AN - OK, I just had an idea this minute. Forget about everything that happened in my other fanfics, this one starts on a clean slate! If you think this is a good idea then Read and Review.. The Prince and the Pauper. It is set in Egypt!

Yami is the Prince (well duh!)

Yugi is the Pauper (cos he is just soooo sweet)

What would happen if they traded places? They look exactly the same (use your imaginations with the whole height thing!) and they meet and decide to change places (obviously I will write this properly!).

They don't tell anyone about the switch.not even their girlfriends or their parents! (Gasp!) What would happen? Who would find out? Would anyone?

Will include all the YUGIOH characters but not Lara (my own character). If anyone thinks there should be new main characters just let me know, if you liked Lara and want something similar!

Review this idea please so that I know whether or not to continue with it!