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Chapter One

Everything seemed to slowly fade out around Izuku as he stared at his childhood friend who had his hand outstretched towards him. The battle was forgotten in an instant.

Bakugo's face contorted into anger when he noticed Izuku froze. "Oi, dumb ass!"

His voice seemed to bring Izuku back from the depths of his mind; Izuku grabbed the taller boy's hand, who swung him around before launching him towards their opponent. He slammed into the robot, feet first, knocking it sideways and causing it to crash to the ground.

"Bakugo, Midoriya, pass." Aizawa spoked into the microphone in his normal bored tone.

Bakugo stretched his arms as he started his walk towards the training grounds exit. Izuku, however, stood in the same spot, staring at the blonde's back. A million thoughts ran through his head. What did this mean? Things had been a lot better with Kaachan recently, but this wasn't expected. Did he finally see him as a worthy opponent? As a teammate? As a friend? Was it a joke? It couldn't have been a joke because he did it during a training exercise. He wouldn't joke when they were being graded. This didn't make any sen—

"What the fuck are you doing?! Quit mumbling! Let's go!" Izuku stiffened at Bakugo's rough voice yelling back at him.

"O-Okay!" He yelled before trotting up to him. "Ne, Kaachan…" He glanced over to the other boy, who kept walking as if he didn't hear him. He sighed and looked at his feet. Maybe it was best that he didn't ask.

"Spit it out, twerp."

"I, uh… we make a good team, Kaachan!"

Bakugo grunted, neither agreeing or disagreeing. The rest of the walk back to the group was quiet. But Izuku couldn't stop replaying that scene in his head, over and over. It was surreal.

The image of Bakugo reaching towards Izuku, fire in his eyes.

"Take my hand, Midoriya!"

The day following the training exercise, Izuku woke up abruptly, sitting up and putting a hand up to cover his eyes. He had a thin layer of sweat on his face. He took in a deep breath. This was not good. This was not good at all.

It was one thing to freeze during the training exercise when Bakugo said his name. It was unexpected, so that was a fair response. But this…this was not a fair response. This was a betrayal of his mind.

He huffed as he dropped onto his back again. His chest felt so tight he grabbed at the collar of his shirt hoping to relieve some of the pressure. What had Kaachan done to him? His mind was a jumbled mess. He didn't have a single coherent thought, yet he was thinking of everything at once. Yet, one thing stood out more than the rest.

"Take my hand, Midoriya!"

Izuku bit his lip. This really wasn't fair. Kaachan probably didn't even realize he did it, since they were trying to complete the ninth consecutive training exercise that day. It probably slipped because he'd been less hostile to Izuku in their most recent years. So why was his mind betraying him? Why did he have to dream about Kaachan in that way?

He brushed his lips with the tips of his fingers. He could still smell burning firewood in his nose, he could still feel the pressure of the Kaachan's lips on his, he could still taste...

He shook his head and sat up again. It was just a dream, and dreams are weird sometimes. That's all it was.

His alarm blared, bringing him from his thoughts. He sighed and shut it off. Even if his thoughts were a mess, he still had to go for his morning run. He would have to get through this day even if his mind had betrayed him during the night. There was no way he could let anyone know.

But as he walked towards the track, he couldn't keep the image out of his head. As he ran, he couldn't stop hearing that gruff voice say his name. As he showered, he couldn't get the feeling of the other's lips off his own. As he walked to class, he couldn't get the thought of his head that maybe, just maybe, Kaachan did this on purpose.

"Oi, Deku, out of the way."

Bakugo shoved past Izuku as he walked into the classroom. Izuku felt his face fall.

Or maybe he really did say it on accident.

He trudged to his seat and laid his head down without acknowledging his other classmates. Could he get through this day? Really? This felt like torture and the day had barely started. At least today consisted of only lectures, so he could focus on taking notes.

However, the day drug on slowly. Izuku cast glances towards Bakugo at random times during each class. Bakugo was taking notes and never made a move that anything was different. He was already exhausted. He couldn't focus on class, his notes were as jumbled as his mind. He would have to ask Iida or Uraraka for their notes later.

A sigh escaped his lips as he laid his head on his desk a few minutes before class ended, while everyone else packed up to head for lunch as Aizawa continued his lecture. Today was a really "off" day and he couldn't seem to get into his normal routine. He wanted to blame Kaachan, but he knew that Kaachan didn't do anything wrong. He was just fighting with himself.

"Tch. What are you doing?" Speak of the devil. "Everyone is already gone."

Izuku sighed again. Why didn't Uraraka or Iida stop to grab him?

"I didn't sleep well last night, Kaachan."

"Don't make that everyone else's problem."

"I'm not." Izuku finally looked up towards Bakugo, defiant against the accusation. The blonde was staring intently at him, but quickly looked away when their eyes met.

"Whatever. Don't miss lunch, nerd." Bakugo threw his bag over his shoulder before walking out of the door. Izuku heard Kirishima asking him what the hold up was and Bakugo grunt in reply as their voices faded away.

After he could no longer hear them talking, he finally heaved himself out of his chair and made his way to the cafeteria. Uraraka was the first to see him, waving her arms wildly when she saw him come in. He smiled and walked over to the table, noticing she had grabbed an extra lunch tray for him as well.

"Thank you for grabbing me some food, Uraraka!"

"You're welcome! I felt bad when we just left you in the classroom but Bakugo had a really scary look on his face when I started coming to get you!"

Izuku froze. "What?"

"It was weird! I saw you had your head down and thought maybe you felt bad but Bakugo looked like he might snap if I went over there. I thought…maybe you had said…something to him during class about wanting…to be left alone?" Uraraka slowed during the last sentence, seemingly uncomfortable with the rationalization she had used earlier and suddenly unsure if she made the right decision.

Izuku smiled at her again. She was never sure how to take his relationship with Kaachan. Hell, he wasn't either, so it's not like he could blame her for wanting to assume they were friendly with each other. It's not like Kaachan was ever at his throat like their first year at UA anymore, but he wouldn't say they were on good terms either. Sometimes they were civil, though. It was a weird mixture of interactions.

"I had told him I didn't sleep well last night." It wasn't exactly a lie, he supposed. "He must've thought I needed to rest my eyes for a minute."

Iida rested his chin in his hand. "Hmm, that is very much unlike Mr. Bakugo, though."

"Y-yeah. Oh! Iida, is it possible I can use your notes from class today? I wasn't able to concentrate that well..."

Iida shook his head solemnly. "I am going home this weekend to see my family and was going to take my notes with me to study."

"That's okay. What about you, Uraraka?"

Uraraka gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I'm going to visit my parents and am taking my notes as well. Maybe Momo...?"

Izuku just shook his head. "It's okay. I'll just study out of the book for this chapter. I shouldn't have even made you two worry about it. Let's eat!"

The rest of the day seemed to drone on in the same fashion. Glancing at Kaachan, trying to take notes, reassuring his friends that everything was fine. By the time he made it back to his dorm, he felt like he had been up for days. He had thrown himself onto his bed, dropping his bag onto the floor beside him, and slowly letting his shoulders relax. The tension in his entire body seemed to slowly dissipate as he started to fall asleep.

A knock at his door pulled him from his sleep. Sunlight was no longer filtering through his window, so he had been asleep for at least a few hours. He wiped at his eyes as he slowly sat up. The person on the other side knocked again. Most people went home for the weekend, so who could possibly be knocking at his door at this time?

As he made his way over to the door, he heard someone talking on the other side. He paused before his hand could touch the handle at the sound of Bakugo's voice.

"Damn Midoriya. Always making things a hassle."

His name again. Kaachan was saying his name again.

He must've heard him wrong.

Bakugo huffed to himself, rustling some papers around. Izuku finally opened the door; the blonde was starting to turn around and walk off.



Izuku pursed his lips. Did Kaachan just come here to insult him?

Bakugo turned to face Izuku before looking away. He lifted some papers towards Izuku.

"Today's notes."

Izuku stared at the notes Bakugo had outstretched towards him. He glanced up at him, confusion written across his face as plain as day. Bakugo was still refusing to look at him. Izuku wasn't sure if he was annoyed or…he didn't know what that look meant, actually. He finally grabbed the papers from Bakugo, studying his face.

"Th-thank you, Kaachan."

Bakugo grunted and started to turn away. "Don't mention it."


"What, Deku?"

Izuku froze. He hadn't expected Kaachan to turn around and face him. He hadn't expected Kaachan to even be here. He really hadn't expected Kaachan to not be annoyed at this moment. But the thing that through him off the most was that he hadn't spit out the name "Deku" with any annoyance; there was no trace of hatred. It was almost…soft.

"Can you help me study? My, uh…I've been having trouble focusing all day and I might need more than just notes."

Bakugo ran his fingers through his hair before glancing away. "Not tonight."

Izuku felt his breath hitch in his throat and his chest began ache. Maybe he'd been imagining how Kaachan had been acting the last few days. It had seemed like Kaachan was trying to become friends but he was still as gruff as he always was. Maybe Izuku had really imagined it because he liked the way his name sounded as it rolled off Kaachan's lips. He felt his face start to warm up at the thought. He hugged the notes to his chest.

"Oh, okay. Thank you, Kaachan." He smiled and looked to his feet. "I'll give these back as soon as I'm done copying them."


Izuku glanced up at him. Bakugo was watching him intently. Their eyes met and Izuku felt as if he was going to float away. They could be civil, but they were never around each other alone very often. And they certainly never offered to help each other unless they were partnered up for class. It was probably a good thing with how he felt as if butterflies were flitting around inside his stomach while he stared into those crimson eyes.

He had never really thought about how good looking Kaachan was, but he had never ignored it either. Suddenly, however, he was very aware of it. Kaachan wasn't wearing the school uniform anymore; he was in some sweatpants and a tight tank top. Izuku swallowed. This really wasn't good. How did he go from wanting to be friends with Kaachan to thinking about him like this after one day? After one sentence?

"Take my hand, Midoriya!"

Izuku shook his head. He couldn't be thinking about this right now.

Bakugo's gravelly voice brought him back. "Tomorrow."


By the time he looked back up, Bakugo was looking away again. "I'll help you study tomorrow."


Izuku felt like a thousand weights were lifted off his shoulders, as tension he didn't even know he was holding was released. He smiled, nodding. "Thank you, Kaachan."

"Tch." Bakugo turned and started walking away. "I'll be back here tomorrow night at 10. I have other things to do before them."


He watched Bakugo leave before shutting his door. He slowly found his way to his desk, one arm holding the notes, his other hand clutching his chest. His heart was beating so fast. He could feel his pulse thumping in his hands and feet. The last time his heart beat this fast over someone else was when he had a crush on Uraraka their first year.

He froze.

The last time his heart beat this fast over someone else was when he had a crush on Uraraka.

Oh no.

Oh no.

This really was bad.

He laid the notes Bakugo left with him on the desk and changed out of his uniform as his thoughts ran wild.

Did this mean he had a crush on Kaachan? No, of course not. This was all just because Kaachan started using his name. It was only because it was new. There was no way he felt that way towards Kaachan. They were childhood friends! Not to mention they were still working on how to act around each other. That's all it was.

He nodded to himself as he laid back down. It explained everything.

But then his fingers traced his lips, and he could feel Kaachan's lips against his again. He closed his eyes and thought back to the dream he had the night before. They had been training together in the woods, smoke and debris everywhere around them as a result of their two quirks. They had been training when suddenly Kaachan grabbed Izuku by his collar unexpectedly and crashed their lips together. The action had surprised him, but not enough for him to not kiss him back. And they had stood like that, lips moving, arms wrapping around each other…Kaachan bit his lip.

And that was when he woke up.

He rubbed his temples. Could he even focus tomorrow when studying with Kaachan? Surely he'd have all of this out of his system by tomorrow. There was no way anything could happen tomorrow that would make this even more weird.

"Take my hand, Midoriya!"

"Damn Midoriya."

He bit his lip. He really liked how his name sounded when Kaachan said it. He really wanted him to keep saying it. And as he fell asleep, he wondered if he would get to hear it again tomorrow.