This story may take time to update, I have other stories as well to finish but right now this has taken priority.

Barely a week ago our community lost a sweet boy to suicide without even a note as to why. Come to find out he was constantly bullied not just by students but by his teachers as well and the school knew yet did nothing.

He touched many lives in his short ten years, and by his unnecessary death he is touching many more in raising awareness to suicide and bullying. It has to stop, schools need to take action to protect their students.

If you know someone being bullied or abused (or if you are the one( do not remain quiet .

Same with suicide, no matter how dark your life maybe there's always hope at end of the tunnel.

This Fic is in Memory of Landen Lewis. May you rest in peace buddy.



In God's eyes were all the same.

And someday we will all be perfect beings.

Don't laugh at me


Soft sobbing rang through his sensors, blurred forms he could not process passed there outline. Except for small lifeless image, a tragic mockery of the vibrant soul that once had been.

Connor shuttered, his soulful brown eyes closing. This was worse than before his deviancy. Back than it had been a suppression upon his developing emotions . This, was an icy cold painful numb that was choking him. Invisible water filling his fake body, malfunctioning his components, his breathing freezing him from the inside out.

Stress Level 87%

It hurt, unbearable pain like none the android had ever felt. He could not comprehend how to deal with it, rationalize or reason with it. Only one thought kept circling through his mind.

'It's not real.'

'None of this is real, not something this cruel.'

He had saved Emma, even at the regretful loss of Daniel he had saved a child's life. So why, WHY?! Could he not do it again.


"Connor? "

Hank, he had not even noticed his partner approach him, or felt his own legs stop mid asle and sway hands trembling as the knife in his heart twisted, eyes burning.

"Hank I...I . ."

A strong hand on his shoulder.

"It's not real..something like this. ..Why he is just a boy.

That can can not…"

That hand became two arms, crushing his body into the large form. Face buried in Hank's chest, like a child being consoled. Fitting in a way, since it had only been three years since he 'woke up'.

"It's okay son, I got you...I got you Connor.."

Those words were all it took for the RK800's restraints to break. Breath coming out in a choked moan as the tears began to stream.