This is the continuation of the story The Secret. I hope you like it. If you haven't read The Secret read it before reading this one.

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Today is Thursday, it's been three days since the incident with my car and two days since Ryan told me his secret. My life has changed a lot in the last three weeks.

And the biggest change had been meeting him.

My boss.

We had gone very quickly from an assistant-chief relationship to one of...

Well, I still wasn't quite sure what kind of relationship we had. In everyone's view we were a normal couple. There was passion, desire, lust, ecstasy, sex... although lately I was making him suffer a little, but love... only from me.


I was in love with him. And he wanted me, but that's all.


Unbridled, pure, raw desire.

He was protecting me until he finished his mission and made sure my life was not in danger.

Or his mother's.


Yes, my life had definitely taken a 180° turn.

The week was almost over, I only had today and tomorrow. I just hope it's not as difficult as the last two days.

It has taken me a bit of work to get used to the idea that my car is gone and that my life is in danger, that at every moment and without noticing I see myself looking over my shoulder, to make sure that nobody comes following us. I know Ryan has noticed this and promised me that nothing will happen to me. But I feel uneasy, restless. Always with the same feeling that I'm being watched and I never see anyone. Or I don't know exactly what to look for.

But just as hard or harder than that has been lying to my mother and Kate about the relationship that Ryan, or rather Christian and I have. Yes, I'm still adjusting to calling him by his real name. I only do it when we are alone.

Today as every day we drive Christian's car to work. I must remember not to call him by that name in public, only in our apartment, where he has installed a sophisticated system that prevents anyone from hearing what we are talking about.

Just like the last few days it's snowing. I like the snow. But I hate it at the same time.

I hate not being able to drive when it's snowing.

Christian parks in the underground garage and after getting off we head for the elevator.

—Good morning Mr. Chasting. —he is greeted by an executive who climbs up with us in the elevator.

—Good morning. —he answers him as he presses the button on our floor.

—Good morning Anastasia. —he greets me very smiling.

In the last days this happens a lot. Everyone greets me and smiles at me. Well not all of them. The world is reduced only to the male sex in general. And I don't know if it's because all TecFall already knows that I'm involved with the boss and they try to be more cordial with me.

—Good morning. —I greet him back.

What I like most about all this is Christian's reaction.

The same every day.

As soon as someone greets me like that, so smiling, he sticks more to me, interlaces his hand with mine and smiles at me slyly.

At least something good has come out of the whole wave of disasters I've been through in the last week.

I've managed to get him to hold my hand to get to the office, and to get out. Overall I've managed to get him to hold my hand everywhere. And the truth is, I won't deny that I love it.

Above all to see the face that women make when we go to lunch and sit together, and he puts his arm around my shoulders.

But I also know that he does it not only to demonstrate his supremacy and that I am his in the eyes of others, although in reality I am not.

He does it as a way to achieve a goal.


The last day we had sex was last Sunday, in New York. And I've been avoiding it since Tuesday night when he told me his secret and who he really was. It's not that I don't want to, or don't feel like it, quite the opposite. It's just a kind of punishment for him.

The elevator doors opened on our floor and we came out holding hands on our way to our offices.

—Good morning Mr. Chasting, hello Ana. —Kate greeted us as we passed her desk.

—Hello Kate, goodbye Kate. —I said goodbye with my hand as I was literally dragged by Christian's hand pulling mine.

As soon as I entered in my office, Christian turned me in his arms and cornered me against the door.

—How long do you intend to keep me like this? —he said to me as he pressed his body against mine.

—Like what? —I asked innocently.

—No kisses, no caresses, no sex.

—Until your leg is better. —I said away from him. —I'll get your coffee. —I opened the door and disappeared towards the pantry.

I was having a hard time resisting him, but I had to succeed. He had to understand that when you lie to a person, it has consequences, and he had to pay for lying to me.

—You're very thoughtful this afternoon. —he said to my side, bringing me back to reality.

We were in the apartment, after a tiring and exhausting day's work. Christian sat next to me on the sofa, putting my legs on his and pulling a lock of hair from my face.

He had taken off his jacket, sleeve with gun and the tie. He was slowly sliding his hand over my legs and staring at me. I knew what his gaze was asking for.


And I was avoiding it, always looking for some pretext. We didn't bathe together, we slept in separate rooms. I hadn't even agreed to be kissed, although he had tried countless times.

And what was more of a punishment for him, for having cheated and lied to me for so long, had become torture for me. Christian quickly understood what I was doing and set in motion his own strategy to torture me.

And this was one of them.

—It's nothing. —I replied as I continued to lose myself in my thoughts.

Christian took my face in his hands and stared me in the eyes.

— I know what could make you feel better. —he said to me as he slid his fingers down my cheeks.

I think my self-control was about to crack.

I couldn't go on any longer denying my body what it needed most at this time. His over mine.

Or vice versa.

We had talked a little about everything these days. But I still hadn't thanked him for the gifts he had given me.

I stared at his hand as it now slid down my thigh.

—I don't think I ever thanked you in person for the rose, and the dress. I loved the dress. —I said, standing up to go to the kitchen to escape his caresses.

But he got up quickly and took my hand in his.

—I also liked to see you wearing it, although I'm not going to lie to you, I liked it better to take it away from you. —he said as he put my hand to his lips and kissed her.

I was still angry with him. But as his lips kissed my skin, the anger dissipated a little.

—Don't think I'll forgive you so easily just because I'm excited by the contact of your lips against my skin.

Christian now looked at me curiously. Every time he was so close to me, I forgot to think before I spoke.

—It excites you...this. —he said as his lips now ascended kissing my arm.

My body began to react to the warm contact of his lips on my skin as they slowly ascended my arm.

I wasn't going to stop him, not this time, he had already been many days without feeling his body stuck to mine. And I could see a smile of satisfaction on his lips.

By the time his lips reached my neck I was almost melted between his arms. If it weren't for him holding me, I'd surely be on the floor.

It had been three days.

Three days without his caresses.

Without his kisses.

Without feeling his warmth.

I couldn't take it anymore.

Deep down, I knew that I had forgiven him for everything from the moment he had told me. And at that moment what I wanted most was to feel his lips over mine.

And as if he had read my thoughts, he brought his lips closer to mine.




Just as I remembered them.

His tongue invading my mouth. His warm breath mingling with mine, as his hands went down my body and squeezed me by the buttocks against his hard limb and ready for me.

His lips left my mouth and followed a path up to my neck.

He pulled my hair aside, and when he pulled out his tongue and slid it from the collarbone to under my ear, my whole body shuddered and unwittingly a groan escaped me.

—Humm. —yes, my body used to betray me every time I was near him, I was aware of it.

—Are you excited? —he asked me as he pulled the earlobe and turned me between his arms.

—No. —I replied quickly in a gasp.

—Then if I put a hand in your jeans you won't be wet. —he said to me in a sensual voice as he slipped one hand into my jeans and my underwear.


This was the first time he'd ever done something like that to me. And his voice was so sensual, and erotic.

—I think you're lying. —he said, putting a finger inside me. —You are very, very wet.

He whispered in my ear as he moved his finger inside me and I clung tightly to his shoulders with both hands so as not to fall to the ground.

—You don't think we should get to know each other before we do this. — I said in a gasp as he touched a tender spot inside me and another groan escaped me.

—Do you really want me to stop what I'm doing? —he said in a sensuous voice as he began to slowly pull his finger out of me.

—No! —I shouted holding his hand. —If you take it out, I'll kill you. —he smiled and put his finger back in while I bowed with pleasure against his hand.

His body was glued to mine, behind me, so I could feel his hard limb, inside his pants, pressing against my ass.

He put a second finger inside me making me gasp even more for pleasure. I was going crazy.

I needed it urgently inside of me.

I pushed my hips against his hand to feel it deeper.

—Someone is very anxious. —he said as he pulled out his hand and turned me quickly between his arms. —But unless you have condoms I think you're going to have to choose.

—Choose? Choose what?

He smiled at me with a dazzling smile as he glued his lips to mine.

— With what you want me to fuck you. —god this way of speaking was definitely something new in him, he had never spoken to me like this before.

Was it the same person? Or I was just getting to know him.