From a Empire soldier POV

Today is a big day for legio . he have fought countless battle for the empire but nothing prepared him for this new expedition, The conquest for the new world ! before they start march toward the new world. The emperor gave a speech to increase the moral of the army . "today you will march toward the new world, I hope all of you bring wealth and also new resource for our great Saderan Empire!"said emperor molt . than they moved toward the new world. Inside the gate were pitch black . nobody were making a noise the noise they were hearing were clanking of their armor, than the saw a light infront of them . than they were out of the gate and all they saw were iron like tower not one but bunch of them and also a flying thing were buzzing in the sky. all of them were shock and speechless. than they saw the resident of the world were all looking at them . to their surprise not all of them were human. Some of the demi human in this world come in a difference shape and , the human in this world were not disgust at them . suddenly a human with white and red armor come to them and speak with a difference language " axcuse me gathering were not permited please leave at once or we we will use violent way!" Said the coruscant guard. Than the general reply " This Land is now belong to the saderan empire ! all of you will bow to the emperor once the conquest is complete and now we will clean this planet and slave all of the demi human and all those who defy us ! everyone! Begin the attack!" "what is he say-" before the were finish saying his word he was overrun by the wave of spearman and horse cavalry. All of the civilian were fleeing the scene some of the civilian and also criminal manage to repel some of them but they were overrun by the huge number of saderan cavalry and spearman . "HAHAHA! This conquest will only take a day! I don't even see a single sword or spear on the enemy ! they are not even civilized like the barbarian we counter in our world!" said the general

"The push in the city were quite easy" legio taught as they were marching to their next target, the mushroom shape building. they saw bunch of the enemy "battle mage" with their white and red armor heading for that building seem important for the enemy so almost all of saderan army were marching their. "load all the capture enemy battle mage and all the slave that we captured on the carriage and quickly send them to our world and let the prince have the women"the general said to the courier and than he look the mushroom shape building "I have a bad feeling about this" said the enemy defence were fierce at this build . the empire lost about thousand in the it were worth it as the come really close to the building .legio luck were good since he is in the back of the line than he say a enemy human with robe wielding some come of light sword and effortlessly cut a elite centurion in half and also use some kind of magic."archer! aim at the enemy mage" said the commander. The enemy mage almost block all the arrow with his light sword but one were hit him in the knee making him knell down in pain ."the enemy mage is down! Eve-" the general stop saying his word in shock and look in the sky .than ever saderan soldier stop their march and look in the sky and speechless. something were suddenly pierce the heaven and hover in the sky it shape like a whale and suddenly it start spewing without warning the siege equipment suddenly explode than the soldier formation also the general die almost all the solder were scater like a ant and the almost all the thing that come out of the whale land infront of them and than the enemy battle mage come out of it .some of the flying thing drop some kind a monster and it start to attack them . legio run as fast as he can and suddenly a explosion make he lose his balance and fall down "damnit!" legio scream. After opening his eye he saw bunch of enemy mage were surrounding him . Unliked the one that defend the mushroom shape building .their armor were white and blue.

All of the enemy battle mage that surround him were aiming their staff and saying something that he not understand. He were about to draw the backup dagger from his pocket but one of the enemy battle mage notice it and shot him with some kind of magic and make him paralyzed and make him faint

Inside the republic prison

Legio open his eye and look at his surrounding are . he were inside some kind of room . "damn it! how careless am letting myself get captured by the enemy! I rather kill myself rather than being a slave!" he scream. "don't worry I will not let you kill yourself" suddenly the door open and a old man come inside his cell with two guard "I already master your language from the other inmated "the old man said" than that great! My name is legio son of the nobleman if you release me my family will pay you "said legio "my name wilhuff tarkin, sadly I cannot do that but don't worry you not to start attacking me as soon as you see me so I suggest you start answer my question and we will guarantee your welfare and don't our government ban slavery so you will not sold to slavery and if you not answer my question" tarkin let out a sinister smile that make legio broke a sweat"from the look of your society . your government is a warmongering type and use fear to rule the not like I hate it but I li- no love it. don't worry the torture that you guys use is kinda barbaric so we will not use it but from the million of year of technology advancement our torturing technique will not leave a permanent scar on your body but it is more painful." Tarkin let out a sadistic smile. "Hardy,why you not let me die" taught legio

END of chapter 2.5

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