AN: Sorry for the delay for this chapter, but I've been working on other things - also I was waiting for Volume 6 fo RWBY to come to an end so I can plan the rest of this story around the information of Volume 1-6 in full. Now that its over I can continue where I left off.

Time: The Next Morning

Location: Beacon Academy

Schwarze was sleeping in the rather comfortable sofa bed... when a loud whistle sounded from the room across the hall...and thanks to his sensitive ears, it felt like he heard it right next to him.




"Gooood morning Team RWBY!"

Jaune slowly began to rise up out of bed, scratching his head as he pulled out his earplugs. "Anyone hear something?" He questioned, before he saw Schwarze on the ground. "The hell happened to you?"

"Don't… ask..." The Grimm-turned-faunus growled, as he got off the floor slowly. "I'm gonna smash that whistle...,"

Jaune blinked and remembered that this scene from the show, and immediately went to wake everyone up. Of course, he didn't need to, as the rest of Team JNPR woke up themselves.

"Good morning, team!" Nora exclaimed as she poked her head from out of the girls side of their dorms. "Ren! You know what to do!"

"Already on it," Ren said, who was already in his school uniform… only with an apron that said 'Don't kiss the cook' on as he used pulled out pancake mix as he left the room to get to the kitchen.

"Morning ya'll..." Jaune yawned as he got out of bed, and began to stretch a bit before doing his own morning routine - beginning to do a series of push-ups.

"Morning," Pyrrha said, as she stepped out after Nora - wiping away the sleepiness from her eyes. After that she looked over at Schwarze, dressed in his own school uniform, who was rubbing his head to alleviate the headache he got from landing headfirst from his jumpscare.

"Are you okay, Schwarze?" she asked, and said Grimm Faunus just nodded.

"Yeah...nothing serious, just landed on my head after falling out of the bed," he grumbled, before shaking his head, before pulling out the schedule, "Okay, our first class is nine o'clock, and it is now...," he looked at the said clock and saw the hour hand precisely between nine and eight, and the minute hand on 6. "...eight thirty, so we have a half hour to get there."

"Good, enough time for breakfast and a shower." Jaune said, before finishing his push-ups.

"It says here our first class is with..." Pyrrha mused as she looked at the schedule. "...Professor Peter Port… hmm, I've heard a few things about him back in Mistral..."

"Like?" Jaune asked as he grabbed his uniform, heading for the bathroom.

"Well, I've heard he's among the more… lecturing of teachers here," Pyrrha said with a small chuckle. "Kinda of the opposite of Professor Oobleck from what I've heard."

Schwarze mentally groaned, 'Oh great, I have to endure the mental torture of listening to Port's over exaggerated stories, while trying to keep up with the coffee speed demon,' he thought while sighing, "Any teachers we should keep an eye out, for...specific reasons?"

All of Team JNPR blinked at, and Schwarze pointed to his wolf ears, with one of them twitching, "Who else have animal parts like me?" he rhetorically asked.

They all gave an 'oh' of realization, seeing that he was a Faunus now.

"Hmmmm..." Pyrrha mused as she looked through the list. "Well, it doesn't actually say who's human or a Faunus, I don't see why they'd include it to begin with… " she then smiled "B-but, I am sure there are! No reason for there not to be anyways, there are plenty of famous Faunus Huntsmen and Huntresses afterall."

Schwarze sighed at that. It wasn't what he ACTUALLY meant, but...

"Well, as long as there's no racist scumbags among the staff in this school, the better my stay here will be. Just glad I'm not in Atlas," he said, mentally shivering at the thought of living in the one kingdom where the worst Anti-Faunus Racism was, provided of course he wasn't killed by the army first. And not to mention the worst corporate douchebag in the history of corporate douchebags lived there as well, along with his sociopathic little shit of a son.

"Well to be fair, the situation in Atlas tends to get over exaggerated thanks to SDC." Jaune informed, "Sure its bad when you live in areas where SDC assets are built or mined, but the actual Academy of Atlas I've heard some positive things about… well, aside from their overly-militaristic mindset, but that's just my opinion."

"He's right," Pyrrha nodded, "I've visited Atlas before, while I admit there are a… larger than desired amount of bad apples there, most students and teachers have good heads on their shoulders. They have a rather Vacuoan look on things - if you're willing to fight for the greater cause of Atlas and its people, you're more than welcome there… of course bigots are bound to slip through the cracks in even the best of systems."

"Like the High-Class Aristocrats...," Schwarze put in, "...I know, they're mostly in the minority, but it's still a big minority."

"You seem to have a grudge against aristocrats," Ren said, "You had trouble with them back in your old life?"

Schwarze sighed at that, "Oh you have NO idea how bad many Aristocrats were...,"

"Preaching to the choir..." Jaune muttered to himself silently, before a very… delicious smell worked its way into the room. "*Sniff sniff*...I smell..."

"FINALLY!" Nora shouted, practically busting out of the bathroom - fully clothed mind you - and made a beeline out of the bedroom and into the connected living room/kitchen next door. "PANCAAAAAKEESS!"

The three in the bedroom all blinked, before looking at Ren - who was still standing in the door, who sighed before he shrugged. "Get use to it." He said.

The other three inhabitants of the room sighed before they made their way to the kitchen...and hopefully get a chance to eat a pancake before the hammer wielder ate them all.

Ozpin sipped on his morning coffee, as he looked at the list of candidate teams for Schwarze, Glynda right beside him as they walked through the courtyard.

"Well, from the screening of all pre-existing teams, the only viable options with open positions are Team ASH, and Team SBL...Sadly, the latter is currently still dealing with the loss of Ebony Blade last year...and won't accept any new members," Said Glynda, while sighing somberly at the memory of said team's mission gone wrong.

"Hmmm… " Ozpin mused, as he pulled up the file on Team ASH. Three faces appeared on the screen before him and Glynda. "And Team ASH?"

"Well, Echo Tumaros left on good terms with the team when he was recalled to Mistral due to family matters and to finish his studies at Haven, closer to home." Glynda nodded, "Hmm… I don't think they'd be too opposed to bringing Schwarze in… assuming they get along..."

Ozpin hummed at that. "I'll talk to them later this afternoon," he said, "I'll fill them in on half the truth, while leaving out Schwarze's... other half,"

Glynda looked at him with a frown, "Oz, I know you want to give him a chance, but if they find out what he is-,"

"I'm well aware of the outcome Glynda," the Headmaster said, "But, I know that once Team ASH bond with him, and he vice versa, I'm certain they'll accept him for him, not for what he is,"

The Professor sighed at that, before switching to a different part of the matter concerning their Wolf Grimm Faunus.

"And what about the others? How do you think James will react to this?" she queried in concern, considering her old flame and the Headmaster of Atlas, General James Ironwood.

"That is why we must keep this at a need-to-know basis," Ozpin reinforced, "I trust James… but you know as well as I do that he has a habit of acting before thinking."

Glynda sighed "You know he has a knack on telling when you're hiding something, Professor..."

"Well then I just need to perfect my poker face then," Ozpin retorted with a small smirk.

The sudden sound of repeating footsteps got their attention as the two Professors looked up and spotted none other than Teams RWBY and JNPR, along with the said topic of their conversation, as they ran from their Dorm to their first class.

"How the hell did we have only five minutes left on the clock!?" shouted Schwarze, "I blame you for this, Arc!"

"It's not my fault!" Jaune retorted, "Nora kept eating every serving of Pancakes Ren made, and drank all the syrup!"

"Not my fault no one packed any extra bottles!" Nora exclaimed, a half-eaten Pancake in her mouth as she swallowed it up while running.

"If we're late, I'm blaming you!" Jaune shouted, as they double-timed it to their classroom - all while the two professors watched calmly, Ozpin simply drinking his coffee and Glynda keeping an eye on her watch.

"Monsters! Deeeemons... Prowlers of the night! Yes, the creatures of Grimm have many names, but I merely refer to them as prey! Ha-ha!"

Jaune simply rested his head in his palm as he watched Professor Port's lecture with little interest. It was absurdly boring so far… the only thing that was really keeping him awake was that he just kept reminding himself that Port still sounded like Ryan Haywood from RT's Achievement Hunter, and that made him chuckle every now and then.

Teams JNPR, RWBY and Schwarze were all sitting in the class, all in various states of attention. Some like Weiss, Blake, Ren and Pyrrha taking the most attention or taking notes, while others like Ruby, Yang and Nora were either subtly entertaining themselves, or in Nora's case… well the soft snoring was very informative.

With Schwarze, he was busy trying to keep himself from banging his head on the desk, while keeping a an eye out for a certain bully.

He didn't have to look far as he spotted said prick as he scanned around looking for his next victim.

Schwarze's eyes narrowed slightly, promising himself to give Cardin a real humbling he'll never forget. He returned his attention to the class, not noticing that the said Winchester was now looking at him.

"Uhhhh... And you shall too, upon graduating from this prestigious academy!" Port continued as he began to pace. "Now, as I was saying: Vale, as well as the other three kingdoms, are safe havens-"


The Professor paused as he glanced up at the one who spoke - who was none other than Jaune. "Pardon, Mr. Arc?"

"You forgot Menagerie." He pointed out, "Even if its not officially a Kingdom, the Faunus pretty much own the whole island… even if most of it is filled with some of the worst Grimm in Remnant, but the fact that they've been able to make out a home there with what resources they have is an amazing feat in itself. In fact you gotta respect them for constantly fighting those beasts day in and day out."

"Of course, they're animals…" Cardin muttered.

"No one asked you, nimrod." Jaune shot back, before turning to Port. "Sorry Professor."

"Hm..." The Professor hummed. "Indeed! Thank you for reminding me, Mr. Arc, after all how could we ever forget the brave men and women who have turned that whole island into their homeland?"

Jaune nodded, as Blake glanced in his direction and gave him a small smile of appreciation, as did Pyrrha who nodded. Cardin however just growled, shooting a glare at Jaune.

"Anyways, as I was saying, the Kingdoms and Menagerie are safe havens…." The professor went on with the rest of his lecture as Jaune tried to just keep his eyes open and awaited for Weiss's moment to come up - not expecting much of anything else to come from today. It wasn't too difficult… he just kept watching as Ruby did her… well… thing.

And he didn't have to wait long for the volcano that is Mount Schnee to blow.

"...So, who among you believes has all these traits of being a Huntsman," as soon as Port said, Weiss' hand to shoot straight up.

"I do, sir!" she announced, a scowl on her face, which Jaune had to admit, looked a little more intimidating in real life.

'And thar she blows!' he thought, as he watched as Weiss went into another room to dress in her Huntress gear before coming back, while Port had brought in a cage containing the Boarbatusk.

Jaune watched as the rest of Team RWBY cheered her on, but when the said leader did, the SDC heiress snapped at her. Jaune actually sighed in disappointment at this early version of Weiss.

'At least she least she learns how to cooperate with her better later,' he thought, before Port walked over with his trusty Blunderbuss.

"Alright! Let the match… Begin!" the Professor announced, using his own weapon to slice open the cage, revealing the Boarbatusk inside as it charged out its first attack - which Weiss easily dodged with a quick twirl.

Jaune watched the duel, and overall nothing happened in it that went off of 'script' per say. Ruby tried cheering her on and giving advice, though Weiss tells her to shut up, and eventually she kills the Boarbatusk just like in the show.

"Bravo! Braa-vo!" Peter nodded. "It appears we are indeed in the presence of a true Huntress-in-training!"

Jaune frowned as he saw Ruby look very sad as Weiss shot her a glare. He shook his head at that 'Just hang in there, Rubes...' he thought, 'She'll get better...'

"Now, before we end the class...," Port said, causing Jaune to blink, "I wish to make a quick note regarding your team and JNPR. I watched the video detailing your Team's and Team JNPR's battle against one of the most feared Grimm that ever walked the face of Remnant - the Nuckelavee."

The other students in the class all made hushed murmurs about that, as Jaune simply rose his brow at this. Before he could wonder where the professor was going with this, he pressed a button, as a screen activated on his desk, which quickly showed the image of the Nuckelavee itself, just as it unleashed one of its deafening roars - a sound that caught most of the students by surprise, causing them to scream in fear for a moment.

The video went on to show Jaune attacking the Nuckelavee himself before RWBY and the rest of JNPR jumped in, and together defeating it. "Now, while I applaud your efforts to defeat an S-Rank Grimm together - even if its a younger version - this should serve as a lesson to all of you, not just RWBY and JNPR."

Port turned around, as he pointed at the beast itself just before Jaune sliced its head off as the video stopped. "This beast, and others like it, are extremely dangerous, far more lethal than a run-in-the-mill Beowolf, or even an Ursa, Nevermore or Deathstalker. If any of you ever comes into battle with creatures such as this again, never take it on alone. Your best strength is teamwork and coordination against such strong opponents. And as JNPR and RWBY demonstrated, a group coordinating together can take down some of the mightiest of foes… I have lost far too many friends and students to hot heads who focus more on glory over survival. No Huntsmen or Huntress is good to the Kingdoms dead, which is why it is also a team leader's responsibility to absorb the tactical situation any of his or her teammates are in, and provide tactical advice to their team to assure victory - much like what Miss Rose was doing, even if on the 'side-lines' as it were."

Ruby blinked, perking up at that - though Jaune rose his eyebrow slightly. That was a… noticeable shift from what he remembered from the show, since he was suppose to just call class quits and go onto the next scene with Ruby and Weiss. 'Things are changing faster...' he mused, scratching his chin. 'It's small things, sure, but still...'

"Anyways, I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today." The Professor concluded. "Be sure to cover the assigned readings, and... stay vigilant! Class dismissed!"

As everyone began leaving the classroom, both Jaune and Schwarze were both thinking on Port's revealing of the Nuckelavee. Wondering if Ozpin had the professor show them the video as a way of having the students act more cautiously.

Before they could muse further, they heard the argument between Ruby and Weiss, as the former tried to understand what her partner's problem was. Of course, they weren't the only ones as they soon spotted Ozpin not far away.

"" Nora muttered, "That… was messy..."

"Weiss is… just impatient..." Pyrrha shook her head. "Its only the first day, she shouldn't expect so much from Ruby so quickly..."

"Yeah..." Jaune muttered, scratching his chin. "...I'll catch up with you guys for next class… "

"Where are you going?" Ren asked.

"Well, I'm gonna see if I can warm the Ice Sprite's cold heart just a bit for Ruby," Jaune retorted with a smirk. "Can't hurt to try, even if they're on a different team."

"You know she's probably just gonna chew you out too, right?" Schwarze said with a deadpan tone, while the blonde paladin just shrugged.

"She might, but I've endured worse," he said, and went to follow the Ice Queen, while Ozpin talked to Ruby.

Schwarze sighed and turned to the rest, "Well, since lunch is around the corner, how about we get something," he said, and the rest of JNPR followed Schwarze's example and followed him.

With Jaune, he had just caught up with Weiss, as he caught up with her.

"Whoa, hey! Mount Schnee, hold up!" he shouted, prompted Weiss to stop, look, and give the Arc a nasty glare.

"Geesh! Can you tone down the glares a bit, Snow Sprite?" Jaune said, with a little bit of humor.

"The last person I want to see right now is you, Arc." She growled. "I want to talk to the professor."

"About what?"

"About Ozpin making a big mistake!" She exclaimed, "I should be in charge, anyone except that… that child! I said I'd work with her, but not with her in charge! She's childish and-and immature!"

"Gods Weiss, she's fifteen years old," Jaune groaned, "Of course she'll be a bit childish."

"Exactly!" Weiss shouted, "Why should someone younger than me be ordering a whole team of Huntsmen around?"

The Reincarnated young man sighed "Weiss… tell me this," He said, leaning against the rails. "What makes you think that you should lead RWBY over Ruby?"

"I've studied," Weiss stated, "I've trained my whole life for this, I've read up on strategies, combat styles-"

"There is more to being a leader than book smarts and tactics, Weiss." Jaune shook his head. "You wanna know what the single, most important feature a Leader must have?"

Weiss rolled her eyes. "What might that be?"


"Trust?" Weiss questioned, "What do you mean by that?! You think they don't trust me?!"

"Would you?" Jaune questioned, but before she could speak he rose his hand. "Put yourself in their shoes - not Ruby, but Blake and Yang. You've known them for only a few days now, and so far most of your time with them has you arguing with them, yelling, screaming and… excuse my Mistralian, but being a bitch. You're not building any relationships with anyone… meanwhile Ruby is Yang's sister, so immediately there is a level of trust that very few could hope to match - and Ruby is actually becoming acquainted with Blake - getting to know her likes, dislikes, hobbies and all that."

"So Weiss, who do you think Blake and Yang would find more trustworthy?" He continued, "The young woman whose actually going out of her own way to learn about her teammates, or the one that is constantly telling them what to do, how to do it, and yelling and complaining at them all the time? Would you follow someone like that who constantly tells you what to do, with no say from yourself?"

Weiss stopped before she could retort, as her eyes widened at that. The question he just asked reminding her of why she came to Beacon in the first place...not only to clear her family name, but to mostly get away from problems. Specifically, her over domineering father, and her less than stellar younger brother, who was following more and more in their father's footsteps, and...disturbingly, possibly even surpassing him in ego and ruthlessness.

The more she thought on what Jaune said, the more she began to realize how much she was acting like him, just as he was toward her, her big sister, and their mother. And the thought of that scared her to no end.

Jaune, after seeing the look on her face, gave a sigh as he placed his hand on her shoulder. "Look, Weiss… I'm not naive enough to think that your life under your father's watch was all sunshine and rainbows 'cause he had all the money he could need and then some." He began, "But you need to remind yourself that your story isn't set in stone yet. You are not your father, you are Weiss Schnee, and you have the power to forge your own destiny if you so choose. So don't let your past determine your future, and just… be yourself. Stop acting like you're inherently better than everyone else, and just… go down to their level to see a different perspective… just like your Grandfather did when he began his journey."

Weiss was silent for a moment, before she closed her eyes and let out a soft chuckle. "You sound a lot more mature than you act sometimes..." she muttered.

"It's what I do," Jaune Shrugged with a small smirk, "I eat and I know things,"

Weiss blinked at that, but before she could, he just chuckled.

"Trust me, don't ask where I learned that," he said, before he turned around and left the heiress there, as he gave a backward wave.

"You know, of all the first years I've known...," Weiss startlingly turned around and spotted none other than Port walking up to her, and although it hidden by the moustache, she could make out a hint of a smile, "...I've not seen one as insightful as one as Mr. Arc,"

Weiss blinked twice before looking at the Arc son again as he turned around a corner.

"And he is right, young Schnee. You must follow your path, just like Nicholas had done," he said, and Weiss and looked at him in surprise.

"You...?," she began to ask, before he gave a jolly laugh.

"Ah… I met your grandfather before he stepped down from SDC multiple times," He said, "He was a wise, strong man to the very end… and a dear friend..."

The professor let out a long, tired sigh. "Excuse me for saying this Miss Schnee, but if your Grandfather lived to see what your father had done to his company, he'd be rolling in his grave… but as Mr. Arc said so accurately, it is not the past you should dwell on, it should be your own future, because that is still within everyone's power to change."

He then gave her a gentle pat on the shoulder.

"Now, how about you go back to your team and make up with Miss Rose," he advised, "Let her know that there are no hard feelings,"

With that, he turned around and left Weiss where she was and began reflecting on his and Jaune's words, till she let out and began walking towards the cafeteria.

An Hour Later

Ozpin's Office

"I know this is a lot to take in," Ozpin said as he looked at the three students of Team ASH, "But rest assured, with you three guiding him, I know he would make a valued member of your team,"

The first was a young woman, a year older than Pyrrha, who had Amethyst colored eyes, and dark chocolate brown hair tied into a low ponytail with a fringe just over her brow that was dyed the same color as her eyes. Wearing a black leather jacket over a matching, sleeveless gothic hood that was currently down, draped behind her back. She had a pair of black pants, and shin-high heeled boots.

The next was another woman, this one with long shoulder-length silver hair, and her Faunus heritage made clear from the two wolf-like ears emerging from the top of her head. Her eyes were also a matching silver, just like her hair. Wearing a fur coat with a puffy hood that was lowered, with a set of blue jeans, black boots and a pair of gauntlets over either of her arms.

And finally was a human male, his hair was a short, crew cut greyish color, and while he had a small mask over his eyes it was easy to see his eyes were a deep red in color. He too had a hooded jacket on his person, colored in a grey, black and white camo scheme, and kept zipped up. And he too had a simple pair of pants of a matching color to his jacket, and black boots. Though around his right eye there looked to be a faint scarring around that area of his face that his mask seemed to try to cover - albeit barely.

"So… you're sticking a first year onto our team?" the sole male of the group questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Kogeta, he was the odd man out and didn't manage to find a partner nor a team...," Ozpin clarified, ", we decided it was best to place him in a pre-existing team, which of course, means you, since you three have only been here for a year, and are more closer to his age, and most teams do require a 4-man team. Therefore this benefits everyone in the long run."

"Hmmmm..." the leading woman, Ametista Spada, hummed in thought. "...well, if he's willing, I don't see a reason why we can't give him a chance at least… what's his level of experience?"

"Limited, but he has faced his fair share of trouble." The Headmaster informed, "From what we've seen, he was able to evade the Nuckelavee that was in the Emerald Forest for quite some time until JNPR and RWBY took it down."

"Any footage we could see?" Ametista asked, but Ozpin shook his head.

"Unfortunately, footage with him in it was corrupted when the cameras in his area were destroyed," he informed. "But having managed to watch them live before they were corrupted, I can assure you that there is something… special with this young man..."

"Well… if he was able to evade something like that for so long… there has to be something good about him..." the young wolf Faunus girl, Silber Zwilling commented.

"True..." Hagane Kogeta muttered, before turning to Ametista "Your call, boss - we're good either way."

"May as well," Ametista shrugged, "At least we'll still be team ASH with an extra S."

Ozpin smiled softly as he nodded.

"Good, I'll call him up here so that he could meet you all," he said, "Of course, you'll have to find him some equipment, and help with the expenses, since he...lost his, along with any Lien he had,"

Ametista blinked at that, before sighing, guessing that the Nuckelavee may've destroyed it.

"Well, after we get acquainted with him, we'll go to the 7th Heaven and see if the old man could whip up something for him," she said, making Ozpin stiffen a bit at the name.

"Why must you insist going there?" Ozpin groaned, as Ametista just smirked.

"Aside from the fact he's one of the best weapon smiths in Vale?" She questioned, "He does a good job, we'll pay the old man a visit and see what he can whip up for him."

"That may be true, but he and I have had made many...disagreements in the past," Ozpin said, as memories of a time long past entered his mind before he shook them away.

"We know about his grudge with you Professor, but he's never turned away any huntsmen or huntress in training," Silber said, "Like he told us once: 'I may hate that cocoa sucking screwup's guts, but I'm not gonna let any kid he teaches go out there in the wild with half-ass made weaponry',"

Ozpin sighed at that, "...True," he relented, "Still, its his - and your - choice I suppose… just make sure you give him a fair chance, you three."

"Well, we'll see about that." Hagane shrugged, as the team turned to leave. "He better be as good as you say he is, though… "

The three walked to the elevator and as the door closed, Ozpin let out a breath.

"That makes two of us...," he said before turning toward the window, showing a perfect view of the city of Vale in the distance, "...I hope someday you and I will one day bury the hatchet...old friend,"

Beacon Cafeteria

"Finally! A good burger!" Schwarze said, not bothering to hide his glee as he chomped down on a cheeseburger.

"Whoa! Easy there boy!" Yang said warningly, but with a little bit of mirth, "You might choke yourself to death!"

"I have not eaten anything in the past several weeks! I NEED this!" Schwarze exclaimed as he stuffed his face full of another burger.

This was the sight Jaune walked in on as he entered the cafeteria, while various other students were eating, he quickly spotted the more notable of the teams - RWBY and the rest of JNPR, gathered around Schwarze as he was wolfing down several burgers on his plate.

He raised a brow at this as he arrived at the table. "Sooooo...what did I miss?" he asked, and Pyrrha giggled.

"Not much, just Schwarze practically cleaning out almost all the cheeseburgers in the lunchline, before me, Yang, and Nora managed to pull him away, before the chefs could have a heart attack!" she said, and she turned to the Wolf/Grimm Faunus as he finished his last burger and gave a content sigh, before moving the plate back and placing his head on the table before the sound of soft snoring was heard.

Jaune shook his head while the girls all giggled at his expense.

"Tired and hungry...he must've ran non-stop from Drache to be like that," Blake said, while began to rub his back a little.

"Awww, he's all tuckered out..." Ruby 'awwed', as she eyed his fox ears… and couldn't help herself as she started petting the area between his ears. The reaction she got was immediate as Schwarze started making grunting sounds, while his foot was making not so subtle twitches.

"Huh, what do you know? Guess he has the same mannerisms some dogs do when they get lovins," said Jaune, before turning to Blake, "You think all Faunus have those attributes?"

The said Cat Faunus in hiding only shrugged, "Sometimes they do," he said while mentally, 'In truth, they all do,'

Jaune knew that Blake was trying to keep her Faunus identity a secret, so left it at that, while still watching Ruby, and now Nora giving some pampering to Schwarze, more specifically, his ears. He just smirked as he pulled out his scroll and snapped a few pictures of the two as they petted and scratched his ears. "Sweet delicious blackmail..." he muttered to himself, before sitting down.

"So… how'd the talk with Weiss go?" Pyrrha whispered over to Jaune.

"Well… only time will tell," Jaune shrugged, "But I think i made a dent in that frozen heart of hers."

Pyrrha hummed at that, as she nodded.

"Attention students." Came Goodwitch's voice, "Will Schwarze Volk, please report to the Headmaster's office please. I repeat, will Schwarze Volk report to the Headmaster's office."

An irritated groan was heard as Schwarze lifted his head, as Ruby and Nora stopped before he caught them rubbing his ears.

"One thing I didn't miss about school...damn PA announcements," he grumbled, before he stood up, "Well, wish me luck, ladies and gents."

"Good luck, hopefully you're put on a good team." Jaune said, giving him a short salute.

Schwarze just gave one in return as he turned to leave.

"Wonder what his team will look like..." Jaune mused out loud.

"Hopefully, they're friendly," Ruby said, while looking worried for their new friend, "I just hope they'll give him a chance if they found about his...well, you know,"

"I'm sure he'll be fine, Ruby," said Yang patting her on the shoulder, "I doubt Ozpin would put him with a team of jerks."


The sudden yelp got their attention as they turn and Jaune narrowed his eyes at what he was seeing...a fellow first year, like him, his team, and Team RWBY, who had just fallen to the ground, and was being laughed at, by none other than Cardin, and his goon squad.

"Hey, watch where you're going."

"I-I'm sorry, I-"

"You gotta do better than sorry, punk!"



Jaune's eye twitched in annoyance as he stood up from his chair. "Excuse me for a moment, guys..." he muttered, as he turned and stepped up towards Cardin.

The Bully in question held up the student by the cuff of his shirt, ready to sock another punch into his face until he felt a tap on his shoulder. "Excuse me," he growled and glanced back to see Jaune standing there. "This is a no bullying zone. Here's your ticket, and here's your FINE!" And with that Jaune delivered a kick right into Cardin's face, causing him to let go of the bullied student as he flew back and crashed into a table - his face landing right into a cream pie.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, as they turned to the commotion, while Jaune helped up the bullied student.

"You okay, buddy?" he asked, and the student nodded in response. Jaune turned back, and saw Cardin's team looking at their boss with looks of shock on their faces. He then saw Cardin as he slowly got up, the cream from the pie dripping off his face and on his school uniform. When he finally stood up to his full height he turned and Jaune saw his eyes turn into a death glare, which was made humorous, due to said food on his face.

"You are so dead, Arc!"

"Actually, I'm hungry - got any more pie?" Jaune suggested with a shrug. This was the boiling point for Cardin, who roared as he charged at Jaune - but he simply side-stepped, leaving his leg out as he caused Cardin to trip over him, crashing into the ground.

Dove and Sky finally started acting, as they came to their leader's defense as they tried to strike Jaune from behind. But Arc just ducked under them as they overshot. He rose back up, grabbed them by the back of their necks, and clonked their heads together several times.

After he let them go, the two fell to the ground, unconscious. He then heard another pair of feet run towards him, as well a scream of anger, before sidestepping and delivering a reverse haymaker into Russell's face. The sound of a nose breaking, as well as the clicking of falling teeth, told Jaune all he needed to know.

"Next time, put your Aura up, nimrod," he said, before he had to dodge another punch from Cardin.

"You think you're funny, huh Arc?" the Bully growled.

"Not as funny as you, dumbass." Jaune smirked slightly, ducking under another punch. "At least I'm not a pathetic bully who flexes his own ego by picking on other students."

Cardin shouted as he aimed for a side-kick, but Jaune grappled him by the leg, and prepared a fist. "Also, your hand-to-hand sucks." He added, before clocking Cardin in the face two times before letting go of his leg as he kneed him in the shin. Cardin tried to grab him, but Jaune weaved underneath him, and then grabbed him by the back of his waste.

"Suplex! SUPLEX!" Yang cheered him on, as Nora whooped in agreement.

"Suplex it is," Jaune chuckled as he then lifted Cardin up, and delivered a german suplex as he flipped him back over as he hit the ground hard. He felt Cardin go limp before moving him off, and saw by the look on his face, that he was now out of it.

"Well...that's that," he said, and looked back toward his friends, Nora and Yang given him big smiles and two thumbs up each, Ren, giving a small smile, Blake looking quite surprised, while Pyrrha and Ruby looked at him in awe.

"Whoa, Jaune...that...that was...," Ruby tried to speak, and was finished by Pyrrha.


"That too," Ruby added in, causing Jaune to chuckle.

"Eh, it was easy - they didn't have any coordination going for them," Jaune shrugged, "If they had actually worked together, I'd of been in trouble."

"Who taught you how to fight like that?" Yang questioned eagerly.

"One of the instructors at Trigger," He said, "One of the few good ones - he was the one who taught me Atlesian CQC, and helped me build my weapons and gear."

"That's Atlesian CQC?!" Ruby exclaimed with wide eyes.

"Yup - most Atlesian soldiers know the basics, but only a handful can truly master it." He elaborated, "It's actually pretty useful, especially if you were like me and were having trouble getting your aura unlocked."

"Dang, and you made it into an real art form!" Yang said, as she gave a good hard pat on the back.

"OOF! Whoa, easy Yang!" Jaune manage to wheeze out, before the sound the sound of the door opening and the familiar sound of heels got their attention. They turned and saw none other than Goodwitch coming in, as Cardin and his Team begin to regain consciousness. The Deputy Headmistress then looked toward them, with her eyes focused mostly on Jaune.

'Oh, fuckberries,'