"Vince whats wrong spin hasn't talked to me in hours?". "Gus he beat her and he started telling lies about you". Vince told tj and the group they all looked confused but tj clinched his hands together. "What the fuck is going through his mind, i'm gonna go calm down spin. Vince and mikey when gus gets here go talk to him and make sure he won't leave i want to talk to him myself", Tj said. Awhile later Gus was escorted to the Cafeteria by three seniors who looked ready for a fight. Vince and mikey went to the group and the three seniors. "You two stop right there if you get closer to the boss we will kick the living shit out of you." one the the seniors said. "Gus what is your fucking problem, why the hell did you tell those lies to Spinelli?" vince screamed at the top of his lungs. Mikey walk towards vince and put his hands on his shoulders and said "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment, as the great Buddha one said". "Mikey i have some things you and everyone needs to see." gus said before whistling "Randall did you put the video on loop for every system in this school", randall ran up and said "yes boss i did" before he started laughing. "Gus why are you talking to that weasel?"

The who cafeteria looked at wall as a screen dropped and the lights went out as a video started the video looked like it was in a tree and a note appeared with the words 'augest 24 2003' "gus the fun is about to start" a voice sounded out and the camera moved to a pool party where it zooms in seeing TJ kissing Ashley A, the both started laughing as Ashley a starting saying "i can't believe you asked her out, damn Spinelli is such an idiot", "hey she is my girlfriend, and tomorrow will be the first time we sleep together" tj said while laugh as he goes in for a kiss with Ashley a again. Vince walked up to them and said "wow teej cool it, leave room for the other Ashleys heck i'm done with ashley b so can i hop on with her now. Heck i gotta go see gretchen later and i want all the good stuff before i have to put on that dumb purity ring." tj laughed as the who session started to get rated x. The screen went pitch black as the words came out. 'do you know who you trust' the entire cafeteria started to get in a gossip frenzy as the ashleys started to run out crying and Spinelli punching TJ, Gretchen kicking Vince in the nuts and Mikey crying for the end of the friendship of the group before he slugged Vince in the face.

Tj ran over to gus and started to punch him in the face until the teachers went and stopped all the teenagers from starting a riot. Gus quickly punched tj and caused him to be knocked to the ground and gus walked over to spinelli. "I'm sorry how this went down but i couldn't let him get away with this". "Gus why did you let him get away with this all these years?", "Spinelli did you slept with him or did stuff keep coming up to make you preoccupied with something else?". "Wait that was you who told my mother about me smoking weed, you asshole i got grounded for the whole summer and i didn't go camping with you guys." her eyes rolled in the back of her head. "Gus why did you act different when we first met you?" she quickly asked. "Spinelli i might tell you sometime but right now i am going to get suspended, for fighting and getting that video shown during lunch time. Spinelli, Gretchen, Mikey you three are the first friends i have ever made and it pained me to be friends with those two, heck i knew who they were when i first met you guys." gus said while walking towards the hallway and sitting on the floor.