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Summary: Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy both have their dreams. But a spell to make them true ends them up in a deadly crisis of getting stuck in the future... in other words, Draco's twenty and works at a local muggle bar, and Ginny's a nineteen year old low-life prostitute. Um...yeah.


It started with a spell. Just a simple, frigging spell. I know I shouldn't have trusted a spellbook that was titled something in French. This incident was even worse than the Tom Riddle scene, because at least he was hot! But did Draco Malfoy have to be in this? Rat faced muggle-born hater, Draco Malfoy? Sure, lots of girls goggled at his extremely fatique figure but please, not me. No, I was completely innocent. I hadn't even had my first kiss yet, and I was fifteen already! People have them when they're five sometimes! That's what I heard, anyway.

So, I looked through the spellbook, and actually found an english translated one.


The ability to submit your biggest sensation of fantasy to come true.

Dreamcatcher...cute. I think it's the name of a frigging Stephen King book, though. And although he's truly brilliant, he does look a bit scary-looking.

Anyways, before I knew it, I was mixing up the ingredients to this miracle maker and placing them into a raving fire in a candle and letting them burn and crawl their wax while I collect the leftovers and put them into a small vial. Now, here comes the nasty part. This is where you might want to skip. I had to put some kind of a DNA in it or something, so I spit in it and it turned a greenish, whitish color.

Now I had to drink it while thinking hard about what I wanted in my life.

And you know how stupid I was? I asked for my true love. Yeah, sounds corny, but I really DID want to have someone love me. There was nothing else I wanted, not even Harry Potter. I just wanted my true love to arrive, now, so I could get to know him. Stupidity rules all, I guess.

So I drank it, and it tasted like wax and salt mixed together with some vinegar or something. But I drank it as fast as I could, concentrating on the thought of my true love giving me my first kiss, and marrying me when I turned seventeen...

And that's when all hell broke loose.


Of course, unlike Weasley, I read everything carefully, and returned the book carefully. Except I was stupid enough to not pay attention to the little caption under that consisted of the words: Warning - Be careful for what you wish for.

Now what kind of a gayass statement is that, I thought. I had the potion already made, in my vial, so I didn't pay a bit attention.

I wish I had.

I concentrated hard on my wish, and drank it slowly, taking in the horrible taste of acid that nearly burned my tongue, and a faint smell of vinegar reached my nostrils while drinking. I concentrated as hard as I could for the thing I wanted most right now, and then, I felt myself bloating suddenly.

It was like taking the Polyjuice Potion while using a Portkey. You were moving through time, literally, while your body was quickly dissolving into ice.

And that's when I landed.

"Shit!" I cried out, the striking pain in my back against the hard concrete.

"You alright, Bill?" a voice interrupted my screaming rage.

"Bill?" I asked, blinking my eyes into vision. A large, bald man about fifty looked down at me, his wide apple-shaped face with raven colored eyes.

"Woah, you must've hit that head bad, huh? C'mon, let's get you back, there's a new stripper looking for a job. Interview's in a few minutes...c'mon," the large man said, grabbing his slender arm and picking him up in balance. I gasped. I was taller, and my arms were lengthened. I was suddenly in urge to look at a mirror, but I gulped instead.

"Yes, must've hit it hard, because I can't seem to remember your name."

"Ah, Bill, thas my boy, always joking around. It's me, Johnny, don't yeah remember?" he barked hastily, and I found myself heading back into a small, square-shaped building that was painted in strange colors.

"Oh, yeah, joking, Johnny, that's me," I said, even though I had no idea in hell what was going on.

We went through a small room which looked like a diner, with stools, chairs, and some tables, wine glasses, and various other items. Finally, we found our destination and I saw that I was in a office that said outside the door, "William Madoick".

Who the hell was that? Was that me? But - my wish had nothing to do with any of this! I found myself getting throughly frustrated until Johnny pointed someone sitting in a chair across the desk. I found myself gaping.

It was obviously a hooker, or a trained stripper. She was wearing high-knee purple clad boots, with a pink, leather skirt that looked like shorts, and a yellow tank top. Her hair was curled and messy, into a mass of flaming red, and her wide, brown eyes were looking bewildered.

"Pretty looker, ain't she? Can't help but gape, that's how our Bill is," chuckled Johnny.

"Um...yes," the hooker replied uncertainly.

"Well, I'll leave yeah two alone," Johnny grunted, winking as he slammed the crooked door behind him.

"What the hell is going on? What're you doing here Malfoy?! And what the fuck am I wearing?" the hooker suddenly got up, tugging down her skirt.

"I don't know! I did this spell and...wait, do you know me?" I asked. She had called me MALFOY, after all.

"Yes! It's me, Gin- I mean, Weasley," she answered.

My eyes bugged out. Weasley? Weasley looking that damn sexy? Impossible.

"What! You can't be - you're - you're..." I didn't finish.

"Pretty? Maybe. Slutty? Very! What the hell happened? I tried this Dreamcatcher thing..."

"You tried that too?" I asked, gaping even more.

"Yeah! Did you? Anyways, I wished something, but obviously it didn't work..." she stammered, blushing.

"What'd you wish for, Weasel? To become a prostitute? A stripper? Because according to 'Johnny', you're supposed to be my new one."

"Are - what - I - no - I," Weasley closed her eyes, groaning, and plopped down into her seat once more, her hand over her forehead.

I managed a grin. Things were going to be interesting...


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