SilentDreamer01 here again with another story. This is an AU of Toby Fox's Undertale game called "A Tale from the Lost Sea". I'm not naming my story PirateTale or even Seatale because someone already owns those titles. Also, I'm steering away from the "-Tale" titles because I can't make a title that's as catchy and at the same time appropriate to what story I had in mind for this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Undertale and any of its characters. It is owned by Toby Fox. I also do not own the other characters made by their respective artists that will be appearing in the story. I only own the plot of the story, my created characters and the created places that I would be using in this story.


This is a Sans x Grown-up Female Frisk fanfiction so anyone who doesn't like this pairing may now move on to their respective pairing's story. Thank you.

Without further ado, please enjoy the story.

I do not know what is harder,

Leaving or being left behind...

They came. On a quiet sunny day, just as a ceremony was about to start...

"Aah!" coming without any warning, they docked at the city port. One by one the people on the street fell by their hands. Pillaging the city, they took all the goods they can. One building after the other, the intruders made sure they didn't miss a stop.

A lady that sat inside her room was waiting to be called upon to start the ceremony when all of a sudden she heard noise from outside. Noise that was not of joy but of fear. "No, please. Don't come any closer." Peering through the small space between the door and its halter that she made while she slowly yet carefully opening the door, she saw the people as they were being struck down in horror. "Guah!" she quickly closed the door afraid of what might happen if they saw her peeking.

"Dear!" the people inside were now screaming as the sound of metal clashing with each other echoed inside the church. She heard running and it was close to where she was. She locked the door and windows making sure no one can enter either. As an added measure, she pushed a small and slightly heavy cabinet onto the door sealing it tight. Someone screamed in front of the room and fell after being hit with a hard object.

She slowly hid inside the cabinet, it being the only place that she can hide and making sure to make as little noise as possible. "Oh, there's a door here." The sound of the doorknob twisting harshly made her heart beat faster. She silently tried hard to find in the dark enclosure something she can fend herself with.

"Damn, it's locked real tight. Hey Rod, help me with this will you?" the door was slowly being opened by the force the people outside exerted on it. A loud thud resounded. With the door and its hinges destroyed, the two smoothly made their way into the room. "Man, there's nothing here but make-up."

"... and a flower bouquet. This must be where the bride is." They walked further in and then stopped. "I don't think this is the kind of building or even the kind of room where you'd find secret doors and hiding places. The only place where she can hide is..." she gulped, "Hello." She sprayed the perfume she found at the man that was actually a pirate — a skeleton pirate. He covered his eyes in pain, "Argh!" he backed off, clenching at where his eye sockets were tightly. She climbed down and was about to run. "Just kidding." She fell on the ground, being hit behind her head by the other pirate. He erected himself and laughed. "She totally forgot you Felix!" Rod teased as he looked at his friend, pointing a finger at him.

Felix grumbled as he lifted the girl up, carrying her on his shoulder. "That ain't funny."

Rod smiled proud looking at their big haul. "I bet she would be a fine reward for the captain."

Felix nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's been a long time since he's gotten something nice."

"But, wouldn't he rather have rum instead?" Rod asked him. He clearly remembers their captain ordering them that if they ever give him a gift, it should be high class rum or any other expensive liquor instead. He also said that women bring nothing but trouble which Rod, at some point actually agrees with. But they know that their captain is just afraid of being closely attached to any woman and have his heart broken. His mother being a good example of that. Her death due to giving birth was one of the main reasons that he does not take any woman as a bride or as a companion. The second being that he wasn't done with being a free man yet.

"He's taking in too much of that stuff. It ain't good for his health. Better us than him, right?" He wriggled his boney eyebrows at his friend who agreed with him fully with a hearty laugh. "Let's just take this one instead, so the captain has someone to snuggle up to at night. I mean, it's a bride so he's sure to be happy with her."

"I don't know... we've had the same experience before didn't we?" a memory flashed by them and they shivered. "She really didn't have the looks." She really was an odd one. She was like a face that sprouted arms and legs. And they didn't know if the ones at her cheeks — or were they sides? — had another pair of eyes or if they were her real eyes. There were other beings out there that they knew that also had multiple eyes that suited them. Even if that was the case for others, it was just weird on her.

"Maybe her looks were a real hit in that area or for the groom?" They shivered some more. "We just came back to where we got her and the captain left her there like nothing happened."

"It's because we didn't check before. We won't repeat that same mistake again." They lifted up the veil and looked. A smile slowly crept on both of their faces. "Yeah, she will do nicely."

When they went back to the ship their other crew mates and the goods that they took were already there. They were happy with all the things they have gathered, but not that happy that they would start to merrily sing, dance and laugh their lungs out. They were just loading the goods in the hold like any other day at sea.

"Captain!" the two men called their captain's attention with so much glee that it made him cringe a bit.

He turned around, a humorous smile on his face, curious as to what the two were up to again this time. "What have you got there fellas?" he asked as he looked at them spotting what Rod has in his hands.

Both their smiles widened, excited to see his reaction to their surprise. "A gift to our wonderful captain, Sans!"


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