"Bitch, what you do that for?" Inuyasha growled still laying in the hole the "SIT" created.

"Because, it's the only way to stop you from making me stay," Kagome answered gruffly with a hint of anger in her eyes. Inuyasha picked up rather quickly. "Feh."

"Oh Feh yourself buddy," Kagome stated with all of her anger showing. Inuyasha flinched knowing he did something bad, again. If he only knew how to act polite or at least be nice sometimes. (Yeah Right)

Kagome jumped into the well without second glance at Inuyasha. The blue light and feeling of weightlessness surrounded her. 'Oh how he makes me so mad all I want to do is go to school, see my family, and friends. Then come back. But NO he doesn't understand that.'

Inuyasha still lay in his new little hole. When Miroku came up the hill

"Hello, did you and Kagome-sama have another fight again?" asked Miroku with a slight smile on his face. 'Oh young love' he thought.

"Feh, so what," Inuyasha grumbled. His ears layed back in annoyance. 'Stupid wench, doesn't know she supposed to stay here with ME.' He thought while standing up and jumping up to his usual perch.

Miroku watched the angry dog boy from where he stood. Wondering what exactly he missed. Giving up hope of ever getting anything out of the hanyou he walked back to Keade's hut.

Inuyasha half watched as Miroku left. Sighing when he lost sight and scent of him. He hated fighting with Kagome but he was too stubborn to admit it. Well the only thing he could do was wait. He hated waiting.

A pair of golden eyes watched all of this happen. A flicker of child like curiosity flashed across their surface. Fangs showing from a toothy grin as she smirked.

From the bush, were the eyes were, stepped a girl. She really was more like a teenager. She had tight, but still loose, Capri flares that were white and faded into red at the bottom. Her haori was white also but the collar was red and the sleeves faded out into red too. She had a red sash supporting her sword on her left side. She had prayer beads around her neck. White hair cascading down past her waist with black tips, and little braids here and there. Two forelocks handing on either side of her face and bangs almost covering her golden eyes and two white dog-ears with black tips on top of her head. Her eyes wondering around and taking in her surrounding as her nose sniffed all the different scents. Her ears listening to any sound they come across, as her white tail with black at the tip swept across the ground.

This stranger walked across the clearing to the well. Peering inside and finding nothing, the girl sat on the edge of the well gazing around and inside it. She knew she saw that girl jump in here then there was a flare of magic, then nothing. She was very intrigued by this girl, she dressed weird and she had a lot of magic around her. She had been watching from afar for the last couple of weeks what this strange pack did when they came back to the village. She wanted to see and talk to the girl name Kagome. Kagome was the one who carried the shards of the shikon with her. That was the reason for her being here now she wanted to make a trade with Kagome.

"Well, this really sucks," She stated flatly. "I guess I just have to wait for her to return." The female hanyou jumped off the well and proceeded to the direction in which she came.

Inuyasha sat in his tree drifting off to sleep when a strange yet very familiar scent came his way. Still resting there with his eyes closed he let the feeling of peace fill him while he went to sleep dreaming of a memory of a little girl with a tail that looked like him.