Summary: After a horrible scarring experience, Mordecai talks to Rigby about it and both of them decide that they don't want to die one day. This leads them to change their lives for the better.

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Mordecai and Rigby walked into their bedroom; their eyes were wide awake as if they had seen something that they wished they hadn't.

Mordecai crawled into bed, and Rigby crawled onto his trampoline.

"Good night, Rigby," Mordecai said.

"Good night, Mordecai," Rigby said.

However, even though they said that they were both still wide awake and stared at the ceiling.

They had just been through an experience where they both almost died, but this experience was particular scarring to them because everyone they had ever known had been killed in brutal ways before their very eyes, it was only through pure luck that they managed to get out of it and turn everything back the way it was.

"...Rigby, are you awake?" Mordecai said.

"Yes," Rigby said.

"I can't live like this no more" Mordecai suddenly said.

"What?" Rigby said, turning to his pal.

"I can't do this anymore," Mordecai said, "Almost getting killed every day. Battling with something that has power's, when it shouldn't. Watching my friends get hurt. Have you ever just wondered what would happen if we did the work like we were supposed to, like good employees?"

"But that's boring," Rigby said.

"But we're not in danger of dying," Mordecai said. "We receive our paychecks every month and depending on our performance; we get a bonus. We don't get squat. How long have we been working here? We don't spend money on clothes unless we're going somewhere special. Even Skips wears pants. What cool people do we know, that doesn't wear clothes? We spend money on old timely video games. We spend money on cleaning up the mess we started. Haven't you ever wondered what would it be like to not get Benson mad?"

"For real?" Rigby said.

"It's not like we're paying rent to stay here. What are we doing with our lives?" Mordecai said, "Didn't we have massive dreams like being rich or being famous? What happened to that? We're 20, and we're losers. We're working at a park and driving a Golf-kart as if it's the coolest thing ever while we both know that if chicks saw a real car, they would skip us in a heartbeat. Don't you wish that your life wasn't dangerous and was better?"

Rigby said, nothing.

"We're competing for chicks with Muscleman of all people. That guy with a huge gut has more chicks than us, and he doesn't even care about his appearance. Doesn't that make you think what kind of loser's we are?" Mordecai said, "It just makes me so mad that we could be having the time of lives being in our 20's and yet, we have to worry if some sociopath will end it every single day. What could happen if we did thing's by the book?"

His question got more silence, and Mordecai turned around.

Rigby found that Mordecai had a point when they were in high school or younger, they dreamed of being somebody.

Who would have thought that they would be working at a park and running for their lives every single day?

They should be having the time of their lives at this age, and yet, they were riding in Go-Karts and living at work.

What on earth were they doing with their lives?

#The Next morning#

Rigby heard the sound of Mordecai getting up, and he opened his eyes and said. "What time is it?"

"4 am," Mordecai said, making him groan. "I'm going to start on what Benson asked us to do. I want to stop depending on this house for a place to live. It's sad and pathetic."

But then Rigby said something that shocked him.

"Take me with you," He said, shocking his friend. "You're right. What on earth are we doing with our lives? When I was younger, I imagined being super cool and famous, not this."

Both of them looked at each other.

"So, we're going to listen to Benson?" Mordecai said.

"All the way," Rigby said. "Let's see what happens when we don't make him mad."

They both got up and did their morning routine before, going back to the room.

"So, what has Benson being yelling at us to do, but we never do?" Rigby said.

"He's been trying to get us to clean the Golf Karts," Mordecai said.

"You mean the Golf Karts that we keep destroying?" Rigby said.

"Yep, the same. But we shouldn't take it out for a ride and be reckless with it this time" Mordecai said.

"Fine" Rigby said, with a bored tone.

They walked down the steps and walked out of the house; then they went to the garage where the Karts were being kept and opened it up.

The Karts looked terrible, besides them was a hose and a bucket full of soap and sponges.

"Let's get to work," Mordecai said, and they both grabbed a soap-filled sponge and began to clean, there was also other cleaning tools like a scalp to clean gum off of the kart, and they put trash, that was left inside the Kart in the Park bins.

The whole process took them 30 minutes, and when they were done, the terrible looking Golf karts had a sheen to them.

"I'm so tired!" Rigby said, looking ready to collapse.

"We're not done yet," Mordecai said, "We both agreed to go all the way. The next thing he asked us to do was clean the park benches."

"You mean those bench's that we force our self not to think about, what is hiding underneath?" Rigby said.

"The same one's," Mordecai said, "We should get some supplies from the house and gloves."

Both of them looked at each other before going back into the house and making sure to get gloves and a whole lot more.

This was going to be a tough job.

They went back outside and approached their first bench.

"You go underneath it," Mordecai said.

"No! I don't want to see what's hiding under there" Rigby said.

"Then I will," Mordecai said. "I'm doing this to get paid more" before he got on his knees and slid underneath it.

Seconds later, Rigby heard.

"" Mordecai said.

"What is it?" Rigby said.

"GIVE ME THE BLEACH!" Mordecai said, and hearing the urgency, Rigby handed it to him and then Mordecai began to spray like crazy.

Rigby's heart dropped when he heard hissing, and then Mordecai slipped out fast before the creature could come down.

The creature that came down was a mash of gum and ooze, but with eyes.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?" Rigby yelled.

"DON'T ASK QUESTION! KILL IT!" Mordecai said, and they both equipped themselves with bleach and the end of a broom, before whacking and spraying it.

The creature let out hisses, but Mordecai and Rigby weren't going to run because they had seen it all.

The creature could only die pathetically, and when it was dead, it dissolved into nothing.

"Something tells me that creature wasn't the only one under a bench," Mordecai said.

"...Well, at least this won't be boring any more" Rigby said.

And that was the beginning of their hunt for the creatures living underneath the Park benches; there was more of them, they quickly found out.

When they were finished it was 5 am.

"I think that's all of them," Mordecai said. tired.

"I hope so," Rigby said.

Before they both noticed what time it was.

It was the official time for work, in front of the house, they will be given their assignments.

They walked all the way back to the front of the house where Skips, Pops, High-five Ghost and Benson were waiting.

Benson was about to yell when he took in their appearance.

"Woah. What happened to you guys?" Skips said.

"We cleaned the Golf-Karts and battled the creatures living under the Park bench's," Rigby said, stunning them all.

"Are you serious, bro?" Muscleman said.

"Yeah," Mordecai said. "Benson, can even look at the Golf-Karts and check underneath the benches, we cleaned them"

Benson looked at them with understandable scepticism.

If they were lying to him, then he would yell.

He went to the garage and opened it up only to be met with quite the surprise.

The once rust's looking Golf-Karts shone like new.

The rest came to see and saw the unusual sight as well.

They did clean the Golf Karts.

"But there is no way; you clean the bench's" Hi-five Ghost said, "Even I'm too scared to look under there."

Benson went to a bench, that seemed spotless and then bent down and took a leap of faith.

The bottom was spotless.

He came up and had a stunned expression on his face.

"...You guys did it" Benson said in disbelief.

"Now, we're going to clean up the dog waste, that we always avoid," Mordecai said, stunning them all.

"Seriously?" Rigby said.

"We'll have a shower, afterwards," Mordecai said, and they both dragged their feet to start properly cleaning the park from waste, from animals who had lazy owners.

Benson and the group could only watch them, actually do the work stunned.

"W-We'll; everybody else got their assignments?" Benson said, not quite there.

Everybody else nodded.

"Then get to work" Benson yelled, and they did so.

Benson kept on looking at Mordecai and Rigby as they did their work without complaint.

When they finished picking up the waste, they did have a shower before going to the Snack Bar and being there to greet the first customer of the day.

"Welcome, to the Park Snack Bar. What would you like eat this fine morning?" Said, Mordecai, the guy looked stunned, he didn't expect to be greeted so cheerfully.

"E-Er, I'll have a hot dog, and a sausages roll" Said, the man.

"Coming, right up" Said, Rigby cheerful voice.

This time, he didn't do it his way but the proper way, like they were told to.

The order was done in 3 minutes, and Rigby said. "Here, you go."

"...Thanks" Said, the guy, paying.

"And would you like to add a tip?" Said, Mordecai, directing the guy to the tip box. "This morning, all the benches were clean from top to bottom. You are fortunate, sir. You got here before anybody else."

"Really?" Said, the guy, seeing how the bench's in the Snack Bar did look a lot cleaner then he had ever seen them before.

He could actually feel the massive difference once he sat down.

When the guy was done eating, he got out three dollars and put it into the tip bar before walking away.

"I can't believe it; somebody tipped us, three whole dollars!" Rigby said.

"Rigby, it's going to be a slow morning," Mordecai said, "Can you mend the station while I get some supplies to clean the toilets?"

"Sure," Rigby said, and then Mordecai left the workstation.

Benson who was watching them saw him leave and was about to yell when he saw Mordecai pick up cleaning supplies and head to the toilet.

It was a slow morning because everybody had somewhere to be, so Mordecai had more than enough time to clean both bathrooms, and it was truly disgusting in each one.

When it was the afternoon and thing's began to pick up the pace, the sudden flock of people who needed to use the toilet where in for a very welcoming surprise.

"I've never seen Park Toilets that clean!" Shouted a woman, coming out of it.

There was a note that Mordecai stuck to the wall, telling everybody who cleaned the toilets that no longer smell so bad that they wanted to hurl.

Both Mordecai and Rigby got a few more bucks just for that.

When school was out, people warmed up quickly to being able to sit on a clean bench, roll on the grass and not have to worry about waste and enter a decent looking toilet.

"Woah. What happened to the park?" Said, one guy. "I can chill here."

Both Mordecai and Rigby were receiving tips left and right for their excellent hard work.

And Benson couldn't do a thing because it was their tips that they got fair and square, he was more shocked with how many people were staying at the park.

However, when the work day was over, the Park once again looked like a mess, but both Mordecai and Rigby went into the house and practically collapsed in their room with the tip jar.

"I've never worked so hard in my life," Rigby said.

"I'm ready to go to bed," Mordecai said. "Why did I ever think this was a good idea?"

"How much did we get in the tip Jar?" Rigby said.

"Don't know, let me count?" Mordecai said, before turning the jar upside and the money poured out.

It looked like a lot, but most of it was 1-dollar bills.

Mordecai began to count while Rigby fell asleep.

Rigby was suddenly woken up when Mordecai finished counting.

"What?" Rigby said.

"Dude, we got 210 dollars," Mordecai said.

Their hard work wasn't for nothing.

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