*Splash* *Splash* *Splash* *BOOM!*

"Gotta hide... gotta hide... there has to be somewhere we could go!" Izuku Midoriya muttered to himself as he looked around for any sign of sanctuary. "There! That giant house should be fine." He told himself as he was running towards the gated off area.

It was pure luck that Midoriya managed to not only escape but also grab the newest member of the 'family'. She was brought in for the same reason Midoriya was, to be sold off for Yakuza debts, her name is Eri. The reason he wanted to leave that place was because of their experiments. He doesn't know the minute details but he has heard bits and pieces of it. Mainly the need for human blood cells, guess where they got that from. Day after day, hour after hour, painful cut after painful cut, his arms tell the whole story of that place.

So naturally he would take any opportunity to run away, luckily one presented itself. There was a party... a massive party. A party used to celebrate a break through in their 'experiment', and luckily one of the guards had a little too much to drink and left the door unlocked. He was about to bolt it out of there, but saw Eri sleeping in her crib. Not wanting her to be the one to suffer for him to escape, he gently grabbed her, wrapped her around in a blanket, and ran out of there.

It didn't take long for the others to notice his disappearance, but it was long enough for Midoriya to get some distance between them. As he was running through the thunderstorm he was running around begging people to let him in... all of them slammed the door in his face. As he was running around he came across a giant house, he didn't expect the owners to let him in, but if anything he could hide in the shed or something.

He ran around the fence, and managed to find a way for him to crawl underneath the fence, and luckily Eri was small enough to slip through the fence itself. So he set her gently underneath a tree as he crawled underneath the fence to make it through. Once he was through he picked up Eri again and ran towards the house.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

The door slowly opened, "H-Hello?" A girl, about Midoriya's age asked.

"P-Please... we're running from a bad man, we need someplace to stay." Midoriya pleaded.

The girl was skeptical, but she saw the scratches and red bandages around Midoriya's arms, and the baby girl in his arms.

"Ms. Yaoyorozu? Who is at the door?" A voice said from within the house.

"N-No one, just something from the wind." She said before leaning closer to them, "I'll let you in, but please wait 5 minutes and be silent." She whispered.

"O-Okay." Midoriya muttered as the door closed in front of him, and 5 minutes later, it reopened this time more quietly.

"Be silent." She muttered as she lead the pair upstairs away from unsuspecting men and woman in suits and dresses. Once upstairs, she opened the door to her room. "I don't know how long you can stay." She whispered.

"All I need is to stay for the night, once the rain stops I'll leave." Midoriya muttered back, "T-Thank you." He muttered.

She felt guilty sending out a kid and a baby on their own... but her parents wouldn't allow them to stay, this is all she could do.

"I have my own personal bath and shower if you would like." She offered, "Just leave your wet clothes outside and I'll dry them for you." She said looking at his clothes... there wasn't any dirt stains so all they needed was a quick dry.

"A-Are you sure?" Midoriya asked.

"Unless you would want to wear my clothes? I'll do that for you." She said.

He hesitated at first... but realized that getting sick is the worst thing he could possibly do, so he headed into the bathroom, and left the clothes outside. True to her word she took his clothes and ran them through a quick dry cycle before bring them back up to her room. Once she returned she wrapped the dried clothes in a towel and planted them outside the door.

"Your clothes are outside." She said with a knock.

"O-Okay... thank you." He said.

"Don't mention it." She said as she sat on her bed next to the sleeping baby. It gave her some time to think about what was currently happening.

She let a boy about her age, and a baby girl inside her home and let the boy use her shower. Her parents are out for the night but will be back in the morning... given their habits they always come into her room when they return from a business trip whether it'd be night, morning, afternoon, dusk, dawn, they always enter her room the minute they return. She didn't know the exact time they'll return, meaning it's very likely if not guaranteed they'll find the boy and the girl and ask why are they in their home and probably kick them out in a moments notice. She could hide them? But how long would that last for, and what will they do when they find them. Even worse, they'll have to go through the front gate, and what will the guard say when she sees a boy and a baby girl walk up to the gate when they never saw them? Probably bad things.


She turned to see the bathroom door open and a scarred hand grab the bundle of clothes. Seeing those scars made her spine tingle.

'I... I can't let them go out on their own.' She thought, 'The man who did this to them will stop at nothing until he gets them back.'

Midoriya soon came out with his dry and wrinkly clothes, he was rapidly drying out his mop of green hair before sitting next to her.

"T-Thanks again." He said as she nodded.

"Like I said don't mention it. Now... what happened?" She asked. He flinched at the question, "S-Sorry if I over stepped my boundaries."

"N-No... you let us in, so I should tell you." He said before taking a deep breath, "The girl and I... are from the Yakuza." He said as she looked at him with shock, "W-Well... we were sold to the Yakuza more like it. My dad and her dad needed money, so they gave us to the Yakuza. The girl, Eri, is a baby, and can't be used like they use me."

"W-What do they do to you?" She asked.

"T-They cut me up for blood." Midoriya said squirming in his seat at the thought, "T-There was a party, a-and someone left the door open. S-So I took Eri, and ran as far as I could. A lot of houses wouldn't take us in for the night, t-then I found your house and crawled under the fence." He explained.

"T-That's horrible." She muttered as Midoriya nodded.

"T-That's why we can't go back... he'll kill us." He muttered shaking in fear.

The girl wrapped her arms around Midoriya in comfort, "I-I won't let him come." She said tightening her grip around him.

Midoriya tensed up at the contact, before hugging her back. After a few more second of comfort they broke off the hug, "S-So what's your name?" The girl asked.

"O-Oh, m-my name is Izuku Midoriya." He said.

"My name is Momo Yaoyorozu... and you can stay as long as you need." Yaoyorozu said.

"A-Are you sure? I-I won't be a burden." Midoriya asked.

"Not at all." A voice said.

They both turned to see a middle aged man and a middle aged woman standing at the door. "M-Mother, father?! What are you doing here so early?" Yaoyorozu asked.

"The meeting went smoothly and swiftly. We made it home when we saw you carry a bundle of clothes that didn't belong to you. We followed you up here, and overheard that young man's story... we apologize for that." Mrs. Yaoyorozu said.

"O-Oh, it's fine." Midoriya said.

"We will allow you to stay... only if you would follow Momo in her studies, a rival would do her justice." Mr. Yaoyorozu said.

'So they're letting him stay just so I could study harder? Even though I told them I would much rather become a pro hero as opposed to taking Yaoyorozu Enterprises.' Yaoyorozu thought, "At least he gets to stay as opposed to being out in the street where he and Eri could get captured.'

"Y-Yes I will!" Midoriya exclaimed.

"Then it's settled then." Mr. Yaoyorozu said before clapping twice.

"Yes sir?" A maid asked.

"Please escort Mr. Midoriya and young Eri to their room." He said.

"Yes sir. Come along now." She said as Midoriya picked up the still sleeping Eri and followed the maid.

Once her parents exited her room she collapsed onto her bed. 'Well there's one worry out of the way... but now I have a study partner for the most likely reason of my parents driving me towards heiring Yaoyorozu Enterprises. No... I don't know that yet, they could be helping me prepare for U.A.? Well worrying about it now isn't going to help. I should get some sleep.' Yaoyorozu thought as she climbed into her bed and slowly went to sleep.

*6 Years Later*

"Hurry up, we're gonna be late." Yaoyorozu called out.

"W-We're coming!" Midoriya yelled with Eri next to him. They were heading to the U.A. entrance exams... well Midoriya's entrance exams. Yaoyorozu got in on a 'Recommendation' meaning she had a whole different test as opposed to those wihtout recommendations. Her entrance exams were a week ago, so now she's providing moral support for Midoriya, and to watch over Eri while he takes the test.

They soon make it inside, and Yaoyorozu was waiting by the entrance tunnel for Midoriya to finish his test. They started with the written exam, considering Midoriya was studying with Yaoyorozu it was easy to him, what was the big if for this entrance exam was the practical. During the 6 years of living in the same house Yaoyorozu has never seen his Quirk in action. Sure Yaoyorozu used her Quirk to make him small gifts that her parents said no to, but she has never seen Midoriya's Quirk aside from brief glimpses. She has asked numerous times what his Quirk was... and his answer was always the same.

'It's a tainted Quirk.'

Well here's hoping he could pass without his Quirk. Once the written exam was over with, the examinees lined up at the starting gate. Once the gates opened Midoriya rushed out there to take the test. Then Yaoyorozu felt something slip away from her hand.

"E-Eri!" Yaoyorozu yelled as she rushed towards the little girl, but she was too fast for her, and the door closed in front of her before she could get her back. She banged on the door, but it didn't open, "Damn it! Izuku... please find and protect her." She muttered, 'He's going to be mad...'

*Midoriya's P.O.V*

I smashed two two-pointers, thanks to a shard of robot plating I found on the ground. At this pace I should have enough points to pa-

"Target Acquired!" A robot yelled.

"Aah! Zuku!" Wait... Eri?!

I rushed towards the noise, and saw Eri surrounded by one pointers.

"Easy pickings!" One guy yelled.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" I yelled rushing passed the guy and smashed the robots with my bare hands, once they were all destroyed I squatted down to Eri's level, "Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!" I asked.

"N-No I'm not." She said.

"Good... what were you thinking?!" I yelled as she flinched away.

"I-I just wanted to wish you luck..." She muttered.

I rubbed my temples, "Fine, but it's too late to bring you back." I said as I squatted in front of her, "Get on my back... I'll protect you until the test is over." I said.

"O-Okay... and why are you orange?" Eri asked as she climbed on my back.

"It's like that when I'm mad..." I muttered.

"O-Oh... are you mad at me?" She asked.

"Not any more... I'm mad at the robots." I muttered as I rushed to destroy more.

I guess now is a good time to explain my 'Quirk'. Well my is a strong word, it's more of something that was forced on me during my time with the Yakuza, some guy with a mask came in and gave me this Quirk... and I hate it. Every time I use it there's a glaring reminder of the pain and torment I faced during my time as the Yakuza's surgical playground, though it's not like I have much choice when I activate it. My Quirk is called 'Rage' the angrier I am, the stronger and faster I become at the cost of losing control. How angry I am is shown by the color of my hair and the aura around me. Hence why Eri asked why am I orange. The range is Green being my normal hair color, Yellow is the lowest form of rage, Orange, Red, and Black at least that's what the guy who forced this Quirk onto me said. The highest level I've reached is Orange level.

I ran around and smashed all the robots I could find, for points sure, but I could use a good method of venting out my rage. I lost count after 35 villain poi-


We all turned to see a gigantic robot suddenly appear out of nowhere. Everyone else started to run, even that one guy who yelled at me during the briefing for mumbling to myself. I turned to run too... then I heard a faint 'Oww' from near the robot. A girl was trapped under the rubble... I have to save her.

"Eri, stay here." I said as I set her down.

"H-Huh?" She asked.

"Stay out of the danger... I'm going to get that girl out of there." I said as I rushed towards the gigantic robot.

"W-Who are you?" The girl asked.

"No time to answer that." I said as I punched the rubble out of the way, it shattered with ease, "Can you move?" I asked.

"N-No... my ankle is pretty tangled up." She muttered.

"Oh great." I said as I picked her up bridal style, thankfully she's pretty light. With the last of my rage I rushed out of there, once I met up with Eri I saw my Orange Aura has been depleted. "Let's go, time to-"

"Times Up!" Present Mic yelled as the giant robot deactivated.

"Nevermind." I said as I set her down gently, "Now... stay with Momo next time, okay?" I asked.

"O-Okay." She muttered.

Soon the test was over with and the wounded were being tended to, we were then let off to go back home.

"Oh Eri, there you are!" Momo exclaimed, "S-Sorry for her running in like that." She apologized.

"Don't worry about it... she's safe now." I muttered.

"So... what was that?" She asked.

"... It's my Quirk." I muttered.

"But I thought you didn't want to use it?" Momo asked.

"I can't control when I activate it." I muttered, "It's called Rage, it activated when I get angry, and the angrier I get the more powerful and fast I become at the cost of losing control." I explained.

"So the moment you turned Orange was your Quirk?" Momo asked.

"Yes, so in a way, Eri rushing into danger was what saved my practical... never do that again." I said.

"Y-Yes." She muttered.

"Good, now let's go home." I said.

*Yaoyorozu's P.O.V*

We headed back home, our test scores weren't scheduled to come in until next week, so to pass the time we decided to study... well more so Izuku asks me a question and I answer it to the best of my ability. He's too curious for his own good. Then he got bored a few questions in and started to play video games. I would get on his case for goofing off... but his grades are second in our Junior High, second behind me, so he gets a pass. In fact the reason he has those games was because of me. Mother and father didn't buy him any, even though he had the grades to warrant them, they just give him spending money everytime he brings in good grades. So I cheated and used my Quirk to make him the two he wanted the most. A 'SNES' and a 'NES' from the famous company 'Nintendo'. I asked why would he want these old consoles and his answer was once again always the same.

'You can never beat the classics.'

To each their own. Anyway, I not only made the consoles, but I made it differently than a normal NES and SNES. A normal NES and SNES would both be grey, but I made them both green with some designs on them. They're one of a kind. At first he was stunned by the gift, he didn't know how to accept them, but after insisting he hugged me and told me that I'm tied for being the best sister in the world. I laughed and returned the hug.

Making games for them wasn't hard... I only made him two for each console to start out. Then after he gets his allowance he gives it to me in exchange for new games... not like they make games for the SNES or NES anymore... So every month he researches which games look fun and we do the equivalent exchange.

"Have you finished your homework?" I asked while he plugged in his SNES.

"Of course." He said as he powered it on.

Fair, he's never turned in an assignment late, in fact the teacher once yelled at him for turning it in the hour it was assigned, but his reasoning was sound.

'The faster I finish, the longer I can play.'

That's how the week has been, Junior High classes, homework/study session, Izuku plays videogames while I read chemical compositions of useful objects. Then our test results came in the mail. I opened mine first, it had a letter congratulating me on passing the entrance exam and a welcome to U.A. Izuku was next but his was a little differently.

His letter was a holographic message from All Might? It turns out he's a teacher at U.A. high school this year, and is here to tell Izuku that with the villain points he had, along with the hero points he got from saving Eri and a girl under rubble, along with his written exam score being the best of the group he was accepted into U.A. High School.

The hologram turned off... then exploded for some reason, but that didn't matter!

"We did it!" Izuku exclaimed.

"Yeah!" I said as I felt a smile on my face.

After our cheering session was over, we decided to celebrate. With ice cream floats! Well... Izuku just wanted ice cream, he apparently hates Root Beer, his loss. After enjoying our well earned reward, I decided to follow up on my promise, and made him one more game for each, more specifically the two games he's been looking at for ages.

"Here." I said as I tossed the games onto his lap.

"W-What's this for?" He asked.

"For passing the exam, you earned them." I said.

"A-Are you sure?" He asked.

"Well I wouldn't have made them if I wasn't sure." I said before sipping more of my float, "Well? Aren't you going to play them?"

He was bursting with excitement, as he rushed over to put them in and start playing.

... It took a while to break him out of his reserved state, the painful effects of his experimentation lingered over him for years. Thankfully he finally re-learned how to smile and feel excitement again, though I'm not sure how he will handle dealing with other people, he mainly hangs out with me during school, and I'm sure in U.A. it won't be that easy.

No... I'm sure he'll be fine. After all...

He's been through way worse.

*End of Chapter*