Rafael Barba swept into Cragen's office, suit sharp, hair slick and a deep frown creasing his handsome face.

"Counsellor" Carisi nodded in greeting from where he was leaning against the wall, a nod which Barba returned with a slight incline of his head.

"So" he said, at once all business "This is about the girls from the Grace and Mercy Clinic? What am I looking at?"

"Okay so, early this morning, Rielle Garner" Benson gestured through the observation window at Rielle who was sitting with her head lying on the table "Eighteen years old, takes our victim, fourteen year old Marlene Winslow to Grace and Mercy Clinic and forces one of the doctors to administer medical care to Marlene at gunpoint. The doctor cant fix everything so when he tells Rielle that, she tells him to call and ambulance and then takes off. Marlene gets taken to hospital where it is discovered that she has been raped and beaten where she suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung, arm fractures, wrist fractures, facial bruising and several deep cuts along her abdomen. Now Marlene is a prostitute who answers to a man called Trey, no last name. Now Trey is the one who assaulted Marlene but the order came from someone Marlene calls Uncle J. Working theory at the moment is that 'Uncle J' could be Rielle's older brother Jamal Garner. But she says she cant talk to us."

"Can't or wont?" Barba said with an eyebrow raised and Liv shrugged. Carisi cut in

"Counsellor I met this girl, back in Staten Island, 2015. From what I remember there's no way she's capable of being involved with what happened to Marlene. My guess is she's a victim too."

"I'd say she's more than capable Detective, she held man at gunpoint. And victim or not, she's possibly withholding evidence about the rape and assault of a fourteen year old!" Barba said and Carisi looked slightly wounded, so the A.D.A changed his tone and said "Three years is a long time Carisi, especially for someone in that life. People change. But, more to the point, why am I here?"

"We figured the A.D.A layin' out the charges to her may help scare her into talkin'." Fin shrugged and it looked like Barba had to stop himself from scoffing.

"Seriously? Me? I'm your best chance at scaring an eighteen year old hooker into telling the truth? Seems like a bit of a hail Mary doesn't it?"

"Are you going to help us or not Counsellor?"

"The hell are you?"

"Miss Garner, I'm A.D.A Rafael Barba and you are looking at serious prison time for kidnapping, assault and accessory to rape. Those are all felonies."

"Aguanta gilipollas! (Hold up asshole!) First of all I di'nt assault nobody and you cant prove I did!" Rielle had gotten up from her chair as soon as Barba had entered the room and she was glaring at the A.D.A with her fists balled up.

"Get your ass back in that chair!" Fin barked but Rielle just flipped him off and snapped

"Muérdeme!" (Bite me!)

"Rielle. Rielle sit down." Carisi walked round the table and leant against the wall behind Rielle's chair, his the right corner of his mouth twitching into a half, crooked, reassuring smile.

Taking three deep breaths, hands trembling, Rielle flopped back down into the chair.

"Say for just one moment that you're right and I can't indict you on the assault and conspiracy charges. We have you on video and an eye witness who puts you in that doctor's office with a loaded gun that you used to hold Dr Linden hosta - sorry did I say something amusing to you?" Barba interrupted himself as he saw a small smirk flash across Rielle's face.

"Gun wasn't real Señor Barba"

"I beg your pardon?"

"The. Gun. Was. Not. Real. Can tell you where to find it if you want." Rielle said slowly "You got nothin' on me Mr abogado (lawyer). You gonna let me go now?"

"Liv!" It was Elliot who was walking towards her, a report in his hands.

"What is it?" Liv asked as Barba looked up from where he was examining the case file.

"They found the gun on Tavers Street right where she said it was. And she was tellin' the truth too, it was fake, her prints are all over it."

"Damn" Liv muttered as her eyes slid over the report "Have we got anything to hold her on Barba?"

"No. She's right, we cant get her on conspiracy, Marlene confirms that Rielle wasn't one of her attackers and with the new information about the gun, there's nothing to charge her with. Cut her loose and pray she has a change of heart." Barba said closing the file with a sigh.

"You heard the man" Liv sighed also "Cut her loose. But have Carisi do it, so he can have one last crack at her before she disappears."

"So that's it? I can go?" Rielle asked mistrustfully as Carisi handed back the few items that had been in her possession when they arrested her. A lighter, a necklace with a snake pendant on it and a burner phone that TARU had gone through and found nothing useful on.

"Yeah you can go. Mind if I walk you out?" Carisi asked and Rielle shot him a curious look before shrugging and saying

"seguro, creo (Sure I guess)"

The detective and the girl walked out of the precinct in silence, until they reached the street. When they stepped out into the cool air Carisi turned and looked down at Rielle, who pushed her brown and blue hair out of her face.

"Listen Rielle, I want you to take this" he said putting a small card in her left hand "It's got my number on there and-"

"So you really do wanna have some fun eh papi?" Rielle interjected before snickering at the look on Carisi's face "I'm just messing wit chu."

"You call me if you change your mind and want to help or you remember anything. If anything happens, or if you're scared or-or just wanna talk. You call me okay?"

Rielle took the card between her middle and index finger and examined it with a furrowed brow for a moment and a look of slight surprise at his offer. The look vanished quickly and she jutted her chin out and shrugged one shoulder.

"Won't need to call you."

And she turned and walked away.

But it didn't go unnoticed by the Detective that as she sauntered away from him...

...she slipped the card into her pocket.

"Carisi? You're still here?"

"Paperwork Sarge" Carisi said to Liv who was stood by his desk, a tired and poor attempt at a smile briefly crossing his face, before a frown came back onto his brow.

"Are you okay Carisi?" Liv asked, with a slight frown of her own and Carisi leant back in his chair with a sigh.

"This case is just weighin' on me Sarge. I'm fine, really."

Liv surveyed him for a moment before pulling Elliot's desk chair across so she was sat in front of him.

"Micha Green."

"Who?" Carisi asked and Liv sighed.

"Micha Green was a nineteen year old singer. She had overcome so much and was on the verge of having it all when I met her."

"Who was she?"

"An old case. Before your time. Her boyfriend assaulted her. Beat the holy hell out of her then choked her in front of three witnesses. None of them did anything." Liv, took her glasses off as she remembered the case "The boyfriend got her to forgive him, convinced her they were in love and that was just how things were with them. Even after he killed her mentor, a man she saw as a father, he was so in this girl's head that he got her to lie to a grand jury and say he didn't do it."

Carisi knew where this story was going, but asked anyway.

"What happened?"

"The boyfriend stuck to pattern. He beat Micha to death less than twenty four hours after she committed perjury for him. Her body was found in the water near their boat where they were on vacation."

"Damn" muttered Carisi "Sorry Sarge."

Liv gave a sad smile and then said earnestly

"My point is Carisi, sometimes we do everything right. Everything. We do everything we can and we do it all right and it's not enough. And that is hard and it's painful but we can't blame ourselves. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yeah Liv. Yeah I hear you." Carisi sighed and carried on "I just-"

But he was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing.

"Carisi." a look of shock then graced his face "Rielle?"

He listened for a moment before getting to his feet and pulling his jacket on saying

"Okay, okay I understand. Where? Yeah I know where that is. I'm on my way."

He hung up and Liv got to her feet as well.

"What's going on?"

"She wants to meet. Said she can't tell me over the phone, the walls have ears. I don't know what's goin' on but Sarge she sounds scared. I gotta go see what's up."

"Go. But Carisi?"

"Yeah Sarge?"

"Be careful."

"Always am Sarge."

Dun, dun duuuuuun!

What's Rielle so afraid of that she actually called Carisi?


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