Cas was in full trainer mode while she watched Happy take out a one-on-one fist-fight. Her boyfriend was about to finish the other guy, when in a short moment of negligence, the opponent pulled out a knife. Cas gasped. "Babe, knife!" She screamed as loud as she could while running towards the two fighters. Aiming for his head, Cas jumped at the man with the knife and pinned him to the ground. She sat on top of him, kneeling on his wrist and arm on the other side. "That was-," the young woman was about to lecture the guy when a kick to his temple ended it all. She looked up and could hardly make out any details in the dark silhouette against the light. Cas pressed two fingers to the dead man's throat. When she couldn't find any pulse, she sighed. She got sighed and got up. She stopped the pickup, which was about to pass, and gave them the corpse.

She could tell her boyfriend was still all riled up from the fight, the surprise with the knife and most importantly – he was pissed because she had gone between them. "Why," he asked her. "'Cause I didn't want to watch you get killed." Her voice was sharper and eventually louder than intended. Happy stared her darkly in the eyes, "Why would you do that. It wouldn't have happened anyways." He was starting to get her pissed too. "Because he lied! You may not have noticed early enough! Errors happen – they are human!"

The crowd around them hadn't dissolved yet. Hap glanced around the audience before grabbing Cas' arm quite firmly. He pulled her out of the crowd, away from the people. He found a bank in the park at the end of the town square where he let go of her. She snapped her arm out of his grip and sank down onto the bank. "I'm tired," she said putting her face in her hands. Happy sank down onto his knees and brought his face on level with hers. He pulled her hands from her face and looked at her softer than before. "You need to remember our arrangement: We fight our fights alone." Cas turned her hand out of his grip and rolled her eyes, "whatever." Hap grabbed her chin and kissed her firmly before grunting, "you're a real pain in the ass sometimes. Let's go home."

Some hours later, Happy carried his girlfriend on his back. Her arms hung loosely around his neck and she rested her head on his shoulder. They heard birds fly up somewhere behind them and Cas turned her head. It was already daybreak and they weren't that far from home anymore. "Hap, babe, stop. Let me down!" He did as told, and his girlfriend sank to the floor. He looked down the street and saw the dog. Cas waddled towards it, leaving Happy some feet behind her. The dog didn't close in and finally Cas got up again.

With a loud rattling noise Juice opened the gate at 8.30 am. He spotted Happy sitting on the floor, leaning against the streetlight. His girlfriend settled between his stretched legs and leaned against his torso. There were two guns next to Happy's leg and much to his confusion the saw a dog at his other leg. They looked horrible. Bloody clothing, smeared make-up, cuts and bruises on every exposed part of skin; both had a blue eye and more hematomas than he could count. Juice got nervous, not knowing whether they were alive or not. A grunt told him they were. "good morning, guys! Rise and shine."

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