For a day as insane as the one Jim was having, it was actually a pretty calm scene at Wayne Manor. Damian was eating a late dinner in the kitchen, Bruce was looking at something on his cell phone, and Jim was just sitting around taking everything in.

Then, a breaking news alert came on the television. "We just got word a terror attack is about to take place in city hall, police can't get inside" Jim looked at Bruce and Damian.

Bruce, of all ways he could've reacted, sighed. He sighed as though someone had knocked over the trash and he had to clean it up.

Damian was looking at his father as though he had something to do with the news story on the television.

What sounded like an oven alarm went off, but Jim was pretty sure there was nothing in the oven. Damian jumped up and sprang over to the window. "It's up" he said.

"Damian, you stay here with Jim, I'll take care of it" said Bruce.

Take care of what? wondered Jim.

"But wait what if-"

"Damian, I'll take care of it!" insisted Bruce.

Jim had no idea what they were talking about. Bruce ran into another room. "What's going on?" asked Jim.

Damian swallowed. "I don't think I can tell you that" he said. He crossed his arms and passed around the room. It would've been nice if Jim understood what he was so mad about, but no, Jim was still as clueless as ever. "If we could've just fixed the Allen's Lock I could've gone with him" Damian mumbled.

So Damian was upset he couldn't go wherever Bruce had rushed off to because he had to stay with Jim.

What could I possibly see that would effect the timeline so much Jim wondered.

He also wondered why Damian was upset he couldn't go. It sounded more like a need or an obligation than a want, but Jim wasn't really sure. "Hey, it'll be okay" said Jim in an ill advised attempt to calm the boy down.

"Not when someone dies" muttered Damian as he turned in the opposite direction.

"What!" said Jim alarmed. "Who's going to die?"

Damian jumped around. "I shouldn't have said anything!" said Damian.

"Is your father going somewhere he might get killed?" asked Jim.

"Maybe..." said Damian leaving his answer open to interpretation.

"Is he going somewhere where something might happen to someone else?" asked Jim.

"Maybe!" said Damian growing aggravated. "Or maybe not! I shouldn't have said anything!"

"I understand but, don't try anything dangerous-"

"Look, It would be better for everyone if I was there" Damian insisted stubbornly.

He went back to eating, making it clear he wanted no more conversation.

Around 15 minutes later the oven alarm sounded again. Another news story came on television.

"Breaking news. We just got word the terror group was planning to use a hostage crisis as a distraction from their attack on City Hall. While police attention is on the crisis in City Hall at the moment the terror group has taken hostages at the Gotham Art Museum. Officials worry the hostages may be killed if police do not stand down at-"

Damian sprang up. He ran down to the cave room with Jim being pulled along. "Where are you going?" asked Jim. His question was ignored as Damian ran over the the computer and put on the headset.

"Barbara is in Fresno, Tim is sick" mumbled Damian to himself. "Jason and Dad are busy...that leaves Dick and Kate"

"What's going on?" asked Jim.

"An emergency. Just, let me do what I'm doing it" said Damian.

"If there's an emergency shouldn't we call 911?" asked Jim.

"Oh leave it alone!" yelled Damian who tapped on his wrist to send Jim away, apparently forgetting this would send him to Bruce.

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