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"Who was that?" Grissom asked, his eyes glued to the back of the man who was disappearing down the hallway.

"Who was who?" Catherine feigned innocence.

"The guy you were conversing with for the past half hour."

"We talked for that long?"

Grissom took a deep breath as he felt his frustration building, "You know exactly how long you were talking for."

"Yes, I do. I just can't believe you do too."

Catherine's nonchalance only served to make Grissom even more curious as to who the man was, "So who was he?"


"Does *Peter* have a last name?"


Grissom paused, trying to place the name. It sounded familiar but not familiar enough for him to remember.

Catherine smiled when she noticed that far-off look on Grissom's face. It meant he was thinking...really hard. "Peter Campbell. He's
also known as my brother-in-law."

"Oh right..." Grissom nodded and then smiled sheepishly. Realizing she had seen right through him, as usual, he quickly changed the
subject. "Let's get going. Breakfast awaits us."


"Don't worry, I'll pay."

"Why did you wanna know *that* badly who Peter was?"

Grissom shook his head casually, "I didn't wanna know *that* badly, Catherine. I was just trying to make conversation."

Catherine laughed, "You never wanna make conversation. Admit it, you were jealous."

"Jealousy?" Grissom scoffed, "That's a feeling for mortals."

Slipping her hand into the crook of his arm, Catherine pulled Grissom along, "C'mon."

"Where to exactly?"

"Breakfast. You said you were treating me." She stopped walking to look at him, "Even immortals need to keep their promises, Gil."

The End