a queen?' I thought

Shaking my head, I looked at Tinel about to ask a question when a voice cut me off.

"Tinel why did you invite a human to the springs!" a shrill voice called out. The dryad that yelled walked up towards us

"Now they're just going to come and tear it down for their own needs" she stared at me with discontent.

Feeling my cheeks flush, I looked down and said sorry. 'Why are people so mean?' "for all we know this little girl is just going to go tell all of those fithly mortals about this place"

tears were falling from my eyes at this point, my hair blocking out my face.

"I bet her family is just going to tear down your-" a resounding slap was heard, I flinched.

"Don't you dare think that my daughter would do anything to hurt nature" she spoke in a cold voice,

'No don't be like that' I thought 'where's the nice Tinel'

shaking slightly I spoke in a small voice

"Tinel, it's okay.." "Okay?! They just insulted you.." her voice stopped short when she saw me

"they have a right to, my father is the reason most of the forest was torn down"

"That's the reason me and-and my mom kept replanting the seeds we find"

I shut my eyes as I turned to the other dryad "I-I'm sorry" doing a curtsy, running away from the plateau, I heard Tinel telling me to wait.

Disregarding that I kept running, then I found myself in front of the lake in the matter of minutes.

'how am I that fast' shaking my head.

I knelt by the water, to look at my reflection.

Only to pause as I saw two glowing red pupils stare up at me, shrieking I back peddled from the water.

The thing did not follow me.

Gulping, I went closer to the water.

I looked into the water and saw my reflection again.

Two red pupils, with black irises stared back at me.

I stared at the thing I front of me, until I felt the urge to sleep grow over me.

Hazily I looked up and saw the sky change colours from dark purple to azure blue, the urge to hide was getting strong at this point, but I ignored it.

The sun was now over the horizon, but was blocked by the clouds.

I heard quickened footsteps rush towards me, I looked behind me and saw Tinel with a worried look In her eyes searching for me

"Ti-nel" I say sleepily, I saw her rush towards me. "Charlotte there you are.. what's wrong?" she asked, I glanced towards the sun, one of it's rays managed to break through the cloud and land on my hand.

Searing pain awoke my sleepy mind, I screamed "Tinel!"

Tinel looked shocked as she looked at my burnt hand, she gulped and forced my hand back into the ray.

The pain flared again "Arrgh!" I felt black spots dance along my vision "Ti-nel don't leave me" I said as I passed out.

POV Tinel

"Ti-nel don't leave me" were the last words before Charlotte passed out

'No... No there's no way. There's no way my daughter's a strigoi!' she tried to trick herself, but the evidence was all there.

Although not being entirely she was basically a strigoi, her skin burned against the sun, always slept when the sun rose.

She also didn't taste the food I gave her, punching the satyr which sent him flying.

But she was everything but a strigoi! She's sorry about everything, she's clumsy, mischievous and kind hearted, her eyes were normal previously as well.

Why! Why did she turn?! A sudden flash of memory happened.

A hatchet burying in her shoulder, the hollowness of her eyes when she saved her.

She died... and she came back, noticing the sun rising.

She strengthened her resolve, Charlotte will not live a life of pain anymore.

Memories of the day zoomed in her mind 'I'll be there for her and cure her, even if it means going against the gods!" picking her daughter, she teleported them back to the burrow.

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