Rowan Ailes was three years old when her mother died.

She was five when she felt the harsh sting of her father's hand for the first time.

She was six when she learned telling grown-ups would earn her nothing but condescending smiles and the pain of her father's fists.

She was seven when she learned that the shadows were the only safety from the pain.

She was eight when she tried to run away for the first time.

She was ten when she found out that other children had fathers that didn't beat them.

She was twelve when she walked across a busy road and prayed for death.

She was fourteen when her father beat her within an inch of her life, and it was that night she chose to run again.

She was fourteen when she escaped into the woods, completely and utterly alone.

And Rowan was fourteen when she was found.

Hello all! Welcome to this story! This is just the prologue, as of just uploading I'll be posting the first chapter in a hot sec since it's already on Wattpad already. Just a quick housekeeping note before we continue: I did make the decision to recast Marcus (though you are free to imagine him any way you'd like) in my story since in the movies he was just... too old. So for the purpose of my story his face is that of Gaspard Ulliel (with long hair of course). Everyone else has remained the same. That's all for now!