Another impatient question came from the other side of the comms.

"Yes, we're here, Bob."

"Fucking Bob..."

"I heard that. Eyes on target?" Bob's voice came from the other side of the radio.

"Not yet, just calm down Bob."

"Fucking Bob..."

The four male Tenno operatives ascended a series of metal staircases, pulling themselves up with effort. Their weapons slung over their shoulders. Then, their eyes widened; they found it.

The cryopod, the mission.

The four had been sent on a seemingly easy extraction mission in the barren deserts of the scorching red planet; Mars. In theory, the group would finish their mission without breaking a sweat, extract within 15 minutes of finding the cryopod, and enjoy a comfortable meal right after.

And within the old cryopod, the dormant Warframe lying still. Obscured by thick, frosted glass.

The red sands of Mars blew by the squad as they neared the cryopod.

"We have eyes on the prize."

"Good, just wait for extraction."

"What does this do?" A Tenno operative in a white suit pointed at a yellow button on a nearby Grineer console, seemingly ready to press it.

"No! God damn it Steve!" Another Tenno operative dressed in the standard blue rushed forward, slapping Steve's arm away.

"Who invited him..." Trey muttered, walking away.

"So...can I press it?" Steve asked, his finger hovering above the glowing button yet again.

"NO!" Trey exclaimed, slapping Steve's arm again.

"Why not?"

"Cause it's Grineer technology. And you know what they say about Grineer tech; it's meant for destruction! Heard about what happened to Franco?"

Steve shook his head.

"Guy accidentally cut his dick off mishandling an Atterax," Trey continued.

"Wow..." Steve muttered.

"Why are we the ones training him Grett?" Trey looked at an operative in a red suit.

Grett shrugged, pointing at the last Tenno operative. The man was dressed in a black suit, a deadly Strun shotgun over his shoulder as he crouched near the cryopod, observing the ancient technology intently.

"Er, Felon? You alright?"

Felon nodded hastily.

Aside from the colours, nothing distinguished the operatives from one another as they all wore the standard Tenno operative suits; the clothes the people guarding Relays wore. But the colours were not just for show, they reflected something.


White; beginner, Steve Owen.

Blue; acceptable, Trey Logan.

Red; experienced, Grett Hugh.

Black; expert, Felon Vaus.

The colorful squad formed a circle around the cryopod, lazily observing the Grineer settlement as their guns remained slung over their shoulders in their deep slumber. The sun shining over them only grew more relentless as the heat became more aching each second.

"So...why us again?" Trey yawned, scratching his head as he stretched.

"Because we were the closest to this planet," Felon clarified.

"No, we get that. But why us?" Grett insisted.

"Because command wants us to train this guy right here," Felon replied, pointing at Steve. The man in white was playing with his Sybaris Rifle; flicking the lever repeatedly, like a kid with his toys.

The three sighed in unison.

"I mean...there's nothing here. Bob said this was an abandoned Grineer base. So no Grineer, no Corpus, thank God for no Infested...heard about what happened to Yurey?" Trey started.

"Yeah, poor guy. 2 days to retirement and then he got converted."

Felon shook his head lightly.

"Mate of mine had to put him down himself, what a shame."

"ETA 15 minutes to extraction. Just sit tight guys. Preliminary scans show no signs of activity near you, should be a breeze for..." Bob slowed to a silent stop; only his cold breath could be heard over the comms now.

"Bob? Haha, real funny," Felon quipped.

"Can I press the button?" Steve asked, again.

"NO!" the three exclaimed together, annoyed, diverting their attention back to the silent Bob.

"...guys? There's movement on the radar," Bob stuttered.

The four observed their helmet's display; and Bob was right. Their radar beeped slowly, showing red arrows that were converging on their current location. Though the hostile units were moving like snails; they would eventually reach here.

Fear was only added as the number of dots that appeared on the radar increased in a blink. More of their enemies were coming.

The squad breathed.

"Can we get out of here in time?" Steve asked, panicking. Probably the only proper question the man has had so far.

"Negative. Extraction comes in 14 minutes, but by our calculations...they'll converge on your location in the next 5."

The squad got to work fast.

Trey pulled something out of his bag; remote explosives. The man placed the charges at every doorway, every path leading to the cryopod. An audible beep was heard as the explosives were set; a deadly red light shining. The man then buried the bombs under the dry, grainy sand of Mars, silently praying that they would work.

Felon walked over to the cryopod, expertly tapping in a few commands and activating the shield generators. A blue energy lining danced on the cryopod as the shields were activated, the pod ready for the beating it may receive.

Grett rushed over to every doorway, working alongside Trey as he laid out automatic turrets that were ready to decorate any with energy bullets. He then covered the dormant turrets underneath coarse sand; like seeds of a plant that would eventually sprout.

Steve sneaked over to the button, eager to push it as a grin was formed on his face.

"Steve, I swear I will knock you out cold and let Kela De Thaym rape you," Felon threatened, still tapping buttons on the cryopod's console.

Steve swallowed, his arm now retracted.

"Good," Felon concluded.

Felon snatched Steve by the arm, pinning both of them to the ground and hiding them both under a blanket of sand. Grett and Trey did the same, lying still as a rock under their own grainy mountain.

The scene around the cryopod became nothing but a tensed silence, as if no one had been here, as if nothing was here.

The dry winds blew by.

Steve coughed.

Felon slapped him, shushing the amateur.

"Sorry...choking on sand here," Steve complained.

"Shut up and stop moving," Felon asserted.

"Now what?" Steve inquired, curious.

"We wait."