GATE thus the Clone Fought there

7 year after The death of sheev Palpatine by Anakin Skywalker after the sith lord reveal himself to Anakin but his gamble fail and lead to his downfall. Even after being attack by Anakin the injured palpatine manage to survive but the senate and the jedi council has executed order 65 and kill him . the clone war still engulf the whole known galaxy. the CIS now lead by General grievous . without Sheev palpatine running the both side of the war. General grievous now has the whole CIS army under his command . Meanwhile on the republic side, now under the new Chancellor Bail organa . he had try everything in his hand to try make peace Negotiation with CIS council but Fail. He suspect that general grievous Probably disband the council and only he has all the power in the CIS . the only solution is to take out General grievous and than restored the CIS council and make the peace deal.

Coruscant, 7 Year After the battle of Coruscant

The Peace on Coruscant feel so surreal to Jedi Knight Itami youji and feel like there is no war but if he look carefully there a lot of Coruscant Guard patrolling the street rather than usual. The threat of CIS terrorist Is always on everybody mind. "well, the Holonet Convention is today luckily that I am off duty. Leading the clone is not what I aspect when the clone war start.i just want a peaceful day that all"said itami. One of the Coruscant guard commander spot him what him assume he is patrolling the street "Good morning Master jedi, May I and my squad accompany you?" said the Commander . itami feel kinda annoy by thisThis "no thank commander , I can Protect myself" said itami "but sir , the CIS terrorist has become more radical yesterday we manage to captured about 10 terrorist ploting to kill jedi , know if some of them manage to escape" said the commander " fine you can accompany me but-" suddenly he feel a great disturbance in the force that make him knee down "Sir! Are you alright sir! What wrong!" said the commander "*cough* yes I am fine.i just feel a great disturbance in the force.i wonder what wrong"itami said and he attaempt to call his master " hello master anakin what wrong?" said itami " I guess you also feel it . master yoda almost faint when he feel and almost making all the council panic . I guess don't let your guard down" said Anakin "Sir! There is a fire near The senate building! " said one of the the coruscant Guard "dammit ! there goes my holiday, all of you come with me! And call the LAAT/le gunship now! " said itami "Yes sir!" said all of the ten Coruscant Guard


Thank for reading everyone. This is my first attempt to make a Fanfic .and my English is kinda suck XD . and yes I will use a lot of Legend content in this