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Oh . . . stuff that is italicised is Jenova talking . . . just for your information : )

A Second Life

Prologue - Return

Awaken, my son.


It is time.

"Leave me be."

You can either arise by yourself, or I shall make you.

"Then do so. I should be dead."

But you are not. You are still alive . . . and now I have even greater need of you, my son.

"I do not wish to live . . . I have never wished to live. Now that you are destroyed, fate can take the proper course, as it was meant to."

You are being foolish. I cannot be destroyed . . . not as long as one of my body lives. You still live . . . therefore, so do I.

"Then you will stay here with me until I die as well. You lost, creature. You failed. Deal with it."

And if I tell you that things could be different? That we could still accomplish our goal?

"Destroying the Planet was your goal, Jenova. Not mine. My only goal was revenge . . . a revenge that was a lie, as was the rest of my life. I have no reason to go on living in a world that I was not meant for. So no, I am not getting up. Let me die in peace . . . perhaps in death I will find the peace of soul I never had in life."

If you will not cooperate, I will just find another. Perhaps that Cloud fellow . . . he has my cells in his body . . .

"You leave him out of this, creature. His life has been hell enough thanks to you and I." Blazing green eyes opened slowly to stare at the ceiling of ice above him, narrowed in anger and threat at the creature he spoke to within himself.

So . . . you wake to spare your enemy the same fate as yourself? Intriguing . . . and how terribly noble and foolish. I would not have thought you had it in you.

The once great general of Shin-Ra growled at the voice in his head before standing slowly, shaking off the scream of muscles long unused. He took in his surroundings, trying to determine exactly where he was. It appeared to be an ice cave, through the walls of which he could barely make out stone.

"You do not know everything about me creature. I do not know everything about myself. I have never been able . . . to be my own person. Only a pawn in others games. I have much to learn . . . about life."

So, you have determined to live? How interesting. What changed your mind?

"Yes . . . I have determined to live. You have given me the purpose I needed."

Ah . . . that is good. We have much that needs to be done. For now . . .

"You mistake me, creature. I said you have given me the purpose . . . not that you ARE the purpose. At least, not in the way you seem to think. I arise for one reason, and one reason only . . . I'm going to destroy you . . . for ever."


"You are wrong creature. I live to serve no one but myself now. My creators are dead . . . Shin-Ra is no more . . . I am free now, as I have never been before. Now I shall do things as I see fit . . . with no orders from anyone."

You sniveling brat . . . I am your mother, your lover, your MASTER! I am the only acceptance you will ever have in this world!

"I have no need of acceptance or love . . . or a mother. I survived a lifetime without any of that before . . . I can do so again. When I believed I had all of that, you used me. Now . . . I will allow no more lives to be ruined by you. Perhaps, if I am cautious, I can undo some of the damage that was done in my name."

How dare you! I saved your miserable little life! You owe me! You ARE me!

He winced slightly as the voice echoed around in his head, it's shrill tone making it plain that the entity it belonged to was not happy. Not that he particularly cared. Using all the mental strength he could summon, he built a careful wall around the part of him that housed the entity called Jenova.

"In case you have forgotten, I am not entirely grateful that you saved my life. I would much rather be dead. But, since that does not seem to be possible at the moment without you shrieking inside my head, I will ensure my peace . . . by destroying you."

You inconceivable, insignificant, arrogant . . .

"Brat? Bastard? I am all of those and more. Now leave me be. I have to find a way to Midgar . . . I should find the information I require there." With a swirl of black leather and platinum hair, the man once known as Sephiroth walked reluctantly back into the world of the living.