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A week after their arrival the king and queen held a ball to welcome Toriel back home and to celebrate the day that Frisk became part of their family. The whole of monster kind was invited to celebrate this joyous occasion. The preparations were already underway as the king and the rest of the royal family together with the blue pirates led by Sans were measured for clothes to be worn that evening. "Do I really need to dress up for this? I'm fine with what I currently have." Asked Sans as he was the last to be measured being that he refused to wear anything other than his clothes for the party.

"I insist you do brother, you will look as handsome as I am if you do. Women do love a man neatly dressed!" Papyrus urged him, keeping a close eye on his brother so that he doesn't run away and hide from the seamstress.

The seamstress was struggling with him as he continuously moved from side to side in childlike stubbornness. "Please be still sir or you'll ruin the measurements. You wouldn't like your attire to not fit now would you?" she warned him, eyeing him but making sure she kept her annoyance in check.

But Sans could still feel it though. His eyes slanted as he bared his teeth at her. "Don't get all snarky with me lady. I didn't want to get measured in the first place. If it weren't for my brother being here then you wouldn't be seeing this pretty face long enough to take any proper dimensions."

"Now, now brother, no need to get all cranky. This will only take a few more moments till it's finally done." As Papyrus tried to calm his brother, they heard a knock at the door. Papyrus went to open it and smiled to see who it was. "Sans, it appears you have a visitor!"

"Don't go telling me that it's one of those women again-"

"So even here you are famous, captain?" Frisk entered the room wearing a new attire. It was a high waist dress which consists of cotton batiste chemise as the undershirt, kirtl for the dress, and giornea for the top layer secured by a lace on the side. Some of her hair was tied behind her head and accessorized with a silver flower hair piece. She has the look of innocence, sophistication and passion all rolled into one breathtaking beauty. "Monster magic is quite amazing, I just got measured and within moments notice got a new set of clothes to wear." She said with eyes sparkling in delight. "The king said that my outfit before was a bit revealing so they told the other seamstress to make me new ones together with what I was to wear tonight. It was so amazing to see how they did it."

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, sunshine." Sans said sourly. The seamstress was particularly happy, triumphant even at the captain's displeasure as she continued to take his measurements.

Frisk then stroke her dress in reminiscence. A small smile gracing her features. "But I'll still be wearing that dress of course. It was made by a friend and it actually grew on me."

An idea brewed in his head at her statement and he smiled to himself. "That's understandable since you're more exposed to it than the one you're currently wearing." he commented back at her that gained a neutral expression from Frisk, a gasp from Papyrus and a confused look from the seamstress.

"Sans!" Papyrus reprimanded him, embarrassed for him and his uncalled for pun. "That was not funny, nice and appropriate to say to a lady."

"It is alright Papyrus, I was just about to excuse myself anyway." Frisk turned on her heals and left the room not forgetting to slam the door shut behind her. Papyrus looked at his brother sternly giving him a mute scolding to go after Frisk and apologize.

Sans sighed, "I know, I'll go apologize." He was about to go but his brother was still looking at him as if he weren't finished yet. "What?" he raised an eyebrow now annoyed as to what his brother still wanted him to do. Papyrus waved his arms up and down gesturing to his entirety. "Alright, I'll apologize after she's finished with my suit." Sans sighed again annoyed that he still had to wait a few more minutes so that he could see if the suit fitted him or not. This really was a pain, he'll have to adjust schedule just for this unimportant business shoved onto him for courtesy's sake. He could've been with Frisk already to apologize and maybe they could have already taken a stroll around the castle or in town and then taken a nap afterwards under a tree somewhere. That could have been a great way to spend the day instead of this, but then the truth to the matter is that he was stuck here until the seamstress was finally done with her work.

"That woman really took her sweet time. Luckily, I'm finally rid of that thing." She really relished in his suffering with that fancy schmancy clothing. Anyways, where was Frisk? Her slim feet couldn't have taken her that far off. He used his magic to teleport around the castle. It was a huge castle and it would only tire his boney legs if he were to walk the length and width of it. When he came across the castle garden, he saw Frisk with Asriel seated next to each other. They seemed to be talking about something. He then saw her covering her face with her hands and Asriel giving her his handkerchief, wrapping his arms around her figure and consoling her. His white pupils vanished at the sight. No one touches Frisk like that, even if he were the prince, even if they were friends. As that thought came to mind, a black smoke-like entity entered his being.

He transported himself in front of them which made Asriel look up to see him staring at him. A knowing smile crossed his face as he greeted the skeleton. "Good day, captain. We're having quite a beautiful day today. Perfect time to stay outdoors, don't you agree?"

"Not quite enough, I'm afraid." He looked at Frisk who was now staring at him when Asriel mentioned his name teary eyed, giving off small hiccups as she was almost about done crying. "What's the matter sunshine? Why the waterworks? Don't tell me it's about what I said earlier." He felt guiltier by the minute. He'd like to hit himself but it wasn't right since Asriel was here.

Frisk shook her head and bowed, placing her hands on her lap. Asriel took this as a cue to excuse himself from the discussion. "You seem to be doing better now so I'll leave you two alone to talk. I still have some things that need to be done. If you ever feel that you need a shoulder to cry on, the captain would most definitely offer his. Am I right to say this, Sans?"

Sans jumped, breaking his attention on Frisk at what Asriel said. "Y-yes, of course I would! Why else am I still here for then?" he said in a loud stutter. He covered his mouth in embarrassment as he internally berated himself on his abrupt response. The prince smiled at this, bowed and went on his way without another word. When he was finally out of sight Sans seated himself beside Frisk. She wiped her remaining tears as they both stayed there in silence. Sans not actually having the slightest idea about what to say just looked up and stared at the orange tinted sky. It will be getting dark soon but as the prince had said earlier, it definitely was a beautiful day outside.

"Sans." she said meekly afraid that he would hear the shiver in her voice, the result of crying from before, if she were to speak any louder.

"Yeah, I'm here." he replied as he whips his head around to look at her. Her lashes were still a bit wet from crying, but other than that she was fine. He was curious though, why was she crying before. She had mutely responded that it was not because of what he did which gave a wash of relief to him but then what made her tear up? He didn't want to pry. He will wait until she was ready to tell him herself.

She looked up thoughtful. She solemnly starred at the dimming sky. She breathed in the fresh night breeze which had the smell of flowers. "I feel like the days are growing shorter and shorter by the minute. Did you notice?"

"At some point, yes." He answered, looking up to the sky as well. "But to us monsters our stay here is a lot longer than others so it doesn't affect us as much. Why did you suddenly bring this up?"

"It's just that, the events that are happening in my life right now are so fast and overwhelming that I can't seem to keep up with all of it. My sister's death, being adopted by the royal family of monster kind, the crew I've been sailing with, the individuals that I have met so far through our journey up to this point and even you." She closed her eyes, sighing a resigned sigh. "I can't seem to keep up with all of you. It always seems that I'm being left behind, and one day I will be…."

He looked at her again because of this. "What are you saying? I'm here, Papyrus, the crew, Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, all of us are." Her feelings were so visible that it was impossible not to feel the rawness of it. It was the first time since they met that he had seen her like this. "Come here, sunshine." He held her in a tight embrace able to relate to her at some point. "We're not going to leave you. We'll never leave you behind."

"What if I were the one to do just that?"

He loosened his grip and made her look at him, "And why would you, for argument's sake, do that anyway?"

"Maybe a certain circumstance that I were not able to choose otherwise were to lead me to that decision, then maybe I would." he looked at her puzzled as she stood up, taking a few steps forward and breathing in the fresh cool air once more. Was she really serious about what she said? She sighed, letting her shoulders relax. "I think I would fancy a walk now. Would you care to accompany me, captain?" she asked him, turning her head so that she could see his reaction to what she had said.

He just smiled and stood up at the ready. "I would be honored." He said with a lilt in his voice. He extended his bent arm to her and she laughed at the gesture, looping her left hand to his crooked elbow and strolled the rest of the royal family's vast land. The place where the castle was located was on higher ground which in return overlooked the town. It was a nice view to have especially with the sun setting as it was.

After a while she spoke again, asking him a question. "So why does it seem that you know the King and the prince formally but not the queen? It seems a bit odd since they seem rather close to be far apart when they have visitors."

"Well, you'd be surprised but whenever me and the crew come in for a visit the queen's always busy. Sometimes with other noble women for their annual tea ceremony, sometimes she is busy preparing for a ball and others. We never stay for long to actually see her in person but we know that she rarely goes out of the comfort of her home island. Hey look over there, the first star." Sans pointed at the sky where a small blinking white dot appeared on the slowly dimming sky. "They say that when you wish upon the first star it would come true."

"Really?" she looked at him and then at that single star in the sky once more, eyes filled with hope.

He grinned at her, "Make a wish then and see if it does." She closed her eyes as she made her silent wish. He just stared at her, admiring her in silence. She may have her flaws, her shortcomings that she may or may have not shown him yet but to him she was endearing. To him she was perfect. He couldn't help himself as his eyes slowly closed as his boney lips drew closer to her head. He gave her a peck that made Frisk open her eyes suddenly to look at what he was doing.

She cocked her head and stared at him quizzically as he looked the opposite direction covering his face with his free hand. "Are you alright, Sans?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm swell." He said in a failed attempt to cover the shivering delight in his voice which made Frisk a lot more confused. He twisted his head back to look at her, mouth covered and his cheeks slightly tinted blue. "So, what did you wish for?"

She gave him a sly smile. "It's a secret." Sans fumed saying that she wasn't fair. He was the one who told her about this so he should at least have the right to know even the slightest hint of it. She laughed and replied, "I'll tell you when I feel like it."

Sans just left it at that. He knew that she wasn't going to tell him no matter how hard he would plead her to tell him her secret. He fixed his clothes and hat before speaking. "Since we're finally alone, I want to give you something." He held out a small box. When he opened it, it showed a gold heart shaped locket.

Her eyes gleamed with surprise and happiness at the sight of the jewelry. "How did you know that I wanted one of these?" She asked him, voice not hiding any delight she was feeling.

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled proudly. "I'm a keen observer."

Her face then suddenly changed in a look of worry. "No, I can't take this."

"And why not?" He asked her. After buying this and seeing her wonderful reaction from before this was her answer?

"It's too expensive and I'm sure that it would not fit me well."

"Everything fits you."

"But, Sans-!"

"No but's." He said in finality and she just agreed to his stubbornness. He made her turn around and he placed the jewelry around her neck.

She stroked the necklace and looked at him, eyes gentle. "Thank you. I promise to treasure it."

"You better." He smiled as she laughed and nodded to his words. "We should head on back, the party will start soon. The royals wouldn't like it if the star of the show wasn't there yet."

Frisk looked at the castle from the distance. That's a long ways back by foot. She dreaded how her feet would fare later on at the dance. "But the castle is so far from where we currently are. How are we going to make it?"

"Don't worry, I know a shortcut." He winked at her, "I warn you though, it might make you dizzy like you drank a bottle of rum in one go." He held her hand tightly and transported them inside the room where Frisk was supposed to stay. Frisk held her head and grumbled at the sudden headache. Her feet shifted and she lost her balance. Sans caught her with one arm, "Easy there sunshine. Why don't you sit yourself first while waiting? I'll call the attendants to assist you in getting ready." She nodded to him, giving him a weak smile. He left the room as soon as she was comfortably seated on her bed.

'Frisk,' Chara called to her and Frisk raised her head slowly in attention, 'remember what we had discussed, alright?'

"Yes, of course." she responded, waiting patiently until the attendants came in to help her prepare.

Sans and his crew were enjoying themselves with the added company. They don't see these many monsters from the different islands gathered in one place all the time. They filled the hall with joyful chatter while others were still arriving. Women and men flocked over their group and asked them all kinds of things be it friendly or personal matters clearly forgetting their status or personal space - they did not mind though. They'd pick these friendly, rivalry, curious, or lust-filled chats over fear, despise, and exclusion from society anytime of the day. Sans' group happily welcomed their questions but only a few were answered in truth. The other questions were either answered with a lie or not answered at all.

"Well what do we have here? If it isn't the cocky skeleton himself." Undyne, the head of the Royal Guard approached them with such authority and grace that everyone steps aside to give way for her as she passes them by. She wore a white naval suit, boots and an eye patch to hide her damaged eye from shielding a comrade while in battle. She stopped in front of Sans and smiled mockingly at him.

He smiled back. Knowing their relationship well, he could pretty much tell that this was the friendliest smile on her face since they had met. "Hello there Undyne, quite blue as usual I see."

"Spare me the jokes Sans or I might just smite you even if their majesties are present."

"Oh, have mercy." He raised his arms in fake surrender. He can pretty much sum up that he could take Undyne head on without any problems. Though he wasn't going to fight a pointless battle with her when he has something else better to do. He just wants to give her a piece of his mind at times for she tends to really get under his skin even though he has none.

"So what brings you and your poor excuse of a crew here at the castle?" Felix waved to her and Rod just said 'hey'. The others either just nodded or smiled in her direction. She turned her head back to look at him and continued, "And aren't you abusing your welcome a bit? You're way over due with your stay."

"I came to deliver a package and an unwelcomed threat."

Her expression grew serious. "Yes, I heard from the king. Did you happen to see something unusual during your stay here?" She asked him now regarding him as they actually were, as equals and comrades.

"Nothing yet, but there's bound to be one soon. You better keep an eye out." After saying that he gave her a sheepish grin which gained a sour look from her. She began to wonder why she sometimes takes the skeleton seriously.

She just rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I'll ignore that pun for now, but rest assured that my men and I are on the look out for anything unusual."

"Brother!" Papyrus waved as he brisk walked to their location. The women giggled as he casually excused himself as he walked pass them. His gentleness and charm are what make him so popular among others. Sans doesn't know what were his though that make others like him.

Sans' smile grew wider at the sight of his brother. "Papyrus, you're here. You look good with your uniform on."

"I always look good with whatever I wear, brother." He placed one hand on his waist and the other on his chest showing how proud he was of himself. Sans laughed in good humor. Papyrus always had a way to amaze him in whatever it is that he does, that's why he loves him.

He placed a hand on Papyrus' shoulder and patted it before he let his hand rest at his side, his other hand on his waist. "You do, don't you?"

"He just arrived a few hours ago with his crew. He assembled and briefed them before coming here. They're helping with the rounds." Undyne divulged and both turned their focus to her.

"I've told my men to check the hall as well." Sans replied back to her articulation. "I promised Asgore to help in any way we can. With this many monsters in the castle, you'll definitely need all the help you can get."

Papyrus clapped his hands in delight on what he had heard. "That is wonderful news brother. With you and your crew here, we can assure the guests safety."

"Just make sure you don't mess things up." Undyne impugned him. She always likes a friendly challenge from time to time - meaning all the time as she viewed this as another sort of competition between them.

"Of course Undyne, don't we always?" Sans accepted. Wouldn't hurt to have a little fun while protecting others.

A small yellow figure suddenly came in and approached their group. She tried to catch her breath before speaking. "Undyne, I've been looking everywhere for you." She looked at her frantic. Undyne must be needed for something urgent.

"Hello there, Alphys. How've you been?" Sans greeted her and she looked at him a smile now on her face to see an old friend. They had worked together before in discovering new species of life, edible substances and unspeakable experiments.

"Busy. That reminds me, I've found a new species of flora just a few weeks ago. Do you want to see?" Her eyes shined at the thought and he nodded enthusiastically at the offer.

"Yeah, I'd love to see it-"

Undyne cleared her throat gaining their attention. "Alphys, weren't you going to tell me something?"

"Oh, r-right of course." Alphys stammered and quickly fixed herself before turning to face Undyne once more. "The king requests our presence. He wants an update on the situation before starting the event."

Undyne nodded in understanding. "Alright then, please excuse us. We'll be taking our leave now." Papyrus, Sans and his crew gave an assent and both were gone as quickly as Alphys came in leaving them behind in a hurry to where Asgore was.

"Enjoying the festivities so far brother?" Papyrus started a new topic once sure that the two were definitely gone.

"Yes, every bit. The varied faces and races is truly a refreshing sight indeed. Do you always get the chance to attend parties like this all the time while attending to your duties here?"

"Not so much as what I think you are thinking. Just enough to be honest. Their majesties are not the grandiose type unlike their predecessors. They'll only conduct events like these when it is truly something worthwhile and joyous that it needs to be celebrated. Like what's happening now. Two unexpected yet joyous news have happened in the island in one day."

"Yeah, and what better way to celebrate it than to invite loads of monsters from every island and gather them all up here and just when there's a threat before us." he said sarcastically. It was fun, yes, but shouldn't they be a little more cautious? A great threat is just upon them and their thinking of celebrating now? They could have just rescheduled it at a later date when everything was resolved that way they can be more at ease and worry about nothing. Just eat, drink and be merrily dancing the night away.

Papyrus slap his brother at the back which was replied with a cough from Sans. "Oh, stop being a crosspatch. Anyways, Mettaton and his cousin are here as well to be guest performers for the night."

"Yep, see them way over there talking to the other guests."

Papyrus looked at his brother smiling widely when Napstablook hit a guest with his head when he tried to bow. "So Sans, how's Frisk?" Papyrus suddenly changed the subject. His jolly demeanor before turned into concern which was understandable. Sans and Frisk were not in good terms when he last saw them together.

"She's well." He assured him and Papyrus sighed in relief at the positive news that greeted his doubting mind. "We fixed our gap and returned to how we were before I made that mistake of a joke."

Papyrus let a bit of doubt creep into his mind which urged him to probe on a little more. "Really? Then why is she not with you at the moment?" He asked Sans noticing the female not accompanying his brother.

"As for her whereabouts," He looked at the staircase that led to another chamber. "She's currently with the royals. They're preparing to formally introduce her as an official part of the family soon." He then saw someone holding a cane step out and stopped before the descend of the staircase. "Just as the words came out of my mouth."

The herald struck his cane on the marbled floor gaining the attention of the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemonsters, their majesties King Asgore and Queen Toriel, rulers of all monster kind." the guests clapped their hands and cheerfully welcomed their queen back. Toriel smiled and gave small words of thanks for their warm welcome. Asgore seeing as she was finished nodded to the herald to continue. "Let us not forget his Royal Highness Prince Asriel and his companion for the evening, the adoptive daughter of the Dreemur Royal Family, the Princess Frisk!" Asriel stepped out first, extending a hand out to Frisk who took it in appreciation and let her presence be known by the crowd. The hall grew silent as they all stood in shock at the sight of her. Their eyes surely did not play tricks on them at the town the other day, she was that woman that they saw back then. The name was unfamiliar but the face, surely this was the prince's dead fiancee?

As the crowd slowly exchanged their thoughts about the matter, Asriel looked at his father for the permission to speak. Asgore nodded, granting his request. Still holding Frisk's hand, Asriel cleared his throat getting everyone's attention. "I would like to clear things out with everyone. As you may already know, the lady whose hand I am currently holding is named Frisk. You know of the tragedy that has befallen my bride which name is not Frisk but is in fact, Chara. Frisk is her sister and the similarities between them are astonishing," he looked at her eyes filled with good humor and her fear changed into something of comfort. "Except with their eyes in which only up close can you see their difference." Everyone made a sound of assent and nodded in response questioning her being no further. She was glad that the prince and the royal couple were there with her in this deciding moment were she would be judged whether the residents of this island would welcome her or not. "Thank you for understanding."

"Now then, best not have the guests waiting. We know that they're all itching to have the dance started." Toriel said with mirth in her eyes as she held on to Asgore. In truth she was the one who was really looking forward to dancing already. It has been a while since she did and Asgore new this for he grinned at her obvious excitement.

"Well then, let the celebration commence!" Asgore announced, raising a hand in emphasis. The crowd cheered and clapped their hands. Asgore then led Toriel to the center of the hall. Asriel followed suit dragging Frisk along with him. Frisk didn't complain in the slightest, after all dancing was one of her favorite past times next to singing, especially drawing. The crowd hurriedly scouted for partners as the royalties were nearing the center. Sans and his crew on the other hand were finding it difficult to choose theirs among the many who wish to have a dance with them. Sans then spotted his frequent visitor while on the island.

Carmella, the cream colored goat noble moved in closer with confidence knowing that Sans has spotted her. When she was already in front of him, she bowed in respect keeping in mind that Sans and his men have high ranking authority all throughout the monster race. "Good evening, captain." She said, rising from her curtsy to look at him and his men. "Good evening gentlemen. What a wonderful occasion we're having this evening, is it not?"

"Good evening, Carmella. Looking as fine as always I see." Rod whistled, eyeing her head down. He knew he was flirting at the wrong moment but it was fun to tease women, especially Carmella since she was so formal. He was just doing this for fun since they had known her for quite some time now so this wasn't anything she wasn't accustomed to so he knew that she would definitely play along.

Felix on the other hand was not having any of this so he slapped Rod hard on the shoulder and shushed him. "Rod, hold back a little man. We're in a formal gathering." he scolded.

Rod glared at Felix, raising his closed fist ready to punch him but Corbel went in between them. "Now Rod, let's not be hot headed over this. Like Felix said this is a formal celebration, not a pub."

"But he slapped my shoulder-!"

"No buts." Corbel finished with an intense glare between the two of them.

"Y-yes, boss." Felix and Rod conceded to the towering authority of the right hand of the captain. They wouldn't want things to escalate to the point that Sans would be the one to intervene... They wouldn't like to see that picture come to reality soon in the slightest.

"Well then, now that that's over. Carmella," Sans held out a hand to her, "Can I have the honor of having this first dance with you?"

"I'm the one who should be honored, captain." she placed her hand on his and let him lead her to the dance floor. Once the dance had started, she was the first to speak between the two of them. "So, I heard you escorted the queen to the island. How does it feel to be an escort to such a person?"

"I can pretty much say that she's got the authority done to bone alright." Even though she doesn't remember her status at all at the time. He thought to himself, smiling at the memory of the humbling situation he has had the luck of experiencing back in the infirmary. "She's been real helpful yes but she gave me quite a scolding one time." He fumed, letting out his frustrations about Toriel.

"Oh, really? What did you do to deserve such a lecture from her?" she asked quite innocently to his dismay. This wasn't something he wanted to divulge to others. Keeping it in his circle as much as possible.

He laughed at her statement trying to not offend her while thinking of how to gently express his distaste of telling his humiliating story. "It's best not to know." He decided to go with that. Plain, simple and direct to the point. She gave him a curious look, her head cocked slightly to the side. He then looked at center where he could see Frisk clearly enjoying herself while dancing with Asriel. He wondered if she enjoyed the prince's company that much. If she enjoyed being with Asriel than with him. His eyes saddened at the thought. Carmella was looking at him the whole time and noticed the sudden change of his expression. She looked at the direction of where his eyes were directed and saw that he was looking at the prince and the princess. She looked back at him again, jealousy creeping in her chest. She opened her mouth to speak but closed it again afraid of voicing out her mind. Sans looked at her as she did this. "Carmella, what is it? Were you going to say something?"

She pursed her lips, afraid that she may say something she would regret later on. He was still looking at her, waiting for a response and she panicked a little. She has to think of a response fast before he picks up on her raging emotions. "I think she's quite lovely." she said in the end, not able to think of a better response to him. He smiled at her and nodded in reply, no words said. She bowed her head hoping to hide her feelings from his keen eyesight. This wasn't how she was planning to spend her night with the dashing captain. She felt so insecure now with the captain finally having a woman he is interested in. She really has no luck when it comes to men. In all actuality, she had her eyes on the prince first but when he found a fiancee, she searched for another monster where she can give her feelings to and that's when the captain came along. But now that he's found the maiden for him, she'd have to find another. Is this really the fate of her love?

"You are quite lovely as well." He said making her look up at him. There was a huge smile on his face. "Don't go thinking otherwise." He spun her around and stepped backward, leading her to another direction. She smiled at that. He was right, she shouldn't belittle herself but instead enjoy the night and his company while she has the chance. They both danced for another two songs before they rested their feet, going to one side of the hall and each taking a glass of wine from a server that passed them.

Sans quite alright with their momentary silence searched for his crew in the crowd. Corbel was dancing happily with a woman from Terrene of Fire. He sure as heck liked the fiery ones despite being mostly calm in nature, he snorted at his own pun. David was a little far off to Corbel's right dancing with a chocolate colored bear from Motley Isle and Roman dancing with someone from Quinta Aire. Gabriel… He really is the oddest one of all. Instead of the more corporeal ones he chose someone from the Purleu of Wondering Souls pretending to hold on to the hand of a ghost woman. Though maybe not as crazy, for if it were not for her untouchable form then men would be pulling at her arm and dragging her in every direction. Felix and Edward on the other hand were fighting over a bunny girl and while the two were busy with that Rod cleverly slipped off with her. He hasn't seen them dancing with any of their kind yet and it seems that they won't be doing that any time soon. This is one of those rare opportunities where they get to dance with any attendee as they please. After all when they get back, they can dance with their female skeleton counterparts anytime they so desire.

Sans saw Frisk standing at the side quietly sipping at her drink beside the other royalties, watching them as they talk to the other monsters from another island with high standing in society discussing political matters. Sans saw this as a chance to slip through and ask Frisk for a dance.

When he was already close he bowed in front of them in respect, "Your graces, Frisk." He looked up and smiled at her. She looked at him and mirrored his expression. He straightened himself up and fixed his coat, "Sorry for interrupting your important discussion but it is but proper that I inform you first before I take your adoptive daughter's hand..." he paused, relishing at Asgore's reaction as his brows furrowed slowly with each passing second Sans let pass by without completing his sentence. "And lead her straight to the dance floor." He grinned at him and Toriel just smiled and nodded, allowing him while patting Asgore at the back trying to calm him down. She was now used to Sans' joking ways and was puzzled why her husband was not knowing that he was the one mostly in contact with the captain while at the palace. But now that she thought about it, the band only came when there was something urgent the king needed to know of but never stayed long enough for them to get to know each other more unlike today. Asriel drank from his glass while the whole exchange happened, observing them in silence. When they were far enough, Sans stopped and looked and her, "You're welcome."

She stared at him and a smile slowly placed itself on her face. "Thank you for taking me away from there. I was starting to get bored with their conversation. It was interesting at first but as it went on, it wasn't as interesting anymore."

"That's politics for you. If you're not passionate about it then you wouldn't last an hour talking about it." he held out a hand to her, "So, shall we have that dance now?" she nodded, placing her now empty cup on the tray of a server before he took her hand again and led the way to the dance floor. "I say, this is the first time we have danced together since we met haven't we?"

"Yes, that is indeed true. But I can tell first hand by your movements that you are indeed a skilled dancer." she complimented. His moves were so smooth like silk that she envied him a bit.

"Why thank you, milady. You're not so bad yourself. Have you been taking lessons perhaps?"

"No, I'm afraid that we cannot afford such a luxury. Instead, my sister and I taught ourselves how to dance by watching the aristocrats from their open windows." she looked back on a time in her childhood were they would both switch roles of who would play the part of the male and the female to be able to practice on how to properly dance during the lessons of the noble they didn't know before that they would have been forced to be wed to at one time.

Sans already knew that they weren't in any high standing when it comes to their living condition but with how she handles herself, he figured that they were at least a bit better off than others. He didn't know that it was that rough. Now he knew that it was with their determination to learn that she was made into the person he sees in front of him now. "Did you ever wish that your circumstances in life to have been a little, different?"

"Some parts of it perhaps but definitely not entirely. I mean, who has not had one or two experiences in life which they had not wished to be erased entirely and had the luck of experiencing at all? But I grew to love how simple life is back then despite father and mother always mistreating us and promising our hand in marriage to every noble family they meet just to make their lives better. Moving those negative things aside, life is rather peaceful. We tend to always look at the happy than that of the sad parts in order for us to not lose ourselves in self-pity and depression." She smiled, closing her eyes as she let the music lead her. Flowing with grace as they went on.

"You really are strong. I guess that's what really makes you determined, huh?" when she opened her eyes his very own ones seemed to sadden when he said the word 'Determined'. She had to wonder though how one simple word can make the captain's eyes express that kind of emotion. At that point in time she was starting to believe that he somehow knew what fate has befallen her. She decided to turn her head to look at the other monsters who were dancing close to them. She wanted to see how they danced and to distract her from the captain's honest eyes.

The prince cut in as they were dancing to just about the middle part of the orchestra's music. He had lightly tapped the captain's shoulder and gave a smile once he turned his head to look at him, stopping in his tracks as well. "May I borrow her back for a while, captain?" he began.

Sans looked at him with steady eyes. "Sure, but give her back to me afterwards. We haven't actually had a proper dance yet." Sans said in humor and then handed her over to the prince who took her hand in his carefully, like she was a fragile kitten.

"But of course." He said and led Frisk away from him. Sans again took Carmella's hand and continued dancing to the tune that he had started with Frisk. He had successfully finished the number with ease but with his mind imagining that the woman he was dancing with was still her. When they were in an enough distance, Asriel spoke first. "How's about we kick things up a notch?" he turned his face to look at Frisk, a sly smile on his face.

She cocked her head to the left, confused. "Whatever do you mean by that?" she asked him, his smile unwavering. Instead his smile grew wider with her question. What devious plan was the charming prince planning?

"You know that dance that we practiced as a surprise for tonight?" She nodded in remembrance. "Why don't we add a little something to it, make it a little more interesting? I remember that you catch on quick to my impromptu steps and a great dancer to boot." he added making her a bit shy at the sudden compliment from him. She hasn't known him for that long so a sudden comment about her capabilities especially her dancing skills was something uncalled for and would absolutely make her uncomfortable.

"I'm not that great." She hid her face in embarrassment, not wanting the prince to see her face and what his reaction would be if he did.

"Of course you are," he replied in defense of his previous statement. "I've practiced with you enough times within the span of two days and you've already memorized the steps just like that." He snapped his fingers in emphasis that made her giggle a bit. "So please, don't belittle yourself. You're the only one besides mother and father that can really stand up to my level, Chara included as well of course."

"What gave you the idea of changing it now of all times? Our number may start at any moment."

His eyes slanted a little as a humorous smile plastered itself on his face. "I'd like to see if the great captain Sans of the feared blue pirates would get jealous."

"What?" he grinned at her incredulous reaction.

As if on cue the announcement was made, "Guests, please lead your eyes to the center as we witness a special number by the royal prince and princess." They smiled at everyone as they positioned themselves. The music started slow and both danced the routine they had practiced. They twisted and turned, lifts of different styles were accomplished with ease as they both held each other's hand throughout the process.

Sans attention, no matter how hard he tried could not help but look at the two dancing in sync, his partner for the moment long forgotten as his jealousy rose up from inside him. 'Just look at those two, Sans. Don't they just make for a lovely couple?' said a maniacal voice, 'The prince is currently without a bride and is bound to marry. And just by luck, she comes in just when the prince's bride had left his arms so soon - looking like the one he had lost.'

When their number was about to end, Asriel whispered on Frisk's ear, "Get ready." He spun her around and instead of taking a bow at that moment, he brought her in. Her back pressed against his torso as their arms crossed each other, giving a show of an intimate hug. Then he leaned his head, touching her shoulders as the music died down. Frisk blushed at the sudden touch as the crowd clapped their hands in delight, cheering for an encore.

'What now, captain?' the voice urged further as Sans' left eye glowed.

"Sans dear, are you alright?" Carmella called to him. But when he didn't answer, she touched his shoulder gaining a seething look from him. She backed away as his eye grew brighter and brighter.

"Get out of my sight." He whispered, twisting his head to look at the floor.

"B-but your left eye..." she stuttered, still reluctantly reaching out to his glowing eye.

Sans flinched and drew away, his eyes looking straight at hers, glaring at her even more. "I said get out!" As he shoved her away, he gained the attention of the surrounding guests as well as his crew.

"Hey captain, that ain't a nice way to talk to a lady." Corbel said approaching him carefully in a hurried manner.

Roman quickly left his current partner and went to him, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. "You're not usually like this. What's happening to you?" When Sans' attention was turned to him, he took a step back as Sans' presence became violent; the light emitting from Sans' eye blazing like wildfire. "This... isn't going to end well."

"Ngahh!" Sans cried in pain as he was being consumed by his magic. He threw Roman, Corbel, Carmella and some of the other guests to a wall with his unstable magic as he continued to scream in agony. The guests gasped in terror and distanced themselves from Sans' group. The commotion from their side of the hall rattled the rest of the crowd and attracted the attention of the royal family.

"Sans!" Frisk untangled herself from the embrace, leaving Asriel as she ran as fast as her feet can take her with the heavy dress restricting her to where Sans and the others were.

"No, sunshine stay away!" he held out his hand, "I- I can't control it." And then blue flame surrounded him as his form started to change starting from his face, slowly he began to transform into a giant four legged skeleton beast that had black goop coming out of his eyes. His pupils were bloodshot red as he heaved loudly, Sans original features now out of sight. Its eyes searched the place and when it spotted Asriel, it growled and started stomping his way towards him. The guests scattered, running for the exit as fast as they could, trampling on other monsters in the fit of panic. The other royal guards went in front of the prince ready to defend him but they were all just thrown to the side. Undyne, Papyrus and his and Sans crew surrounded him, keeping him in place as they could.

Sans then felt an intense presence. He searched and when he looked at the corner where Frisk was her soul glowed bright red like a burning fire in her chest. Sans menacingly smiled at the sight and approached her instead, a more powerful urge making his magic grow stronger that the others were not able to hold him off any longer. Frisk opened up her arms to him as he ran towards her. As they touched, both of them disappeared into a piercing light. When the light disappeared, they were in an infinite white space, nothing else to see except him, Frisk, seven souls and strangely, his father. Sans was lying on the ground, his head hurting a bit from what had happened before. "Do it now, Frisk." Gaster told her as she looked at him and nodded, turning her head and facing Sans once more.

Not knowing what was going on Sans went on again with his approach and stood up, taking careful steps towards Frisk. "I'm sorry about this." She hugged him as the souls went into her. As she did so, Sans' scream pierced the air as the combined souls pulled the demon out of Sans' body and into Frisk, containing it within her. Sans in a burst of energy and flames returned to normal, gaining control of his own body once more. But as he did so, Frisk fainted.

"Frisk!" he called to her, catching her before she fell on the ground. They were back at the castle hall where everyone just stood and watched not knowing what to do. He felt as though they were gone for a good amount of time but in truth were gone mere seconds from when they disappeared into the white abyss to coming back to the castle hall.

Frisk opened her eyes and looked at his face. "Sans...?" She said, her voice weak.

"Yes sunshine, I'm here."

She coughed. Sans told her to rest and not force herself but she held out her hand to stop him which he then held instead. "Can I have a request?" she wheezed, her lungs hurting with every breath she took.

He was starting to shiver. "Anything." His voice cracked as he spoke. This was not right… why her?

"Can I share a proper dance with you now?" She laughed, "We haven't gotten the chance to finish that last one, didn't we?" Sans was reluctant. The way that Frisk was now he can't tell if she can handle to even stand up. She saw his immediate reaction so she pleaded further. "Please Sans, just one dance."

He let out a resigned sigh and gave in, she was not going to let him refuse, using her current state as a weapon. She was stubborn and ruthless when it needs be, huh? A similarity that she and her adoptive mother share. He composed himself first, breathing in. Not letting the tears form, not now when she can see. "Of course, as you wish." The orchestra played a slow song as the two hung on to each other as the sweet serenade continued on. They left the next morning and Sans took Frisk with him back to his home island. All throughout their journey back Frisk constantly shut herself inside his quarters struggling, crying out in pain as Sans and the rest could only stand by and watch. On the days when she was well and can interact with them, they would exchange jokes and hilarious stories, sing and dance to joyous music – everything to make her forget the pain she will come to endure again at any moment. Even though they were already in their Island territory, they did not leave the safety of the ship afraid for Frisk's sake and what the other island dwellers might say or do to her when her symptoms occur once more. But for the span of three days nothing of the sort happened to her to their relief. One day, Sans left the ship with his crew confident that Frisk was well and resting for the time being but that became the biggest mistake that they had ever made in their entire career and life.

'It's time.' Frisk stood up from the bed and walked towards the door. She peeked outside making sure that all of them had left. Before leaving the ship, she made a turn and went down to where the kitchenware were placed and got something from the drawers. Now outside, she entered the forested area of the Land of the Living Skulls, going deeper and deeper in until she didn't know where the exits might be. Frisk then, with the help of the other souls, transported somewhere far enough so as not to be disturbed with the task given her.

Being its owner, Sans suddenly felt her presence disappear from the ship. He quickly transported himself back without a word to his crew who just stood there stunned but quickly realized where he might have gone. They hoped nothing bad had happened to her. Once in the ship, he quickly went to his quarters and saw that she had left the necklace he had given her. He went to the other parts of the ship, but to his horror there was no Frisk in sight. He hurriedly transported himself to the different parts of the island. That's when he found her, near the edge of a cliff with her hair and dress flowing freely with the wind and holding a silver object that glinted tauntingly at him. At the sight of it, he scampered closer to her sweat forming at the frame of his skull. A soul shielded her, preventing him from coming closer. She turned around the instant the soul did so, looking at his grave look with sad eyes and a semi-content smile. "Sunshine, what are you doing with that." He wasn't going to question her already having a gist of the situation but he just had to for his own sake.

"I think you already know the answer."

"Why you, why can't it be someone else?"

"Then let me ask you this as well." She answered, turning around and fully facing him. "Why my sister? Why the other human souls accompanying me right now? Why the other monsters and humans who have died before their time?" Sans grew silent acknowledging the sense in her argument. He didn't say a word and let her continue. "And if it wasn't me, Sans... then we wouldn't have met, right?"

Tears were starting to form at the corner of his eyes with those words. "We'll leave this island, go find somewhere faraway and deserted. Then you wouldn't worry about hurting anyone else."

"But I could still hurt you." She replied, clutching at her chest. "Preventing myself from doing so would be harder and harder as time goes by. There is no other option. I have to see this through." She drew closer to the edge while he was stoned on his spot, still not believing what was happening in front of him. "Sans, you have your calling and I believe that this is ours." She placed the tip of the knife on her chest where her heart is and inhaled deeply, a tear trickling down her cheek. "If we are to meet again and I am able to choose another path," she looked up and smiled gripping the knife hard. "please help me choose the right one." With much conviction, she determinedly thrust the knife and let herself fall off the cliff. With that notion, Sans quickly, with failing legs ran to the edge and saw her being die away and disappear into the sea.

Sans just stayed there, kneeling on the ground and staring into space, the golden locket on his hand. He couldn't believe this, he wouldn't believe this. Frisk... she was gone. She sacrificed herself for monster kind's sake, to end the killings and their suffering. He opened the locket and saw the picture they had taken together. He couldn't even cry, he won't allow himself to. No, there was another way, he could bring her back. He would bring her back. One way or another... but if he couldn't... He stared at his sword at his side, it's hilt taunting him to draw it. No, that would be a last resort if anything else. "I need to try to find an alternative before I give into that option." Through the comedy of it all, he thought of a song he had heard from long ago. A song that he can actually relate more to now than he had before. "Hey there, sunshine. You know, I just remembered a song I heard a long time ago. If you know the lyrics, you can sing along." He laughed a bit. "Alright, here goes nothing."

When he had finished, before thrusting his most trusted sword with the end, the space around him suddenly darkened. He couldn't see anything; even when he squinted and blinked a couple of times. Was he dead? Did he plunge his sword in him that quickly? Then a dim light came from behind him. When he turned, his attempt long forgotten, he saw words that were enclosed in boxes: FIGHT, ACT, ITEM and MERCY.

He tried touching the box with the word 'ITEM' and saw his things in there and their description. This is a different sort of magic. When he touched the 'FIGHT' button, he saw his attacks in description, like how his weapons were to be able to damage. The 'MERCY' button pretty much didn't do anything. But when he touched the 'ACT' button, he saw another type of option.

The words 'Save', 'Continue', 'Reset', 'Erase' and 'End' were presented. So, he can choose to do any of this correct? He clenched his hands into a fist. This was it. He knows what to do now. All he had to do was push this. He then brought out the "Hey sunshine..." he said reaching out, "wait for me." A tear trickled down his face onto the picture of the open locket he held in his hand as he looked at it and smiled.

"Okay?" He pressed it.




I don't know what's harder, leaving or being left behind...