So it has come to this... my worst nightmare. Hiatusing another story. Hiatusing... is that even a word? Well it is now.

Anyway, I'm hiatusing Hiding. Not because I don't like the story, if anything I believe this to be one my most creative story ideas. But I feel bad for leaving it for the past... what 3 months? So I might as well hiatus it so you all can not be waiting so much on baited breath... all 5 of you that still care that is.

So... what now?

Well I have a story that I've been dying to put up but was over my 7 story limit. But since this story is on Hiatus I can put it out! Ooh this is exciting.

I might as well give out a hint as to what it is.

The hint is... this is the first story that I deleted. A little history lesson in the lore of the Starstorm2112-2.

I'm sure one of you know what it is.