'I was a fool to betrend to be a weakling and befriend a group of goody two shoes. I've gotten kicked out from my previous school due to the fact i knocked out a group of thugs. Thanks to my dad for pulling the strings so i couldn't go to juvie, good thing my dad was in the military and knew the governor. The deal was that i must be nice and timid' i thought to myself while dozing off looking at Spinelli. 'Heck i have been in this deadbeat town since i was in the fourth grade and i can't hold my feelings for her anymore, i hate that she is seeing T.J fuck, senior year is going to be a hell of a year the deal i made ends at the start of school.'

"Gus you ok, your spacing out again. Damn it you guys i think he is out of it again, did you smoke what hustler kid was selling again." said tj as the rest of the group crowded towards me. "Gus guess what your first class is gonna be PE and im in it too i can't wait to be vincetorious" Vince said while he started to laugh. "Don't worry vince i will beat you this time i heard we are gonna be wrestling and this time i won't be losing on purpose anymore." i said then i started walking to the gym.

Spinelli pov

'What the hell is wrong with gus this summer he started to act weird, he started to give rude remarks, i hope his family isn't moving again.' "damn i can't believe gus just challenged you like that" i said while giving out a weak laugh. Teej looked at me and put his hand on the side of my face i could feel his emotions as he said "i'm sure there is a reasonable purpose why he is acting like this, anyway did you guys hear he broke up with cornchip girl yesterday?". The group started to get worried and they just remarked on the past when he got a small taste of power and went mad. "T.j don't worry i will find out what's wrong with him on first period after i make him tap." vince started to laugh.

"Hey i forgot i have the same PE class as you two i guess i can help to figure out why he has been weird lately" i said. The rest of the group started to laugh knowing no one has ever beaten since TJ and i started dating, "hey Spin be careful" "don't worry teej i will be" i said before giving him a kiss. "Heck remember how you asked me out?", "yea you said you wouldn't date me unless i beat you, hell i remember how i snuck a kiss when you were on top of me" tj said while laughing.

TJ pov

'I can't wait for the end of this year i already have the ring' i got up and went to look for gus. "See you guys i have to go to the bathroom" i said. 'I hate lying to them but i need to make sure the group will survive'. I went to the back of the school near the dumpsters as i heard people fighting it sounded like ten of them. I stood by the edge of the building trying not to be noticed as i saw lawson and his goons who got held back three times fighting against gus i immediately ran over to help him out but as soon i got to the dumpsters i saw gus pounding them to the ground and he looked like he was enjoying himself. "Man i been waiting for this since the fourth grade i'm glad you get to me meet my true self after all these long years" he said while laughing he then turned to me. "Hello T.J i guess i can't hide this anymore these dumbasses tried to jump me and i finally allowed to protect myself. Hey don't you want to try to talk me out of this or what" he started laughing while opening a pack of cigs and put one in his mouth, he looked at lawson on the ground and started to kick him while lighting his cigarette. "Gus what happened i am your friend, i am here for you. Please stop kicking him." i started to say before i started to yell at him he just looked at me and laughed. "Fine fine i will stop but know this i am gonna rule this school i already have plans in the motion so don't get in my way." gus said while going to one of the dumpsters and got out a plastic bag. He started to take of his clothes and put on dark colored clothes and a leather jacket. A teacher came out and saw Gus kicking and smoking she immediately grabbed him by his jacket and moved him towards the entrance of the school where everyone was sitting.

The gangs pov

'What the fuck, why is Gus being escorted by her? And why is he smoking he always said he would never smoke.' we all saw Tj running out from where Gus was. "What happened?" we all screamed. Tj told us what happened.